Tried and Tested: Garnier Fructis Prachtauffüller

It's been a while since I wrote my last review but now I'm back with this new hair care series by Garnier Fructis. It will be released in Germany this month but I was able to try it beforehand thanks to the Garnier Blogger Academy. I don't know if the products will be available in other countries as well so this review might not be that interesting for my non-German readers, sorry for that!
So what is this new care series supposed to do to your hair? According to Garnier it should fill up your hair, thus make it more massy but also stronger and handier. A volume shampoo against bad hair days so to say. So far so good, but does it really work?

Garnier Fructis Prachtauffüller Kräftigendes Shampoo 250ml
The first thing I noticed when using the shampoo was an amazingly lovely smell (pomegranate!). The second thing was that the shampoo makes a hell lot of foam (too much if you ask me). And the third thing was that the shampoo leaves my hair pretty entangled and hard to comb. After blow-drying it I noticed a slight volume boost and I also had the feeling that the shampoo would be ideal before a hair updo or before braiding it because it leaves the hair with more grip. But as I mostly wear my hair super straight that's an effect I don't really wanna achieve.

Garnier Fructis Prachtauffüller Kräftigende Spülung
Garnier Fructis Prachtauffüller Kräftigende Pflege-Creme-Kur
Both the conditioner and the deep conditioner made my hair really smooth which was much needed after the use of the shampoo. However I felt that they don't go hand in hand with the shampoo but rather reduce its impact. 

Garnier Fructis Griffige Längen Prachtauffüllendes Serum
The serum can only be used in your wet hair which I think is too bad because I usually like to apply some additional care after straightening my hair. I guess care is not what this serum is for but then again I really don't know what it's for as I didn't notice any impact on my hair.

So all in all the shampoo comes closest to the promises of this hair care range but as it leaves my hair really entangled I don't see the sense of these products altogether. I will keep on using them, at least the conditioner and deep conditioner as they make my hair really smooth, but I wouldn't repurchase any of the them as I didn't notice most of the promised impacts.


  1. Sorry to hear that they all didn't work the way they're suppose to! I would love at least the hair mask and serum to try as you've made the scent smelll sooooo good! And the pink bottles! So adorable!

  2. Wow, amazing product!

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  3. love their products


  4. Love the flowers- they match the color of the bottles haha. :)

  5. ho carmen, i never tryed these products..i'm so curious..the packaging is very cute

  6. Thank you for your honest review- it is great to read some criticism about products as well, rather than just hearing how the [product is all sunshines and rainbows! :)


  7. Nice article, what a coincidence, I just got the shampoo!


  8. Lots of lather from a shampoo is never a good sign. It usually leads to dryness. Awesome review!

  9. Oh no, I don't like to have entangled hair and I would do anything to avoid it. I don't think that I would buy any of these products then. Thanks for the review.


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