London Day 2

Here we go with the story of my second day in London. My friend and I woke up to beautiful sunny weather and to the view of our hotel's garden which is really pretty. The choice at the breakfast buffet was quite good so I had muesli, fruit and a slice of toast. The first destination of the day was Covent Garden, my all time favourite place in London (and also my friend, who had never been there, was delighted). Needless to say we went there to hit the shops, but we had also booked a table at Jamie's Italian. I had been really curious what the food would be like and I wasn't disappointed at all. The waiters are super friendly and attentive, the atmosphere is really relaxed and the food is just extraordinaire. As I wanted to indulge with the dessert, I had the "Superfood Salad" as a main course and even though it may not have been the best salad I ever ate, it was definitely the most healthy dish I ever ordered at a restaurant. It came with avocado, asparagus, beets, nuts, seeds, cottage cheese, pomegranate and even more healthy additions. Even though I didn't take additional chicken or fish the salad was super filling and had a really interesting taste. So with a good conscience I ordered the "Epic Homemade Brownie" as a dessert and guys I can tell you, it was EPIC! Imagine the following: a warm and fluffy, chocolaty fudge brownie, with a hot, creamy chocolate sauce, paired with a scoop of light salted caramel ice cream and fluffy caramel popcorn to make it all even more decadent. OMG that wasn't food porn, that was a food orgasm. Honestly the best dessert I ate in my whole life... I think I will be craving it until I die! Sorry for having made you hungry now... Let's quickly continue with the rest of my story: So after this delicious meal, we decided to spoil ourselves even more and get a little something at Kate Spade. We had seen that there is a store in Covent Garden so we knew we had to go there. In order to see what I got you'll have to await my "New In" post though... When we had finished with all the interesting shops in Covent Garden, we didn't have enough time to head to Camden Town, as we had initially planned, so we decided to go back to Oxford street for some shops we had missed out on and for another visit at Selfridges. There we got a little makeup refresh and I bought a lovely present for my mum: a bar of soap with her name engraved. Then we had also planned to have dinner in Chinatown but as we had stayed in Oxford street until 8pm we were too hungry to wait and so a shop assistant advised us to enter a little snickelway where we would find lots of restaurants. That's how we ended up at Pizza Express, another chain restaurant I can really recommend. I had a risotto but also tasted my friends pizza which was just super fluffy and came with a lot of healthy toppings, too.  At the end of the day we went to Chinatown nevertheless and I had a lot of fun browsing an Asian supermarket that sold Oreo cookies in all possible flavours. Around midnight we collapsed into bed, exhausted but happy.


1. Jamie's Italian is definitely worth the hype and not as expensive as one might think. If you book a table in advance you'll automatically be signed up for their newsletter so if you're lucky you will get a voucher before your visit. That's how we saved 10£!

2. Covent Garden, Kate Spade, do I need to say more?

3. Chinatown in London may be really small but still worth a visit. Whether it is for Chinese food, a cheap massage or some funny Asian kitchen supplies, there's always something to discover.

3. Brits are super friendly and helpful, it's not a myth but a fact. Whenever we asked for help, people answered in a really friendly way and gave us super good advices! Even at the airport a shop assistant saved us from spending lots of money on food by introducing us to the Boots "meal deal" which includes a sandwich, a snack and a drink for less than 4£. The shop assistant even gave us his Boots vouchers! How amazing is that?

4. London is worth the visit. Always.

For more travel advices click here, here or here. Stay tuned for another London outfit and my London haul.


  1. ...i like every pics..mmm that ice cream...

  2. Lovely pics:) looks like you had a blast!


  3. What a great trip! I love London! And Jamie Oliver :D
    Union Jacks is one of my favorite restaurants :)


  4. Really cute places Carmen! That brownie and ice cream look so good. Love those purses too.

  5. Shopping in London is one of the best! So many beautiful shops, friendly Brits as you wrote and so many beautiful products to buy. There are also so many restaurants and new eating places to explore there. So much fun!

  6. Ich will auch! Ich will auch nach London. Alle Bilder und Berichte - wie auch deiner - sind immer so toll!

    Big Hug
    Hella von advance-your-style.de

    P.S: Vielleicht magst du auch an meinem LORAC Gewinnspiel teilnehmen -> hier http://www.advance-your-style.de/?p=1506#more-1506? Ich würde mich sehr freuen!

  7. Wow I hope you are enjoying yourself in London:) I haven't been there but I'll keep you tips in mind if I ever do!
    xo Olivia

  8. Super, duper epic......:) lost for words....

  9. That brownie dessert looks so scrumptious! I can't wait to travel to London next month...


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