Guest Post: 5 Fav Restaurants in Luxembourg City

Hi, my name is Anouk and I write the Luxembourg lifestyle blog LUXESSED. I blog about my life, share my travel photos and as I am a foodie, I have covered quite a few restaurants during the past two years. Carmen, my fellow countrywoman, has kindly asked me to present today my top five favourite restaurants in Luxembourg. I want to thank her for this opportunity. Now here we go... 

5. Chiggeri

Chiggeri is always a safe bet. It is located in the city centre and offers a restaurant for fine dining and a "Brasserie". Personally, I prefer the latter because it offers hearty dishes like tasty salads, tartiflette (potato gratin with cheese), burgers and tartares. Another unique feature of this restaurant is that it boasts a wine menu containing more than 2,000 entries!

15, Rue du Nord
L-2229 Luxembourg

4. Dal Notaro

This is my favourite Italian restaurant in Luxembourg City. Even Italians living here endorse this place. The pasta is just the best! You will certainly not leave hungry as the portions are huge. It would also be a mistake not to try their delicious desserts, such as mousse au chocolat or tiramisu.

Dal Notaro
149, rue de la Tour Jacob
L-1831 Luxembourg

3. L'Orchidée

I discovered this great Indian and Bangladeshi restaurant only recently. I was very much impressed by its nice modern setting and the fantastic food. If you like this type of cuisine, I would definitely recommend that you give it a try.

9, route de Thionville
L-2611 Luxembourg

2. AKA Cité

This is my number one Japanese restaurant. You can either eat from the sushi train or à la carte. Chefs are preparing the fresh food in front of you and it has happened that they offered me a plate of sushi on the house. I have never been there when the place wasn't totally packed. Table booking is a must.

AKA Cité
3, rue Genistre
L-1623 Luxembourg

1. Café bei der Giedel

My very favourite restaurant is Café bei der Giedel. I like it so much because it serves some of my favourite dishes: tartiflette, raclette, prawn salad and tartines amongst others. The interior is also very unique; you feel like you are visiting your grandmother's house in the countryside. It may be a little bit hard to find, if you have never been there, as it is hidden behind fields and forests. I must warn you that the phone signal in this area is almost non-existent and that credit cards are not accepted. But apart from these minor challenges, it is most definitely worth visiting.

Café bei der Giedel
Fond de Gras
L-4576 Niedercorn

With this post I want to convey a glimpse of the varieties of great cuisines that are available in Luxembourg. Although it's a very small country, I still haven't tested all available restaurants by far. I'm sure that there are many more palatable places to discover and in the meantime I continue my quest.



  1. What a useful and great guest post!!! I live in Luxembourg not for so long and I was in need to know great restaurants, thanks a lot!!!! :)

  2. So delicious!
    Have a nice day!
    Angela Donava

  3. Delicious!
    I was in Luxemburg in June (Clervaux)
    But we didn't visit the city.
    We will next time because now I know where to eat!
    Thanks for sharing :-)

  4. Very useful and one more time, your photos are delicious :)

  5. Excellent post. Pics are really mouth watering. Keep posting...have a good day!



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