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Tried and Tested: Maybelline Color Elixir*

Maybelline Color Elixir 720 "Nude Illusion"

Maybelline's Color Elixir finally made it to Germany and so I was offered the chance to try the lip lacquer and write a review about it. I was sent the shade 720 "Nude Illusion" which is one of the eleven available colours. In the US the lip gloss has been for sale since last year and across the pond you will find 9 additional shades. Over there the product is also strikingly cheaper but the German lip gloss addict will have to pay about 10€.


OOTD: Palais Grand-Ducal

Networking. The word has been abused in relation to social media too many times. Some people may even think that the essence of networking is having 1000 Facebook friends. But it isn't. Networking is about sitting down with friends or colleagues in order to share knowledge and to give each other feedback. It's a truly magical thing and last Saturday I had the occasion to be part of a real life networking experience at its best. It was the first meeting of the Luxembourgish bloggers being planned and organized in our Facebook group called #blogger_LU (new members are warmly welcome so just drop me a note if you're a blogger in or from Luxembourg!). We had decided to meet at the vegan café Am Véierzéng which can be found inside the building of the History Museum of Luxembourg City. As we were too busy with getting to know each other I didn't have the occasion to take pictures or to order anything else than an almond and rice milk macchiato (which was really good by the way and which I will try to make at home these days). You may know that I am the lucky member of a blogger group in Germany as well but it was so different talking to Luxembourgish bloggers with which I share problems like the language question (Luxembourg has three official languages) or the almost none existing blogging scene in our country. However I really hope that together we will be able to make blogging a more accepted business over here and to grow together as a group in the course of time.


Manic(ure) Monday: One Week Travel Manicure

The beauty case, is that a word still common to you? When going on holiday I always see the one or the other elegant lady carrying hers around but I think they are pretty 80s. I own one myself but never took it on holiday as I think they are rather useless, especially these days with the strict safety precautions at the airports because of which you can't take your beauty case as hand luggage. However this year when trailing behind me a huge suitcase with both mine and my sister's toilet bags being the heaviest things in there, I started thinking about beauty cases again. As they still aren't an option though I realised that I should simply take less beauty products on holidays to solve this overweight problem. Hence why not start with all my manicure essentials?

holiday travel long-lasting manicure kiko douglas cheeky p2 nail polish file

sunnies - SARAGHINA, nail file - AGNÈS B., nail polishes - CHEEKY/KIKO/DOUGLAS, top coat - p2


OOTD: Grey and Green

On Thursday I wore this casual outfit to go shopping with a friend (see a mini haul on my Instagram account). We were lucky to have a few sunny moments to take these pics as the days tend to be really cool and cloudy lately. Besides from my surprisingly versatile grey jeans I was wearing a blouse with lurex details and my beloved Birkenstock dupes. Don't you think the three things go pretty well together and make a nice casual look?


New In: Italy Haul

So yesterday I told you about my shopping experience in Italy and some of you might have been wondering what I actually bought (well at least my friend Sarah already asked me when I would finally make a haul post...). Wonder no longer, here are my pickings from the country of fashion:

scarves - street market in Riccione - 2 for 5€


Holidays in Italy: Rimini & Riccione

As I already told you I discovered quite a few cities during my holiday in Italy. Two days ago I talked to you about the great gastronomy Cattolica has to offer and today I want to introduce Rimini and Riccione with regard to shopping possibilities. These are the shops I was glad to discover (plus some random pics taken in both cities):


Sun Protection for Skin and Hair

Yes tanned skin is sexy but a sunburn definitely isn't. A sunburn is a sign of irresponsibility towards your health and of neglecting your appearance. When I was young there was no leaving the house in summer without sunscreen and so I learnt to enjoy the sun in moderation from a young age. Nonetheless when I was in Portugal two years ago I had a terrible sun allergy and I learnt that it's not only about sunscreen but also about the right product for your skin. Therefor I went to see my dermatologist already in winter so I would have the right products ready for this year's vacation.


Holidays in Italy: Cattolica

I'm back in Luxembourg, sitting in my bed with a cardigan and cosy wool socks on. At 20°C less than in Italy I feel like I really need them and I wouldn't say no to a cup of tea either. And even though I already miss the sun and the ice cream I feel like I'm ready for lazy autumn days reading Harry Potter in a comfy armchair. Nonetheless I don't mind indulging myself in holiday memories either so today I want to start a detailed report about the places we've been visiting on our trip to Italy. We stayed in the Emilia-Romagna region of northern Italy, more precisely in Cattolica which I will talk about today, concentrating on the most interesting part of that area: the gastronomy.


Italy via Instagram

Yesterday I came back from Italy so you can expect a few travel posts up on the blog these days and I'm starting off with these very food heavy Instagram impressions. Gosh I need to diet now!

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Guest Post: 5 Fav Restaurants in Luxembourg City

Hi, my name is Anouk and I write the Luxembourg lifestyle blog LUXESSED. I blog about my life, share my travel photos and as I am a foodie, I have covered quite a few restaurants during the past two years. Carmen, my fellow countrywoman, has kindly asked me to present today my top five favourite restaurants in Luxembourg. I want to thank her for this opportunity. Now here we go... 

5. Chiggeri

Chiggeri is always a safe bet. It is located in the city centre and offers a restaurant for fine dining and a "Brasserie". Personally, I prefer the latter because it offers hearty dishes like tasty salads, tartiflette (potato gratin with cheese), burgers and tartares. Another unique feature of this restaurant is that it boasts a wine menu containing more than 2,000 entries!

15, Rue du Nord
L-2229 Luxembourg


Tried and Tested: Nu Skin Body Contouring Lotion*

Nu Skin ageLOC Dermantic Effects body contouring lotion

Nu Skin is a direct selling anti-ageing company from the US. Even though their brand logo looks familiar to me I have never tried any of their products. However when it comes to beauty brands I never hesitate to try new ones as I'm always on the lookout for the perfect product, especially when we're talking about body contouring! So recently I was offered the possibility to try Nu Skins ageLOC Dermatic Effects body contouring lotion which I have been using for a while and by now also emptied. You are supposed to use the lotion in the morning and in the evening on all of your problematic areas and even though I only used it on my thighs and forgot it a few times the lotion was empty in less than two weeks. Considering the fact that the lotion would normally cost about 56€ that's pretty steep... But maybe if it really works we would be willing to pay over 100€ a month for a cellulite free skin? Here is what I noticed when using the lotion:


Guest Post: Fashion Week with La Fripette

Whoever hears the two magic words "fashion week", but hasn't been able to attend it themselves, mostly thinks about runway shows. This summer I was allowed to attend the fashion week in Berlin and I noticed that these two words have way more to offer. In this post I will summarise what you're able to experience at a fashion week, which places you should go to and which prejudices have been confirmed and which went up in smoke.


Guest Post: Anne's Pimm's

Hello, I'm Anne and I'm from Luxembourg and I live in London. My blog Anne's Kitchen focuses on simple, yummy food - mostly with a British angle. As of last year, I have my very own TV show on RTL Luxembourg, on which I'm exploring British cuisine and London food trends. I also published my first cookbook last year. This here is one of my favourite summer recipes from the book:


Restaurant Daïwelskichen

During my time in Bonn I have been trying lots of restaurants and cafés, most of them thanks to our regular blogger meetups like the one recently at Mayras Café. By now I'm way more familiar with the gastronomy in Bonn than with the gastronomy in my own homeland, which is a bit of a pity. Therefor I was really glad when Anouk suggested to have dinner at a restaurant in Luxembourg city a few weeks ago. She had seen my post about the Peruvian restaurant in Bonn called Perú Deputamare in which I had written that I really liked the Peruvian food. That's why she suggested to go to the Restaurant Daïwelskichen which serves South American dishes. I had already checked out the menu card at home and was pleased to find lots of yummy salads and fish recipes. Funnily enough both Anouk and I were intrigued by the "Salade Salmón al Grill" and we both ordered it after Anouk had assured me that the servings were huge. And as you can see in the second picture they really were! A plate of salad? No, a bowl! And everybody who loves to order fish when eating out knows that the proportions of fish tend to be rather small but not here! We got two grilled salmon filets and a generous slice of smoked salmon in our salads. Unfortunately the service was a little slow but our waiter made up for it by being really chatty and by convincing me of ordering the best crème brûlée I ever ate! All in all it was a really funny evening in a nice location (in a hidden alley as you can see on the first picture) and even though I will have to get used to the prices in Luxembourg I can't wait to discover more gastronomic highlights of the city. 


Manic(ure) Monday: Holiday Nails

While you guys are reading this I'm probably lying on the beach in Cattolica, Italy. And whenever I'm on holiday I like simple manicures with a statement colour like this Electric Blue from Kiko which I bought in Portugal two years ago. I noticed that I hadn't worn it in ages so I fell in love with it anew when applying it. And this year I also went for a matchy matchy mani-pedi in order to go together with all of my outfits which are mostly white and blue.
Oh and don't worry about my blog being silent for the next week because I have some amazing guest posts ready for you! You will get the recipe for a nice summer cocktail, tips for the 5 best places to go out in Luxembourg city and a report from Berlin fashion week, all from three of my favourite blogger girls! See you guys on Sunday.


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New In: Holiday Essentials

Three days to go until I would leave for Italy. That was the situation on Thursday and the fact kinda took me by surprise as I had been way to busy to think about packing bags and stuff like that. Also I surprisingly noticed that I was lacking a few summer holiday essentials like white shorts or a summer hat! Luckily enough I had planned to go to Luxembourg city that day in order to have dinner with Anouk and I took the opportunity to already go there in the afternoon and run some errands. When it comes to the clothes I bought they may not all be going to Italy with me as some are rather autumnal or simply too warm for 30°C weather but they were all on sale (even though I couldn't find out the original prices of all of them). Funnily enough this was one of the first shopping sprees that ended without any clothes from H&M but therefor I just had to buy this uber-cute flamingo tape dispenser there. I mean who doesn't love flamingos on their work desk?

tropical print blazer - Zara - 29,99€


Birkenstock Trends 2015 (GDS Shoe Fair)

Birkenstock trends 2015

Last week I went to the "GDS - Gobal Destination for Shoes & Accessories" fair in Düsseldorf in order to check out the shoe and accessory trends for 2015. While I also discovered the one or the other new label I was mostly drawn towards renowned and popular brands. And talking about popular shoe brands how could we go past Birkenstock? In fact it wasn't hard to see that the Birkenstock booth was one of the most visited ones and the PR people were busy instructing press and clients about the latest Birkenstock models for the next seasons.


OOTD: Café

"Never trust anyone who has not brought a book with them." I've been on summer break for a few weeks which means that I finally have the time to read the books I like. And now you may be wondering: "What does a language student read in her free time?" Well think about it as you like but I still prefer the good old Harry Potter books. Besides from reading my summer break is filled with meeting friends and fellow bloggers, which are the exactly same thing when it comes to my blogger ladies from Bonn. As I already told you in yesterday's post we had another meetup at a really cute café called Mayras Wohnzimmer Café last Saturday. As it was a really hot day I decided to wear the maxi dress I had bought in London and if you want to see it in colour I recommend checking out my earlier outfit post. Oh and talking about colours... you may be wondering why I decided to convert these pics into black and white. Well maybe because I was in the mood for trying something new or maybe because I didn't like the colour combination of my outfit. But most of all because Carla did such a good job taking these pics and I wanted to take the focus from my outfit and concentrate on the location (the exteriors of Mayras Café) and on her brilliant photo composition. What you see over here is always just the result of our outfit shootings but I can tell you it would be really interesting to also get a look behind the scenes. Because then you would see Carla hoping around from one corner of the yard to the other, changing her perspective, rearranging the café decoration and adjusting my straps from time to time. In fact she was such a brilliant photographer that at some point all I had to do was really just read my book and let her do the job. Thanks for that love!


Mayras Wohnzimmer Café

On Saturday it was time for yet another blogger meetup with the girls from Bonn. One day after the FashionBloggerCafé we decided to meet at "Mayras Wohnzimmer Café" in Bonn Beuel.


FashionBloggerCafé Shoedition Düsseldorf

So this was it, my first real blogger event! I had been looking forward to it for weeks and then it was over in a twinkling. Words really can't describe how cool everything was but I will try to give you the best possible impression anyway. In fact it was a day of sensory overload which is also why it took me some days to gather my thoughts. But now let the reporting finally begin:


Manic(ure) Monday: Herôme

WIC by Herôme nail polish set

At the FashionBloggerCafé in Düsseldorf Clarks was so amazingly generous to give all of us bloggers a brand new pair of shoes. And if that wouldn't already have been enough we also got a few goodies along with our new shoes. One of them was this super cute set of Herôme nail polish. I had heard of Herôme before but never tried any of their products so I was really curious about the nail polishes. This morning I swatched all of them and they're all really pretty! The brown is a perfect chocolate ice cream shade, the middle nail polish is a decent girly nude and the pink reminds me of ripe raspberries. To me all of them are rather shades for fall but I decided to show you the bright pink which can in fact be worn all year long, especially when you combine it with some silver accents (Essie - No Place Like Chrome) like I did:


My Week On Instagram

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OOTD: FashionBloggerCafé

Sensory overload. It's a concept we've been discussing at university a lot and which was also part of my bachelor thesis. Overstimulation, stimulus satiation, sensory overload: yesterday I had a firsthand experience of what this concept actually means. What has happened? Well the FashionBloggerCafé Shoedition in Düsseldorf has happened! It was my first big blogger event and it was beyond great but also energy-sapping. That's why I definitely need to collect all of my thoughts and also rethink the best aspects so I can give you a detailed report of it by the beginning of next week. For now I only have the outfit I wore to the event and even though I felt super underdressed at times I hope that I wore something which people will remember me for. The dungarees are just too comfy and I already bought them years ago but somehow never dared to wear them...


Monthly Must Haves: August

paisley shorts - Asos, tassel bag - Accessorize, handbag - via Zalando, silver flats - Buffalo via Zalando, passport cover - H&M

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