Off To London

While you guys are reading this I have hopefully already arrived in London and I have probably already spent half of my holiday allowance in Oxford Street. The above collage is a little summary of what we planned on doing in London and as you can see it will be a shopping-heavy trip. It will be my 5th time in London so no need to trudge round all the sights again. Therefor I will visit my all time favourite spots but also hopefully discover some new places. The three areas I visit at every London visit are Covent Garden (my huge love!), Camden Town (creativity overflow) and Piccadilly Circus where we'll be heading for the M&M's World and Cool Britannia (the best souvenir shop ever). When it comes to shopping I can't wait to go to Topshop, Boots and Sefridges, where I'll be leaving all of my money. Harrods is of course also worth a visit if we have some time left. And after an exhausting shopping trip we will of course also need some yummy food to keep us alive. Therefore we have booked a table at Jamie's Italian in Covent Garden but I'm also looking forward to Lola's cupcakes at Topshop and my all time favourite fast food chain Pret A Manger (we have a restaurant right in the street where our hotel is located!). An entirely new experience will be the manicure we have booked at Cheeky. If we really manage to go there I will tell you everything about it in the next "Manic(ure) Monday" post! Can't wait to share all of my impressions with you next week!


  1. Liebe Carmen,
    ich wünsche dir ganz viel Spaß und eine tolle Zeit in London und bin jetzt schon ganz gespannt, mit welchen Eindrücken, Bildern und Outfits du zurück kommst :*

  2. sounds great


  3. Ich wünsch dir ganz viel Spaß in London und bin gespannt mit welchen Eindrücken du zurück kommst ;)


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  5. Have a great time Carmen! So many cool things to do there.

  6. Enjoy your trip! London is always a fascinating place to visit.

  7. Hope you are having a great time in London!


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