FashionBloggerCafé Shoedition Düsseldorf

So this was it, my first real blogger event! I had been looking forward to it for weeks and then it was over in a twinkling. Words really can't describe how cool everything was but I will try to give you the best possible impression anyway. In fact it was a day of sensory overload which is also why it took me some days to gather my thoughts. But now let the reporting finally begin:
On Friday morning I met up with Carla, Saskia and Alina and we drove to Düsseldorf where the FashionBloggerCafé took place at the GDS shoe and accessories fair. Carla and I had already checked out the fairground the day before so we directly headed to the FashionBloggerCafé area. There we got our press cards and were immediately photographed in front of the sponsor wall. (Find more pictures of my outfit here.) Once we had entered the blogger area the fun began!

The first thing we did was to design our own shoes at the Peter Kaiser booth. I decided to go for a really crazy loafer with tassels and all possible patterns and colours. Of course we didn't just do this to dally but the design with the most Facebook likes will guarantee the blogger a pair of Peter Kaiser shoes. So if you guys really like me (or maybe just my design) it would mean the world to me if you could vote for my crazy loafer here!

As the FashionBloggerCafé took place on a shoe fair shoes were the main motto of the event as well and so we continued with more shoe related things at the Clarks booth. In fact beforehand we had been contacted by Styleranking, the organisers of the FashionBloggerCafé, and they told us that we could choose among some gorgeous Clarks boots and that we would get our favourite pair at the event. So on Friday the Clarks booth was really popular as everybody wanted to get their new babies as soon as possible! I went for the most amazing heeled fringe ankle boots and all I had to do in order to get them was to post a shoesie (shoe selfie) on Instagram. And as if this wasn't enough every blogger had the possibility to have an illustration made by two really talented artist and get it printed on a cloth bag. Above you can see my illustration which was drawn by the amazing Natalya Posukhova from Giant Inc. Oh and if you read yesterday's manicure post you know that Clarks had even more to offer namely some gorgeous Herôme nail polishes which I had to try immediately.

Besides from countless exhibitors the GDS shoe fair also offered various fashionshows (are you interested in seeing the Birkenstock one in a later post?). During the FashionBloggerCafé some of the bloggers thus had the possibility to organize a fashionshow as well, staging shoe trends from Inuovo, Högl, Minnetonka, Peter Kaiser and Jeffrey Campbell. The looks which you can see above are the ones I liked best, especially the first two. The last picture shows blogger Maja Wyh who was the blogger testimonial of the GDS. At the end of the event Saskia, Carla and I had a little chat with her and it turned out that despite her popularity in Germany she's a really down-to-earth person.

Of course a blogger event wouldn't get along without the right catering. Therefor we were provided with cocktails, frozen yogurt and sandwiches. I must admit that the cocktail came just in time before my workshop...

Yes you heard right! My workshop. It was only my first blogger event but I had the incredible chance to be contacted by Styleranking about two weeks beforehand and asked if I wanted to keep a workshop about detail photography. Of course I did and so I shared my photography skills with about 15 other bloggers who took the time to listen to me. Huge thanks to Styleranking and to everybody who attended or supported my workshop!

It was in the afternoon when things got a little less busy and so Carla, Alina and I had the time to stop by the Gillette Venus booth. I'm a huge fan of their shaving products and so I was really intrigued to hear about their new and even better razor which they promised to send over to us. Oh and if you want to try it as well you can post a picture wearing pink on your social media channels using the hashtags #VenusGossip and #FBCcontest2014 for a chance to win a Venus package. 

But the shoe related attractions weren't over either so we designed our own sandals at the Inuovo booth. I had never heard about that brand before but immediately fell for their sandals (and for designing my own with leather straps and studs!). Above you can see the work of some of us bloggers (mine are the left ones with blue, black and silver) and again the designing was linked to a competition. Because here the best sandals will not just be rewarded with any pair of shoes but they will in fact be produced and sent over to the blogger. How cool is that?! Again fingers crossed!

Besides from all the activities it was also a pleasure meeting well-known but also new bloggers. It is always such a strange thing so see a person in real life which you have been following on their blog for years. For example I had a nice chat with Jules and Annie from the blog today is... which I have been following right from the beginning. Later one we also met Jana, Anna and Desiree from our blogger group in Bonn. Furthermore Carla introduced us to some lovely bloggers from Düsseldorf like Kathi, who even took us to a store opening that very evening. At the end of the day I really had gotten another impression of the German blogging scene and I want to thank everybody who made this day so special! Particular thanks to Styleranking for organising such events and having me for the workshop, to Clarks for being the coolest sponsor ever and to my blogger girls without whom the event would only have been half as funny!

At this point I'll leave you with the content of our goodie bags. I don't think I need to mention that us bloggers are really spoilt beings... Some of the content was particularly interesting and will thus reappear on the blog in detail in the near future (like my great new boots, the nail polishes or the anit frizz serum by Mod's Hair). I really can't wait for the next blogger event and I wish the next FashionBloggerCafé would take place sooner!


  1. wow carmen..amazing event..i would like to partecipate in a similar event..i like your shoes.. :-) and shoes in pic numb5 are amazing..

  2. Tolle Review! Du musst mir mal verraten mit welchen Einstellungen du die tollen Runway-Fotos gemacht hast ;)

  3. A really cool event. I like the fact that it was so interactive and you even got to lead a workshop! Well done.

  4. hey, da bin ich ja auch auf einem foto zu sehen :-) schöner beitrag. deine fotos von der show sind total gut geworden. da haste ja einen tollen platz erwischt

    xxx Tamina

  5. I would love to attend such a event as well! Lovely!!


  6. Looks like such an amazing event!

  7. Waaah, der Hammer! Richtig cooles Event! Und so toll, dass du dich getraut hast, den Workshop zu halten (Ich hoffe, ich komme im September auch in den Genuss, das wär doch was!) ;) Ich drück dir auf jeden Fall die Daumen für all die Gewinnchancen!
    Liebste Grüße

  8. Super Beitrag! Ich konnte leider nicht dabei sein, aber bin dank dir bestens informiert! Ich hoffe wir lernen uns auch ganz bald mal kennen!

    Liebe Grüße Jessy von Kleidermädchen

  9. Great event ! The show is fabulous and I love your outfit pretty Carmen :)


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