The Beauty Battle: Baby Oil vs. Shaving Gel

As the first Beauty Battle post was quite popular and also fun to write I decided to make a few more. The second edition arose more from a need than from a particular interest though. I had run out of shaving gel and was so busy these days that I didn't managed to repurchase some immediately. So I remembered having read that some people use oil instead of shaving gel. After a little research in various internet forums I found out that baby oil is really welcome for that matter. I immediately gave it a try and here is my report:
The shaving gel I'm currently using is from Balea and says to be suited for sensible skin. It has an amazing coconut smell and definitely reminds me of my favourite cocktail: Piña Colada. It comes out of the bottle as a gel but transforms into a foam as soon as you apply it to your skin. I feel that it protects my skin quite well and also moisturises it as I didn't feel the need to use a body lotion after shaving my legs. Normally I'm using the Gilette Satin Care shaving gel which has the advantage that you need less gel to cover your skin in foam but that was about the only difference I noticed between both shaving gels.
So as I said I had run out of shaving gel last week and thus tried to shave with the help of baby oil. It was quite fun applying it in the shower as the oil and water don't mix and you end up with big oily pearls on your skin. However the whole thing didn't end up in a huge mess like I had expected. The oil was quite good to let the razor glide over my skin but I felt like it didn't protect my skin well enough because the shaving felt quite irritating. In the end the result wasn't quite as neat as with the shaving gel but still satisfying. After shaving my legs I used my normal shower gel to wash my body but if I would have proceeded the other way round I would probably have left the shower with perfectly moisturised skin.
All in all the baby oil was a nice solution for once but I will definitely keep on using my shaving gel in the shower and the baby oil after the shower (nothing better to moisturise your still wet skin!).

score: shaving gel 1 - baby oil 0
final score: drugstore beauty 1 - household remedies 1

As you can see we're having a tie at our drugstore beauty vs. household remedy battles right now. Which products should play against each other next? (In case you missed it you can read the coconut oil vs. eye makeup remover battle here.) Who of you has tried to use oil instead of shaving gel? Do you know any other oil that could be good for that purpose?


  1. I hate the way baby oil gets stuck between the razors :( this kind of posts are great ! I love it :D

  2. I'd never come to the idea to use oil for shaving. I always use it after it. But for shaving I simply use shower gel^^

  3. hi carmen, this idea is amazing...i also want to try it!!thanks for sharing!!

  4. Ich würde auch eher beim Rasierschaum bleiben, aber wenn man mal keins mehr hat...super Idee!! :)



  5. Thanks for trying this out and sharing your results. I almost never shave but use a Braun hair removal device instead.

  6. I actually never knew you could use oil, thanks for this helpful and interesting comparison. I enjoyed reading your thoughts on my last post. Have a splendid weekend!

  7. Super Idee! Muss ich bei Gelegenheit wenn der Rasierschaum aus ist mal ausprobieren!

    Liebe Grüße Jessy von Kleidermädchen


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