New In: London

And here we go with the last London related post: the long anticipated haul. Enjoy!

Topshop maxi dress - 40,00£

Maybelline FIT me! foundation & powder - 15,98£ (3 for 1 offer)

If you read this post you know how much I love these foundations by Maybelline. Unfortunately they decided to take my ideal shade (Nr. 115) out of their range in Luxembourg, and they never even sold it in Germany. After a little research I found out that they're still selling it in the UK so I knew I had to stock up on my favourites at Boots. Luckily the drug store had a 3 for 1 offer so I even got my matching powder for free! Normally the foundations would have cost 7,99£ each and the powder 5,99£.

Pink by Victoria's Secret undies - 20,00£ (all together)

Clarins samples

After getting a consultation on my skin type at the Clarins booth at Selfridges, I got a cleanser and a toner sample and I also won a Clarins mascara at their giveaway. We were furthermore given some lavender to plant. Cute, eh?

Dove personalised soap - 2,99£

At Selfridges there was a Dove booth that offered personalised soaps so I got one for my mum as a souvenir. She really liked the idea and funnily enough this is her favourite soap.

Cheeky nail polish "Minted"

After our manicure at Cheeky we got the nail polish we had chosen for free.

H&M wrap dress - 14,99£

H&M long blouse - 12,99£

This is the notorious blouse you could already see in two outfit posts here and here.

Glamour magazine - 2,00£

One of the many advantages of the UK: their magazines always come with amazing freebies. This month's Glamour comes with an Eyeko liquid liner and I went for the blue one. I haven't been able to try it yet but unfortunately read a really bad review about it on The Black Pearl Blog. I'm gonna have to see for myself but I really hope that mine works better!

Tresanti belt via TK Maxx - 9,99£

Kate Spade bangle - 40,00£

I love, love, love the designs at Kate Spade but have never been able to enter a store as they aren't too widespread in Europe. So I was super lucky to find one in London and I had to treat myself with this lovely bangle. 

As you can see London has cost me dear but as I only invested in long-cherished quality pieces and essential basics I don't feel to bad about my shopping spree. What item do you like best and do you want a review about one of the beauty products? What have you been filling your closets up with lately?

P.S.: See me wearing the maxi dress in tomorrow's post.


  1. Hi Carmen! I think my favorite is your maxi dress-it looks so perfect for a day at the beach:)

    Anyway, this week is my prom week up on my blog. If you are interested, please feel free to send me a picture of you from your prom or if you didn't have one (I'm not sure if you do over there?) just a beautiful gown you may have worn in the past! If you do, you will be featured in my Friday's post. I would love to see you on my blog, so please do consider! Thank you so much and I hope you have a great day,
    xo Olivia

  2. Love the dress!


  3. Looks like you got some great goodies!! The Kate Spade bracelet is so cute. :)

  4. um die vs sachen beneide ich dich unfassbar T_T

  5. Das erste Kleid find ich soo hübsch!

  6. Der Nagellack ist toll! Gefällt mir super!

    Liebe Grüße Jessy von Kleidermädchen

  7. Da hast du ja ordentlich die Geldkarte glühen lassen :D! Freu mich schon auf den Outfit-Post mit dem Kleid.

  8. Such a lovely post!

    And btw, it means SO much to me if you vote for me for the Zalando blogger awards! You can win €500,- shopping money yourself :) CLICK HERE and write http://www.pose-blog.com. THANK YOU so much! I voted for you too!!

    xxx Linsey from POSE-BLOG.COM

  9. I'm loving the dresses you purchased Carmen! Great bangle and goodies girl :D

  10. OOO...great shopping haul! I love the topshop dress and the maybelline fit me products! That line has never come to singapore yet and those panties are sooo adorable!

  11. Nice articles, cool products!


  12. Great haul! I'm loving the Topshop dress and everything you got from Victoria's Secret! xx


  13. Lovely purchases! The VS undies are so cute. It's difficult to resist shopping in London ;)

  14. The dresses are so cute! And wow, I'm so impressed with Kate Spade's packaging!

  15. ohh so many great items <3 OMG I just bought the same wrap dress in H&M ! Now I have feeling like we are twins haha (that's how me and my girlfirends call us we have same or similar items).


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