OOTD: Miss Red Pants

Yesterday I wanted to wear my new wrap dress from H&M as I was supposed to meet Carla so we could drive to Hennef where we wanted to take outfit pictures and have dinner before heading to the Mary Kay makeup workshop we had been invited to. That was the plan. When I arrived in Bonn I noticed that I had left the necklace which I wanted to wear at my parents' house. Now you would probably say that it isn't a shame and that I could simply have worn another necklace. But no, believe me, it has got to be this necklace! If I should happen to finally have the wrap dress and the necklace in one place and find somebody who takes outfit pictures you will see what I mean. But until then no wrap dress outfit. So I changed into a completely different outfit which I hated. Totally desperate and with just 15 minutes left until I had to leave the house my red pants caught my eye. I still hadn't been able to wear them but it was the perfect occasion. Finally wearing a nice outfit I met up with Carla and we drove to Hennef where we decided to go to the restaurant first so we would know how much time we'd have in order to take outfit pictures. However finding a restaurant that didn't look like a shabby snack bar was almost impossible so when we finally decided to go to a beer garden we had 30 minutes left to order, eat and head to the hotel where the workshop would take place. No time for outfit pictures, that was clear. In the end I had a chicken salad which was quite yummy and we where about 20 minutes late for the workshop. Which wasn't really a shame because we both thought that it was quite boring and didn't teach us anything new. So we bowed out after just half the time the workshop would have taken in order to find a beautiful park and perfect light conditions for outfit pictures. Ain't it funny how something bad can turn into something really good?

Pictures by Carla

Outfit: pants - Mango, blazer - Topshop, shirt - H&M, necklace - Isabel Marant pour H&M, scarf - H&M, sandals - Aldi, bracelet - DIY


  1. Pretty pants, love them!


  2. Haha I've totally scrapped outfit ideas if I don't have the details right.
    Shame you didn't wear the wrap dress but I quite like the new look - those pants are fab! Hope you had a fantastic time at the event

    xo Deborah
    Coffee, Prose, and Pretty Clothes

  3. hi carmen..i like your pants...
    great look
    in these pics you're so cool

  4. Hello! I am so in love with these pants and how you styled your outfit! Please do more outfit of the days, you are just to gorgeous to hide away:)
    xo Olivia

  5. Haha, genau das gleiche habe ich mir am Ende des Tages auch gedacht: Eine kleine Prechsträhne hat sich dann doch als Glücksfall herausgestellt. Ich liebe unsere Fotos und vor allem deine rote Chino <3. Freu mich schon auf unseren nächsten Ausflug ;-*!

  6. Super schöner Style. Sieht sehr elegant aus und steht dir ausgezeichnet!

    Liebe Grüße Jessy von Kleidermädchen

  7. Guten Morgen!! Vielen lieben Dank für deinen Kommentar!! Das freut mich natürlich sehr zur hören. Ich liebe es auch immer neue Tipps zu erfahren! :> Es wird heute auch wieder ein neues Post mit Tipps kommen ;>

    Dein Outfit sieht toll aus!! Die rote Hose hat einen wirklich schönen Schnitt!! Und auf die Schuhe bini ch schon sehr neidisch ;> Besonders durch das Silber werden sie so besonders. Wundervoll!!
    Liebe Grüße

  8. Die rote Hose ist super, steht dir sehr gut!

  9. I'm loving your sandals and blazer too Carmen!


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