OOTD: Palais Grand-Ducal

Networking. The word has been abused in relation to social media too many times. Some people may even think that the essence of networking is having 1000 Facebook friends. But it isn't. Networking is about sitting down with friends or colleagues in order to share knowledge and to give each other feedback. It's a truly magical thing and last Saturday I had the occasion to be part of a real life networking experience at its best. It was the first meeting of the Luxembourgish bloggers being planned and organized in our Facebook group called #blogger_LU (new members are warmly welcome so just drop me a note if you're a blogger in or from Luxembourg!). We had decided to meet at the vegan café Am Véierzéng which can be found inside the building of the History Museum of Luxembourg City. As we were too busy with getting to know each other I didn't have the occasion to take pictures or to order anything else than an almond and rice milk macchiato (which was really good by the way and which I will try to make at home these days). You may know that I am the lucky member of a blogger group in Germany as well but it was so different talking to Luxembourgish bloggers with which I share problems like the language question (Luxembourg has three official languages) or the almost none existing blogging scene in our country. However I really hope that together we will be able to make blogging a more accepted business over here and to grow together as a group in the course of time.

After the meeting Anouk was kind enough to take outfit pictures with me in front of the Grand-Ducal Palace, which I might consider as a shooting place more often hereafter. Funnily enough I also took a few snaps of Anouk in order to show her the angles I wanted for my pictures and upon this she did her very first OOTD post, accidental outfit post as she calls it.

Outfit: blazer - ZARA, skirt - SPRINGFIELD, scarf - H&M, ring - via ARGENTO, bag - BRACCIALINI, shoes and earrings - street market in Riccione


  1. hi carmen! in this outfit you're so elegant...i like your jacket..

  2. Love this blazer <333


  3. I have a dress from zara in the same print of your blazer! I love this print!
    Bonjourchiara Facebook Page

  4. Lucky you girls, wish I have something similar of your group here!:) And I have the same idea of Networking. Anouka took gorgeous pics of u, looking great and love ur shoes! xo

  5. The photos turned out great! And thanks for the shout-out!

  6. Toller Style ich mag die Jacke sehr gerne!

    Liebe Grüße Jessy von Kleidermädchen

  7. I love the white bag and taupe bootie heels! You really look so sophisticated Carmen!


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