Guest Post: Fashion Week with La Fripette

Whoever hears the two magic words "fashion week", but hasn't been able to attend it themselves, mostly thinks about runway shows. This summer I was allowed to attend the fashion week in Berlin and I noticed that these two words have way more to offer. In this post I will summarise what you're able to experience at a fashion week, which places you should go to and which prejudices have been confirmed and which went up in smoke.
1. Runway Shows
You surely all know pictures from TV or magazines in which celebrities are standing on the red carpet in front of a white wall with the names of sponsors on it. As spectator or reader you might be thinking: "Wow, how glamorous - and this frenzy of flashing cameras!" In reality this scenery is way less impressive. The runway shows mostly take place in warehouses which have been equipped with a red carpet just for the event. At first you enter a waiting area in which you're kindly provided with drinks and where you notice this small cardboard wall. And that was about it. No matter what they show on TV, in reality it's always smaller and less pretentious. As opposed to this you'll find the hall in which the fashion show actually takes place. If you're lucky enough to sit in the front row you can be looking forward to a goodie bag. Be it because of the better sight or the presents - the closer you sit to the runway the more you can flatter yourself. And somehow I can understand the front row hype. Only if you sit in the front row you can unreservedly examine the collection on the models from head to heel.

2. Showrooms and After-Show Parties
Sometimes you will just find showrooms. Sometimes they are also linked to the after-show party which follows the runway show. However when hearing the word after-show party you shouldn't be thinking about the party of the century. Such parties are rather an opportunity for the designers to drink to the new collection with selected guests and to give individual interviews. Usually there is a separate room with the designs of the collection so the guests can take a closer look at them. Lucky me because when attending my first fashion show I was too nervous to actually pay attention to the collection... So I was relieved when I was able to calmly take a look at everything in the showroom.

3. Fairs
Thinking about fashion week you wouldn't bear fairs in mind even though they are almost the greatest fun. Only on fairs you will get a widespread impression of the newest trends and collections for the upcoming year. Besides the newest pieces from known labels you're also able to discover new brands. During my time in Berlin I attended as many fairs as possible as every fair showcases different clothing styles. While the Bread&Butter fair showcases lots of urban looks and street style, you will be able to find more elegant styles at the Panorama fair. A huge benefit of fairs is that you're able to take the time to talk to the label agents and drill them with questions.

4. Blogger Meetups
To me these are the most pleasant events of fashion week. Unfortunately I'm bound to say that bloggers are a little rejected by this whole fashion week world. To most promoters it's more important to have a wannabe celebrity sitting in their front row rather than a famous blogger. This gets even more annoying when you see that this "celebrity" has glued his eyes to his phone during the whole show and in fact just occupies a seat that should belong to someone who's really interested in seeing the collection.
A different scenery can be found at blogger meetups such as the FashionBloggerCafé. Here bloggers take centre stage and are spoilt with snacks, workshops, handcrafting booths and giveaways from sponsors. Like that it's possible to chat with like-minded people over a casual cup of tea and a piece of cake about the experienced adventures of fashion week. 

That was it for my fashion week highlights. As so far I have only been attending fashion week once my experiences are limited. However I hope that I could give you a little insight into this crazy world!

Carla from La Fripette


  1. Totally true, most of the time fashion shows are better when you watch them on tv!
    Bonjourchiara Facebook Page

  2. I have never been to a fashion show, so it's great to learn from someone who has made this experience!

  3. Tolle Impressionen. Die Birkenstock Kollektion sieht wirklich vielversprechend aus! Da freu ich mich doch gleich auf nächsten Sommer!

    Liebe Grüße Jessy von Kleidermädchen

  4. Interesting.


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