Beauty Empties: July

Sensodyne Pro Schmelz White toothpaste (75ml)
Rebuy it? Maybe. Why? I know that this toothpaste is being recommended by dentists a lot but it left strange dark residues on my teeth so I didn't rebuy it.


Festival Beauty Guide (+Check List)

festival beauty essentials

Hello back party people! I hope you enjoyed the first guide which was all about festival fashion. Today we're talking beauty essentials on a camping and festival ground. If you ask me choosing the right beauty products is even harder than choosing the right clothes because you've got to consider that the heat in your tent may ruin the one or the other cream or lipstick so you'd better not take your expensive makeup and pharmacy skincare. Instead choose all in one products or travel sizes:

festival beauty packing list
So obviously we want to look good even after three days of partying and sleeping in a tent but there are things which definitely don't belong in a camping bag. For example your expensive makeup and face creams, which can easily be replaced by a BB Cream. Also taking a mascara and a coloured lip balm will allow you to look nice and fresh while taking all your other makeup stuff would just be too much. As you won't always have access to electricity I recommend leaving your hairdryer and straightener at home and therefor working with dry shampoo and bobby pins. The must have par excellence is deodorant and if you opt for a well-smelling one you can also leave your perfume at home, which probably won't bear the heat in your tent. A hand sanitizer will be your best friend after using the festival toilets and the cleaning wipes will be your life savers after a long night of partying when all you want to do is sleep (and when it feels like the water installations are miles away!). As a last point I added water to my must have beauty list. It is not only essential to drink enough on hot days but water will also allow you to look fresh even if you didn't get enough sleep so make sure to always carry around a small bottle of this beauty and health essential.


Festival Fashion Guide (+Check List)

day outfit: boots - Asos, necklace - Sweet Deluxe via Zalando, everything else - H&M

This weekend I went to the "Food For Your Senses" festival, which is one of the most popular festivals in Luxembourg. For me it was the first time that I also camped on a festival ground and it was quite hard for me to know what to pack and what to leave at home. So now that I'm back and wiser I thought it would be nice to make a little festival guide for you. Today I will start off with fashion, thus the clothes and accessories you should take to a festival to cut a fine figure. Tomorrow I will round off the guide with a festival beauty special where I will tell you what you really need to look good, even after three days of partying and sleeping in a tent.


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Cooking Made Easy: Kanelbullar

You might or might not know that as a part of my studies at university I also had some Swedish language, literature and culture classes. Even though it was one of the hardest languages I learnt so far, I really enjoy being able to understand this cute tongue by now. When it comes to culture I think Sweden is a really interesting country and this love goes far beyond Ikea and H&M. Last month I've been attending the midsummer feast organised by my university, enjoying delicious Swedish food and singing funny songs together. And talking about Swedish food you will of course not get around Kanelbullar, the Swedish cinnamon buns. When it comes to pastry I have the feeling that the differences between various countries can be huge and I especially noticed that when it comes to cinnamon buns. Here in Luxembourg we have our own version, too but it looks and tastes really differently from the Swedish Kanelbullar (for example we add raisins to ours). And as I definitely prefer the Swedish version I simply had to try the recipe for myself. I was surprised by how easy it was to make the cinnamon buns (normally I'm super bad at anything that has got to do with dough and I had never worked with yeast before!). So here we go with a recipe for all pastry and Sweden lovers:


OOTD: Silver Zebra

The weather here in Bonn tends to be really crazy. Yesterday for example it was hot and sunny all midmorning and then in the afternoon we had a crazy thunder- and rainstorm. Luckily enough in the evening while taking these pics at the beautiful Poppelsdorf Palace it was all sunny again. In fact I had planned to wear some cute, short denim dungarees which I found when tidying out my closet last week. Unfortunately after the rainstorm it was too chilly so these zebra pants, which I also found in the vast of my closet, made their appearance. At first I wanted to pair them with blue and red (like I do with 99% of my summer outfits) but then I went for this all grey and silver combination which I think is pretty nice, too. Oh and how do you like my new haircut in action?


The Beauty Battle: Baby Oil vs. Shaving Gel

As the first Beauty Battle post was quite popular and also fun to write I decided to make a few more. The second edition arose more from a need than from a particular interest though. I had run out of shaving gel and was so busy these days that I didn't managed to repurchase some immediately. So I remembered having read that some people use oil instead of shaving gel. After a little research in various internet forums I found out that baby oil is really welcome for that matter. I immediately gave it a try and here is my report:


New In: Sales and More

Normally I'm not a sales person. Either I miss out on the bargains or I leave the shop with just the expensive "new collection" stuff. It seems like this year I finally figured out how to get the most out of the reduced prices. I waited till the end of the sales when everything was reduced to the limit. Furthermore whenever I entered a shop I just had a look at the reduced stuff and didn't even near the new collections! From my latest buys I'm especially happy with the jelly sandals and the shorts. Both are just so cute and perfect for summer, don't you think? Have you guys been able to make the one or the other bargain? What is you sales shopping strategy?

jelly sandals Nazari - Gioseppo via Zalando - 19,95€ 17,95€


Manic(ure) Monday: Greek Goddess

Greece is one of my all time favorite summer holiday destinations and each year when I can't go there I miss the clear blue water and the lovely white houses. This year I will be going to Italy, which I'm really looking forward to, but I still wanted some Greek feeling so I decided to paint it on my nails:


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Cinnamon Home Giveaway*

I had promised you a fantastic giveaway, hadn't I? Well here it is! And for the first time in this blog's 2 and a half year history I'm neither giving away clothes nor accessories nor beauty products, but... food! I really hope that yesterday's post made you guys hungry because you'll be able to win some delicious Nicolas Vahé specialities plus a cute House Doctor lunchbox to put your newly baked and stamped cookies inside, all sponsored by Cinnamon Home:

Cookie Mix "Lemon and Almond", T2 Tea "French Caramel", Lunchbox, Cookie Stamps, Chocolate Fondue "Milk Chocolate and Caramel"


Cooking Made Easy: Riz au Lait*

After so many suggestions I can finally talk to you in detail about my new cooperation partner. Normally I don't extra point out cooperations but this one is really special and near and dear to me. Why? Well first of all it's a cooperation with a super cute online shop located in Luxembourg and Germany and thus a local brand worth supporting. Then again I was able to meet the owners last week and the girls are just too lovely! The store we're talking about is called Cinnamon Home and sells Danish design home accessories. However you'll also be able to find a few fashion accessories and yummy food. And that's exactly where we should come back to the essence of this post: a recipe. And this one is even easier than easy because almost all of the ingredients are directly delivered to you and all you need to add is milk. Calling all of you lazy cooks and breakfast refuseniks! Because when I met the owners of Cinnamon Home last week they brought me this Riz au Lait by Nicolas Vahé. It's a pineapple and mango rice pudding and I really couldn't wait to try it! Here we go with the "recipe":


BiKiini Outfits

Okay I definitely fell in love with these cute Kiini bikinis! Too bad I can't wear them for obvious reasons (in case they are not so obvious to you: big/average boobs + triangle bikini = no-go). And is it just me or are random multicolour combinations the coolest thing ever? I really can't wait to finally go to the beach next month even though I probably won't be dressed in such a stylish (and expensive!) way...


Rihanna x Hard Rock Cafe (Giveaway!)*

For the end of the week I had promised you a giveaway sponsored by my new cooperation partner and it will be a huge giveaway you can all be looking forward to! In order to bridge the time and make you all go crazy for giveaways I have yet another competition you can enter right now!


Kathy's Deli & Cupcakery

On Sunday I already told you about the meeting I had last weekend and my cooperation partners had chosen a really lovely location for that purpose. We went to a newly opened cupcake shop in Luxembourg city called Kathy's Deli & Cupcakery. So where should I start? The shop is decorated with lots of lovely details from fresh flowers to hand painted blackboards. The interior decoration is modern but cosy with seat cushions and a settee along the wall. When it comes to food you can get everything your breakfast or lunch break heart desires: bagels, baguettes, salads, sandwiches, soups, cupcakes (obviously), muffins, cakes, "the best coffee in town", organic tea,... For the hungry people among us there are also great offers like the value combo which would for example be the "soup of the day served with a side of salad greens, tender slices of oven roasted turkey and a herbed yogurt dressing" for just 8,40€. So when I'm in Luxembourg city around lunch time next you know where you'll find me! Last weekend however we only tried the hot drinks and cupcakes. I had a ginger lemon tea and a blueberry cupcake and my boyfriend had a café au lait and a "Chocolate Explosion" cupcake. The tea bags can also be purchased in the shop and the blend I had was really good and spicy. When it comes to the cupcakes both my boyfriend and I thought that the frosting was waaaay better than on most other cupcakes we tried so far. Normally cupcake frostings are way too sugary and overcharged but at Kathy's they're so light and perfect. My boyfriend even said that he wouldn't mind just eating the frosting, haha! Also the cupcakes themselves were super good, mine was with cinnamon and the berries tasted really fresh. Besides from all that perfection the waitress was really friendly and attentive as well. And the cherry on the cupcake: at 2,65€ - 2,95€ the cupcakes are really affordable! You see, I'm in love! Kathy's is definitely my new favourite spot in Luxembourg city! And now the pictures:


Manic(ure) Monday: Summer Dress Inspired

Honestly, is there anything better than starting off your new week with a gorgeous manicure you can't stop looking at? A manicure that highlights your outfits, looks great in Instagram pictures and inspires your friends (and followers) to try it out as well? Probably for a nailista there really isn't anything better. However if you have been painting your nails for years, or decades (yes, I did start at a really young age...) there comes the time where you think you've tried about anything and you're simply lacking inspiration. That's the time where a nail art challenge comes in really handy. Last week I was contacted by ModCloth and they asked me if I want to create a nail art inspired by one of their dresses. That sounded like a lovely idea and so I decided to give it a try. The dress I chose as an inspiration for my mani is this blue and white striped maxi dress (yes we all know I love blue and white combinations...). And here we go with the result:


OOTD: Lace Dress and Boho Boots

Yesterday I went to a really interesting meeting concerning my blog and thus also concerning you guys (Hem, hem... Giveaway time!). In order to know what it's actually about you will have to wait until the end of next week but I can already now show you the outfit I wore to the meeting. With the lace dress and blazer I went for something a little more chic but decided to break it up with leggings and my boho style boots. I also wore pendant earrings for the first time in ages which is why I can't even remember where I bought them. Probably at H&M or Bijou Brigitte. 
I hope you guys are having a delightful weekend so far! Who of you is going to watch the FIFA World Cup final tonight?


Cooking Made Easy: Zucchini Boats

Oh dear zucchini, will you ever forgive me my initial aversion against you? Over the past few months you have become one of my most faithful vegetable companions and yesterday I found yet another perfect way to prepare and enjoy you. Without you life would just be mushrooms and tomatoes, which wouldn't be a bad, but still an unfulfilled life.


The Beauty Battle: Coconut Oil vs. Eye Makeup Remover

Already our grandmas have been using them but they're more popular than ever: household remedies. There is no doubt that they actually work and you can find thousands of posts, articles and threads about which grocery can be used for which purpose. Instead of simply telling you that coconut oil can be used as a makeup remover (probably nothing new to most of you) I decided to actually compare it to conventional eye makeup remover from the drugstore. So welcome to the first Beauty Battle - drugstore beauty vs. household remedies:


Manic(ure) Monday: Bejeweled Orange

It's a new week, a new beginning and a new manicure. The temperatures are slowly rising (I caught my first sunburn of the year yesterday... not really a good thing but always a sure sign of summer!) so I wanted to come up with a really fresh colour for this week's manicure. The shade Tart Deco by Essie seemed just right as it has this interesting feature to look pastel and neon at the same time. Call it a flashy pastel or a decent neon... this shade is just exceptional. The icing on the cake (or on the "tart" in this case) are the silver dots in French manicure style. As you could see in last week's video you don't even need a nail art stick like the one linked above as you can simply use your bobby pins for a successful dotted manicure. Have fun trying and a good week ahead!


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Blogger Meet-Up at Che

Che Guevara Münsterstraße 9 53111 Bonn

I think I don't need to introduce our blogger circle in Bonn as we've had quite few meet-ups which I have been blogging about. On Monday we decided to meet at the "Che Guevara" a Cuban cocktail bar near the central station. I must admit that I'm not an alcohol connoisseur but if you ever want to go out for a boozy evening the Che is the place to be. They have about any cocktail you ever heard of but also a large list of nonalcoholic cocktails (which I chose among). I had a cocktail called "Red Risk" which was with strawberry juice as far as I can remember... Anyway it was pretty good and the only thing that was a bit sad was that the nonalcoholic cocktails were excluded from the Happy Hour. Besides from that the experience at Che was throughout positive. It's not a huge spot but inside and outside there's enough space to enjoy a nice evening with friends (and during the World Cup of course also watch the football games).


OOTD: Townhall

As it's not sure if I will stay in Germany for the next years I try to meet my German friends as often as I can, especially the blogger girls which I got to know over here. That's why lately my days tend to be super busy as I also have quite a bit of stuff to do for university. Monday was one of these busy days but I throughout enjoyed meeting up with Carla to take outfit pictures and to watch the FIFA World Cup game between France and Nigera and later on go to another blogger meet-up together. I will probably do a post about the blogger meet-up later these days but for now I didn't want to keep these outfit pictures from you. I have been getting some really lovely comments on my last outfit posts, asking me to do more of them, which made me really happy so I hope that you'll enjoy this post. When it comes to the location Carla and I where really happy about our decision to shoot on the stairs of Bonn's old townhall which I have been admiring from the first day I moved to Germany. I don't know why but the setting reminds me of French movies from the 50s...


Monthly Must Haves: July

The sales are on! Have you been able to pick up a bargain yet? In fact I really don't need any new stuff but I still have a voucher for either Asos or Zalando which combined with the sales would allow me to save lots of money. I just can't decide whether I should go for the MBMJ mouse flats (which I usually adore but this pair isn't that special) or the oriental looking earrings from Jette or maybe even the hamsa hand necklace and the cute Little Marcel wallet? Heeeelp, I can't decide.

1 H&M 2 Gina Tricot 3 New Look via Asos 4 Elli via Zalando 5 Little Marcel via Zalando

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