Blogger Closet Sale

As you guys know I'm from Luxembourg and also in this super small country, we have some bloggers which try to do stuff together. A few weeks ago we decided to make a Blogger Closet Sale, a bit like the Blogger Bazaar in Germany. We planned everything ourselves, from the location to the advertisement and now we're super excited for our closet sale which will take place tomorrow from 2pm to 6pm in a super cool cocktail bar called The Lab. For us it's not only an occasion to get rid of our stuff, but also to meet some of our followers and friends. So all of you are warmly welcome!
If you want to know more about the event or see some of the clothes and accessories we will be selling, you can find us on Facebook. Also don't forget to take a look at the participants' blogs: Imagine the Swallows, FashionBarbecue, Lifting-Fairy, Arifashionthread, My Little Fashion Diary, Poppy Marshmallow, Sweetness in the City, Ivânia Diamond, Mood of a Stylist, Luxessed and Karina.


  1. This sound so much fun. I wish I could attend to meet you all. Enjoy!

  2. That was so cool!


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