Festival Beauty Guide (+Check List)

festival beauty essentials

Hello back party people! I hope you enjoyed the first guide which was all about festival fashion. Today we're talking beauty essentials on a camping and festival ground. If you ask me choosing the right beauty products is even harder than choosing the right clothes because you've got to consider that the heat in your tent may ruin the one or the other cream or lipstick so you'd better not take your expensive makeup and pharmacy skincare. Instead choose all in one products or travel sizes:

festival beauty packing list
So obviously we want to look good even after three days of partying and sleeping in a tent but there are things which definitely don't belong in a camping bag. For example your expensive makeup and face creams, which can easily be replaced by a BB Cream. Also taking a mascara and a coloured lip balm will allow you to look nice and fresh while taking all your other makeup stuff would just be too much. As you won't always have access to electricity I recommend leaving your hairdryer and straightener at home and therefor working with dry shampoo and bobby pins. The must have par excellence is deodorant and if you opt for a well-smelling one you can also leave your perfume at home, which probably won't bear the heat in your tent. A hand sanitizer will be your best friend after using the festival toilets and the cleaning wipes will be your life savers after a long night of partying when all you want to do is sleep (and when it feels like the water installations are miles away!). As a last point I added water to my must have beauty list. It is not only essential to drink enough on hot days but water will also allow you to look fresh even if you didn't get enough sleep so make sure to always carry around a small bottle of this beauty and health essential.


  1. Ah yes, deodorants... also very much recommended to men... and not only for festivals!

  2. This is a very good edit of your cosmetics. Enjoy the festival.

  3. carmen..this post is very cute, funny and interesting..i like it!!leave at home hair straightener :-D

  4. Toller Post Süße, super Checkliste!
    Hab einen schönen Tag!



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