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"Never trust anyone who has not brought a book with them." I've been on summer break for a few weeks which means that I finally have the time to read the books I like. And now you may be wondering: "What does a language student read in her free time?" Well think about it as you like but I still prefer the good old Harry Potter books. Besides from reading my summer break is filled with meeting friends and fellow bloggers, which are the exactly same thing when it comes to my blogger ladies from Bonn. As I already told you in yesterday's post we had another meetup at a really cute café called Mayras Wohnzimmer Café last Saturday. As it was a really hot day I decided to wear the maxi dress I had bought in London and if you want to see it in colour I recommend checking out my earlier outfit post. Oh and talking about colours... you may be wondering why I decided to convert these pics into black and white. Well maybe because I was in the mood for trying something new or maybe because I didn't like the colour combination of my outfit. But most of all because Carla did such a good job taking these pics and I wanted to take the focus from my outfit and concentrate on the location (the exteriors of Mayras Café) and on her brilliant photo composition. What you see over here is always just the result of our outfit shootings but I can tell you it would be really interesting to also get a look behind the scenes. Because then you would see Carla hoping around from one corner of the yard to the other, changing her perspective, rearranging the café decoration and adjusting my straps from time to time. In fact she was such a brilliant photographer that at some point all I had to do was really just read my book and let her do the job. Thanks for that love!

Pictures by Carla

Outfit: maxi dress - Topshop, laser cut bag - Orsay, sandals - Asos, name necklace - Meine Namenskette


  1. Im reading much more too at the mo, the photos are outstanding Carmen, a really beautiful work! xo

  2. Love this look! The dress is so pretty... and the bag, love it!!!! ^^ Is is from this season? Should I check Orsay? :)



    Oh! There is a Back to School giveaway over at my blog ^^

  3. Loving your posts & pics ,
    your blogging has evolved beautifully throughout the weeks
    & those shoes are just WOW


    This week's ( 50 Shades of blue )ootd is up on my blog ,
    come & drop me some love sweetie ,,


    P.S. Follow me on insta & i will instantly follow back @nanyslife

  4. These photos look great, very artistic! I should also post black and whites more often. They just convey an entirely different mood.

  5. Tolle Bilder und super schöner Look. Steht dir ausgezeichnet!

    Liebe Grüße Jessy von Kleidermädchen


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