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Since I bought my first and only DSLR camera about 5 years ago I knew I needed to get a beautiful camera bag to put it in. Unfortunately it turned out to be rather difficult to find a pretty and yet affordable one. That's the reason why up to today I carried around my camera in a thin pouch in my everyday bags (if you're a professional photographer please ignore this last sentence, haha!).
Luckily enough I got an offer from an Etsy shop some time ago and in their assortment I found this beauty. When it arrived it made a really fair impression and it was packed in a way that nothing could damage it during the shipping process (which isn't always obvious for online shops nowadays!). First of all I really like the size because it ain't too huge but still allowed me to carry around my camera, a second lens, my phone, my huge wallet and a book. I'm not a fan of carrying around two bags and I try to avoid it whenever possible so it was important to me that I could use the camera bag alone on not so busy days. As you can see the interior is separated by a soft divider which you can either remove or put exactly in the place where you need it (so you can leave more space for your camera and less for a small lens). Also the light brown interior itself can totally be removed in case you need more space or want to use the camera bag as an everyday bag for once. Additional pouches in the front and back allow you to carry around smaller needs such as camera batteries or your camera manual.

Besides from being super practical I also think the bag looks quite good and noble. Don't you think the strap is a dream?! In fact when I showed up with this new baby on Monday my blogger friend Carla didn't even notice it was a camera bag which is absolutely what I wanted to achieve as not everybody needs to know I'm carrying around expensive photography stuff.
Now if you're like "Where can I get this amazing piece?!" I have good and bad news for you. Unfortunately the Etsy store is down at the moment but they try to go back online soon. Therefor I can link you to their Amazon store where unfortunately I haven't been able to find this very model. However I thought that this mint green polka dot camera bag was pretty cute, too but it seems not to have a strap... If you want to order one that comes quite close to mine I would therefor recommend this vintage inspired and waterproof camera bag.
Have you guys already found a nice camera bag or are you still looking out for one? Which other shops can you recommend?


  1. Soooo cute!! Couldn't even tell it was a camera bag at first. ;) xo

  2. Amazing camera bag!

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  3. my camera bag is too bad...your is so cute and beautiful...perfect for an event...i want it

  4. Wunderschöne Kamera Tasche! Sie sieht qualitativ sehr stabil und hochwertig aus, ich denke, dass sie dir auch lange halten wird! Ein toller Kauf!
    Viele liebe Grüße,

  5. Die Tasche ist so toll - den Shop muss ich mir gleich mal anschauen :)

  6. Wie toll ist die Tasche!! Bislang habe ich immer nur eine ganz kleine, in die gerade mal die Kamera passt, und stecke die dann in eine größere Handtasche. Allerdings bleiben dann Zusatz-Objektive und andere Dinge, die ich mir eventuell mal zulegen werde, ungeschützt. Deine Tasche finde ich klasse.

    Liebe Grüße
    Miss Annie
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  7. Great find! It looks really nice and will go with most outfits. I have a camera backpack for travelling but lately I got too lazy to take it with me, so I just walk around with the camera across my body.

  8. It looks really good! Not your regular camera bag. Enjoy :D

  9. love it ! I would wear it even without camera :D

  10. So cute! I need a new camera bag, I'm still using the boring, unattractive one that came with my camera. I also do what you do and just put it in my normal handbag, and felt bad about it because I studied photography and worked as a photographer!

    Rebecca / Dust+Moon


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