Cinnamon Home Giveaway*

I had promised you a fantastic giveaway, hadn't I? Well here it is! And for the first time in this blog's 2 and a half year history I'm neither giving away clothes nor accessories nor beauty products, but... food! I really hope that yesterday's post made you guys hungry because you'll be able to win some delicious Nicolas Vahé specialities plus a cute House Doctor lunchbox to put your newly baked and stamped cookies inside, all sponsored by Cinnamon Home:

Cookie Mix "Lemon and Almond", T2 Tea "French Caramel", Lunchbox, Cookie Stamps, Chocolate Fondue "Milk Chocolate and Caramel"
Well I don't know how about you but I think this is a gorgeous prize and I wish I could keep it all for myself, especially the tea (French Caramel?! Yes please!) and the lunchbox. But we're here in order to reward you for being great readers so make sure to enter for a chance to stock your kitchen with some amazing and unique stuff.
Now I had already told you how impressed I am by Cinnamon Home. They only went online last month but already have the cutest of web page designs and they even ship internationally. That means everybody of you has the possibility to shop their unique creations and it does of course also mean that this giveaway is international! In order to let you discover a bit of their range and in order to make this giveaway more fun the owners had the lovely idea to make a little quiz which you have to solve in order to be entered. But don't worry, it is really easy. All you have to do is browse Cinnamon Home and find the product links matching these 4 pictures:

Simply fill in the solutions into the form below in order to unlock more features that will increase your chance of winning. (Psst! There are several matching solutions for pictures 2, 3 and 4 but one link for each will be enough.)

I'm so excited and can't wait to find out who of you lovely guys will be the winner... Let's give huge thanks to Cinnamon Home for sponsoring this giveaway! If discovering this shop was love at first sight I recommend checking out their Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Blog so you'll be the first ones to know about new collections hitting the store.


  1. Ooooh this shops products are so lovely!!!

  2. hi carmen..cute giveaway..
    have a nice week end

  3. Looks delicious Carmen! Very nice giveaway. Have a great weekend.


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