Manic(ure) Monday: Summer Dress Inspired

Honestly, is there anything better than starting off your new week with a gorgeous manicure you can't stop looking at? A manicure that highlights your outfits, looks great in Instagram pictures and inspires your friends (and followers) to try it out as well? Probably for a nailista there really isn't anything better. However if you have been painting your nails for years, or decades (yes, I did start at a really young age...) there comes the time where you think you've tried about anything and you're simply lacking inspiration. That's the time where a nail art challenge comes in really handy. Last week I was contacted by ModCloth and they asked me if I want to create a nail art inspired by one of their dresses. That sounded like a lovely idea and so I decided to give it a try. The dress I chose as an inspiration for my mani is this blue and white striped maxi dress (yes we all know I love blue and white combinations...). And here we go with the result:

What I used: Essie - Blanc, Kiko - Electric Blue, p2 - 8in1 Nail Wonder, Essence - Nail Art Duo Stylist, Essence - Nail Art Express Dry Drops

Okay I know it didn't turn out picture perfect but it was one of the first times I tried a striped mani with my nail art tool. I hope you can see my good intentions, haha! I must say that even though I was really sceptical at the beginning I quite like the result nevertheless. However I think I don't need to mention that my other hand stayed all white, right? Does it look awkward? Maybe... Do I pretend it's on purpose when people ask me? Hell, yes! In case you want to give this mani a try here is how I proceeded: I started off with a white base coat (two layers). As soon as the white nail polish had dried I painted a horizontal line on the front third of my nails. Then I did another line along my nail tips and painted the ">" on my inner nails. Finally I drew two lines uniting my outer nail sides with the very first horizontal line, thus the larger ">". Savvy? For more professional dress inspired nail art check out this post.


  1. cute manicure..i like your idea..
    white and light blue are 2 colors that i adore

  2. Awesome job. There's no way my nails could ever look that good! :] // itsCarmen.com ☼

  3. Such striking nails!

    Emma x

  4. Nice manicure, love it!


  5. so cute ! Such a summerish mani ;) i LOVE it darling ! :D

  6. wow du kannst so richtig schön malen, ich bin schon froh, wenn ich selber ein French machen kann ohne dass alles ineinander verläuft haha. Muss mir noch deine E-Mail durchlesen morgen.
    Viele liebe Grüße nach Deutschland,

  7. So creative. This is a very nice blue.

  8. nice and full of style,I love this fashion idea
    so creative and nice color matching

    your lovely Poppy

  9. I love this! Need to try it! Thank you for inspiration, dear!
    Have a lovely day, kisses
    Christine G ♥

  10. sieht sehr gut aus, aber dafür hab ich bestimmt leider nicht genug Geduld ;)

  11. So cool that you found inspiration in your dress! The colour combination is perfect.


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