Manic(ure) Monday: One Week Travel Manicure

The beauty case, is that a word still common to you? When going on holiday I always see the one or the other elegant lady carrying hers around but I think they are pretty 80s. I own one myself but never took it on holiday as I think they are rather useless, especially these days with the strict safety precautions at the airports because of which you can't take your beauty case as hand luggage. However this year when trailing behind me a huge suitcase with both mine and my sister's toilet bags being the heaviest things in there, I started thinking about beauty cases again. As they still aren't an option though I realised that I should simply take less beauty products on holidays to solve this overweight problem. Hence why not start with all my manicure essentials?

holiday travel long-lasting manicure kiko douglas cheeky p2 nail polish file

sunnies - SARAGHINA, nail file - AGNÈS B., nail polishes - CHEEKY/KIKO/DOUGLAS, top coat - p2

What would you normally take on holiday to maintain your manicure for a whole week? Maybe a nail polish remover, a nail file, the nail polish you applied to your nails, why not yet another shade simply to have the option?, a base coat, a top coat, some glitter nail polish (you never know!),... So that ain't just way too much stuff but that also makes about 300 useless grams in your suitcase (yes I really just weighed this...). Here is my trick for a one-week-lasting holiday manicure that only requires two tools in your toilet bag (or beauty case for the old-school girls among you): a top coat and a nail file.

1. At home: Create a long-lasting manicure by applying a base coat, two coats of your desired colour (choose one that matches all your outfits so you won't need to take any other shade on holiday) and a top coat. Do this the evening or the morning before leaving but after packing your suitcase so the chances are high you haven't ruined your manicure when arriving on your holiday destination.
2. On holiday: For the first 3 or 4 days apply the top coat every evening in order to protect your manicure. Sun, sand and saltwater will be really harsh to your manicure so your nail polish may be all matt and scratched up in the evening. Did you know there are special top coats with UV filters to use during summer? For example the ORLY "Sunscreen For Nails".
After the 3rd or 4th day the nail polish will start chipping off and that's where the nail file (or nail trimmer) comes in. Simply use it to shorten your nails so the edges look neat again. Don't forget to apply the top coat immediately after this and enjoy your flawless manicure for another 3 days.

Read more of my hints for a long-lasting manicure here. Will you also share your ultimate travel beauty tips with me?


  1. When I go on holidays, I always try to get the manicure with gel nail polish, so I don't have to worry
    about chipping nails at all and it stays for two weeks which is amazing thing :)

  2. Love the blue color! I always have problem with manicure, it lasts for less than one day!
    Bonjourchiara Facebook Page

  3. Den schönen Nagellack von Kiko wollte ich mir auch erst holen. Leider gab es ihn nicht mehr, als ich zuschlagen wollte. Aber ich habe wohl eh genug Lacke im Schrank. Da war das vielleicht sogar gut. :D
    Danke übrigens noch für deinen lieben Kommentar. :)

    Liebste Grüße,
    Lisa von Ash Blonde

    >> Hier geht's zu meinem letzten Post!

  4. Perfect shades. xa

  5. ooh love the colors here, and those sunglasses. thanks for sharing how you do your manicure!

  6. Such good advice to keep applying the top coat day after day. I have never tried this but I will from now on.

  7. The colors are really pretty! Great selection dear! :)

  8. Lovely shades dear Carmen.

  9. Super schöne Farben! Danke für den Tipp für die Urlaubsmaniküre, kann ich gut gebrauchten ich fliege nächste Woche ans Meer.

    Liebe Grüße Jessy von Kleidermädchen


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