Manic(ure) Monday: Nautical

You guys know I often do manicures with polka dots or stripes but sometimes it may be hard for those who aren't into nail art that much to understand how I actually proceeded. A video would of course show that much better but I'm not really into making videos. However I found a nice Youtube tutorial from Essie which features stripes and polka dots and is in fact a nautical manicure, thus perfect for summer! From my outfit posts you know how much I love the colour combination of white and blue and for summer I like to add some pops of red, too. So I will probably give this manicure a try as soon ass my nails look better again (they're really dry and brittle at the moment which is why I wanted to give them a little nail polish break). If you like the following video make sure to check out Essie Germany's Youtube account where you will find many other tutorials (for example for this cute Gingham Chic manicure).

What do you guys think? Will you be giving this manicure a try or maybe just try the style of one nail? Feel free to share you nautical manicure or link to another blogger's great summer manicure!


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Dinner Tuesday II

The location of the second Dinner Tuesday I attended was a Peruvian restaurant called "Perú deputamare!". I have never been to a Peruvian restaurant but I was expecting something that would come pretty close to what we were served in the Spanish restaurant where we had our blogger meet-up last month. In fact the menu also featured tapas but they didn't intrigue me as another dish had caught my attention right away: the "Pimentón relleno con quinoa" thus a stewed bell pepper with a quinoa-zucchini-aubergine filling gratinated with mozzarella. Can we please take a minute to talk about the quinoa in this dish? I mean I do live in Europe, not in the US, which means that quinoa is something most people can't even pronounce much less ever ate. So thumbs up for this really exotic and vegetarian dish which was beyond yummy! I would order it again at any time and I was not the only one to have it that evening because two other girls had ordered it as well. The only downer: I thought it was a little bit expensive at 12,80€ especially as it wasn't too filling. Even though I can only judge this yummy dish I had, the other people of our circle where also enthusiastic about the homemade Peruvian lemonade made of purple corn and the chocolate cake with mango ice cream (which is also pictured above). What I appreciated most about this restaurant was the really authentic atmosphere with traditional dishes and super friendly waiters with a Spanish accent. Definitely a place worth recommending and I think this first visit at the "Perú deputamare!" wasn't my last.


New In: Camera Bag*

Since I bought my first and only DSLR camera about 5 years ago I knew I needed to get a beautiful camera bag to put it in. Unfortunately it turned out to be rather difficult to find a pretty and yet affordable one. That's the reason why up to today I carried around my camera in a thin pouch in my everyday bags (if you're a professional photographer please ignore this last sentence, haha!).
Luckily enough I got an offer from an Etsy shop some time ago and in their assortment I found this beauty. When it arrived it made a really fair impression and it was packed in a way that nothing could damage it during the shipping process (which isn't always obvious for online shops nowadays!). First of all I really like the size because it ain't too huge but still allowed me to carry around my camera, a second lens, my phone, my huge wallet and a book. I'm not a fan of carrying around two bags and I try to avoid it whenever possible so it was important to me that I could use the camera bag alone on not so busy days. As you can see the interior is separated by a soft divider which you can either remove or put exactly in the place where you need it (so you can leave more space for your camera and less for a small lens). Also the light brown interior itself can totally be removed in case you need more space or want to use the camera bag as an everyday bag for once. Additional pouches in the front and back allow you to carry around smaller needs such as camera batteries or your camera manual.


Cooking Made Easy: Watermelon Popsicles

On Friday the Swedes celebrated midsummer which implies the calendric beginning of summer. Just as winter and Christmas are linked to cinnamon and gingerbread, summer is linked to ice cream and popsicles. Instead of buying overpriced and over-sugared popsicles as every year however what about making your own healthy (and yet really sweet!) popsicles at home this year? It's as easy as pie (well even easier because I did fail at pies before but I never failed at popsicles...) and basically you only need one ingredient. Can you already guess which one?


OOTD: Miss Red Pants

Yesterday I wanted to wear my new wrap dress from H&M as I was supposed to meet Carla so we could drive to Hennef where we wanted to take outfit pictures and have dinner before heading to the Mary Kay makeup workshop we had been invited to. That was the plan. When I arrived in Bonn I noticed that I had left the necklace which I wanted to wear at my parents' house. Now you would probably say that it isn't a shame and that I could simply have worn another necklace. But no, believe me, it has got to be this necklace! If I should happen to finally have the wrap dress and the necklace in one place and find somebody who takes outfit pictures you will see what I mean. But until then no wrap dress outfit. So I changed into a completely different outfit which I hated. Totally desperate and with just 15 minutes left until I had to leave the house my red pants caught my eye. I still hadn't been able to wear them but it was the perfect occasion. Finally wearing a nice outfit I met up with Carla and we drove to Hennef where we decided to go to the restaurant first so we would know how much time we'd have in order to take outfit pictures. However finding a restaurant that didn't look like a shabby snack bar was almost impossible so when we finally decided to go to a beer garden we had 30 minutes left to order, eat and head to the hotel where the workshop would take place. No time for outfit pictures, that was clear. In the end I had a chicken salad which was quite yummy and we where about 20 minutes late for the workshop. Which wasn't really a shame because we both thought that it was quite boring and didn't teach us anything new. So we bowed out after just half the time the workshop would have taken in order to find a beautiful park and perfect light conditions for outfit pictures. Ain't it funny how something bad can turn into something really good?


Manic(ure) Monday: Pink and Stripes

You may remember this top coat from one of my wish list or new in posts and yesterday I finally had the chance to give it a try. I couldn't decided whether to use it with a white or pink colour so I tried both... haha, that's so me! So what do you think? Which colour would you use this top coat with? Get yours in white or black.


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P.S.: Today is the last day to vote for my blog at the Zalando Blogger Awards and it would really mean the world to me if you could do so here! Simply enter my blog URL, your first name and last name and your e-mail address and you'll have the chance to win a 100€ shopping voucher. Thanks a lot!


Dinner Tuesday

Wait...what? Dinner Tuesday? But it's Friday today?! Right but the Dinner Tuesday is not a new section of my blog, but it's a get-together the lovely Julia has initiated a few months ago. Once a month (on a Tuesday) she calls up her Facebook friends to join her and discover a new restaurant in or around town. I think it's such a lovely and socialising idea so I joined her last month. Besides from Julia's boyfriend and three of her friends I didn't know, there was also Carla which I was really happy seeing again, too. We went to the Eierkuchen Paradies (engl. Pancake Paradise), a restaurant located in a suburb of Bonn. Even though I was the only one who didn't eat pancakes but potato fritters, the food was really yummy and the menu had a lot of original dishes to offer (pancakes from hearty to sweet, of course!). I also loved how well we all got along even though most of us didn't know each other and it was such a relaxed evening full of chitchat and laughter. The next Dinner Tuesday is already next week and I really can't wait to join Julia and some other friends of hers this time. I might need to steal the concept from her and introduce the Dinner Tuesday to my Luxembourgish friends as well!


Tried and Tested: Garnier Fructis Prachtauffüller

It's been a while since I wrote my last review but now I'm back with this new hair care series by Garnier Fructis. It will be released in Germany this month but I was able to try it beforehand thanks to the Garnier Blogger Academy. I don't know if the products will be available in other countries as well so this review might not be that interesting for my non-German readers, sorry for that!
So what is this new care series supposed to do to your hair? According to Garnier it should fill up your hair, thus make it more massy but also stronger and handier. A volume shampoo against bad hair days so to say. So far so good, but does it really work?


OOTD: Maxi Dress

I have told you about our Blogger Closet Sale in Luxembourg city and as you can guess a bunch of bloggers selling clothes and taking pictures of everything also results in outfit shoots. I took outfit pictures with the lovely Kristiana (see her outfit here) and I feel like we chime together quite well, at least she has always great ideas for poses and picture angles.
If you saw yesterday's haul you will of course also recognised the dress which I bought in London two weeks ago. It was just love at first sight and I hope to be able to wear it a lot this summer. I do however think that I will wear it with my Asos sandals next time as I don't want to ruin the hem by stepping on it all of the time.


New In: London

And here we go with the last London related post: the long anticipated haul. Enjoy!


Manic(ure) Monday: Watermelon

Perfect watermelon nail polish shade anyone? I have already introduced you to the Douglas Absolute "Summer Affair" nail polishes and now I finally managed to try the second shade. In the bottle it didn't look too overwhelming but on my nails it turned out to be a jazzy watermelon pink and I immediately fell in love with in! Definitely one of my favourite summer nail polishes already. Do you guys know any other watermelon shades? Or other pink nail polishes I should try? I used to think that red and pink nail polishes are super boring but I've had enough of blue and dark shades so I think I need some more pink in my nail polish collection.


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OOTD: Covent Garden

As you could read in yesterday's London post, we spent our second day in Covent Garden, where these pics were taken. As you can see I'm utterly in love with my new blouse from H&M, which is just so versatile! It's long enough to wear with leggings but then again you can also wear it under a skirt like I did here. I must admit that I really adore the combination of this light blue and the black/white stripes. Julia had also suggested, that this shade would perfectly match the skirt I was wearing here, so I'm definitely gonna try that next! What do you think? What other way could you imagine wearing this blouse?


London Day 2

Here we go with the story of my second day in London. My friend and I woke up to beautiful sunny weather and to the view of our hotel's garden which is really pretty. The choice at the breakfast buffet was quite good so I had muesli, fruit and a slice of toast. The first destination of the day was Covent Garden, my all time favourite place in London (and also my friend, who had never been there, was delighted). Needless to say we went there to hit the shops, but we had also booked a table at Jamie's Italian. I had been really curious what the food would be like and I wasn't disappointed at all. The waiters are super friendly and attentive, the atmosphere is really relaxed and the food is just extraordinaire. As I wanted to indulge with the dessert, I had the "Superfood Salad" as a main course and even though it may not have been the best salad I ever ate, it was definitely the most healthy dish I ever ordered at a restaurant. It came with avocado, asparagus, beets, nuts, seeds, cottage cheese, pomegranate and even more healthy additions. Even though I didn't take additional chicken or fish the salad was super filling and had a really interesting taste. So with a good conscience I ordered the "Epic Homemade Brownie" as a dessert and guys I can tell you, it was EPIC! Imagine the following: a warm and fluffy, chocolaty fudge brownie, with a hot, creamy chocolate sauce, paired with a scoop of light salted caramel ice cream and fluffy caramel popcorn to make it all even more decadent. OMG that wasn't food porn, that was a food orgasm. Honestly the best dessert I ate in my whole life... I think I will be craving it until I die! Sorry for having made you hungry now... Let's quickly continue with the rest of my story: So after this delicious meal, we decided to spoil ourselves even more and get a little something at Kate Spade. We had seen that there is a store in Covent Garden so we knew we had to go there. In order to see what I got you'll have to await my "New In" post though... When we had finished with all the interesting shops in Covent Garden, we didn't have enough time to head to Camden Town, as we had initially planned, so we decided to go back to Oxford street for some shops we had missed out on and for another visit at Selfridges. There we got a little makeup refresh and I bought a lovely present for my mum: a bar of soap with her name engraved. Then we had also planned to have dinner in Chinatown but as we had stayed in Oxford street until 8pm we were too hungry to wait and so a shop assistant advised us to enter a little snickelway where we would find lots of restaurants. That's how we ended up at Pizza Express, another chain restaurant I can really recommend. I had a risotto but also tasted my friends pizza which was just super fluffy and came with a lot of healthy toppings, too.  At the end of the day we went to Chinatown nevertheless and I had a lot of fun browsing an Asian supermarket that sold Oreo cookies in all possible flavours. Around midnight we collapsed into bed, exhausted but happy.


OOTD: Comfy in London

I noticed that I'm quite bad at planning my outfits ahead, especially when it's for a short getaway. Sometimes it happens to me that clothes don't look as good worn together as I had imagined it in my mind and then again I'm also restricted by the fact that I need to pack comfy shoes and clothes for all weather situations (especially when travelling to London!). So funnily enough I often end up wearing the clothes I buy on my travel destination immediately, because all the "outfits" I had packed look silly or don't match the circumstances. Of course that happened to me in London as well so here you can see the blouse I bought on our first day and put on immediately. It was definitely my life saver (you'll see me wearing it in my next London post again - oops!).
Away from the outfit towards this amazing wall we found as a background for my pics. Could you imagine a more matching wall art for this outfit?! Definitely a great part about travelling: you get to change your picture settings for once, haha!


London Day 1

Obviously getting a manicure wasn't the only thing my friend and I did in London last weekend. Our first day in my favourite city ever was actually quite long and busy. We had booked a super early flight so when we arrived in our hotel our rooms weren't ready yet, so we decided to be the first ones in the shops in Oxford street. We started off with Topshop, the only shop I die to enter whenever I'm in London. Around 1pm we stopped shopping and had lunch at an Ask Italian restaurant in the street where our hotel was and so we were able to check in around 2pm. We continued with some more shopping on Oxford street and before heading to Cheeky for our manicure, we quickly visited Selfridges (which was on my to do list) and Victoria's Secret (which was on my friend's to do list). At Selfridges we got a lovely beauty products consulting and a fresh makeup such as some samples and lavender seeds to plant (how cool is that?). After our manicure we were lucky enough to have a Byron restaurant right around the corner so we felt reinvigorated to head to that day's last stop: Piccadilly Circus, where we went to Cool Britannia and the M&M's world. In order to see which of all these experiences I can recommend read my travel tips below:


1st Blogger Closet Sale in Luxembourg

Last week I had told you that the Luxembourgish bloggers and I were going to make a closet sale in Luxembourg city. On Sunday the time had come and so we all met up at The Lab, a fancy cocktail bar decorated like a laboratory, in order to set up our hanging rails. It was so lovely seeing the girls again, respectively meeting some of them for the first time. Kristiana, whom I had met on an earlier occasion, and I were having your booths right next to each other so we were able to chat a lot while waiting for clients. And indeed there were quite a few girls showing up! We had entirely planned and advertised the closet sale on our own and had even managed to get a little mention in a local newspaper.
Besides from bloggers selling clothes, we also had a Luxembourgish beauty blogger with us, who did our guests makeup and gave beauty advices. Some of us girls had even managed to prepare some yummy treats so we had green tea cake, Oreo cupcakes, chocolate marshmallows, healthy cookies and fancy chocolate sticks. I think it was a really successful afternoon so I want to thank my fellow bloggers Kristiana, Anouk, Anne Sophie, Carmen, Claude, Céline, Kaori Anne, Christine, Sammie, Jennifer, Ariane, Gabriella, Emilie and Emilie, all the people who showed up to shop our closets and of course the owner of The Lab for having us!


Manic(ure) Monday: Cheeky

cheeky parlour london cheap manicure travel insider

I'm officially back from London so it's time for some photos and travel tips. Today I want to start off with a really special experience we made in London: a manicure at Cheeky. It all started some weeks before the actual trip, when I read a post about this beauty salon in London. It sounded too good to be true: a manicure for 10£ including file, shape, paint and a free bottle of the nail polish you chose. So I made an appointment for our first evening in London. Unfortunately it was a bit stressful to find the place but wasn't that complicated in the end so that we managed to get there in time nevertheless. We got a warm welcome and were offered something to drink. While we were waiting for our manicure we could already choose the colour we wanted to have on our nails (really hard decision with so many nail polishes!) and I made use of the time to take pictures at this gorgeous place! The Cheeky parlour is located in an old industrial building but decorated with so much love and American vintage charm. As you can see on the pics the parlour is not just for manicures but also pedicures, hair styling, makeup and... eating! There was a group of really lovely and loud girls who were having a little party with a table full of yummy afternoon tea cookies, cakes and drinks.


London via Instagram

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Stay tuned for more London pics throughout the next week!


Blogger Closet Sale

As you guys know I'm from Luxembourg and also in this super small country, we have some bloggers which try to do stuff together. A few weeks ago we decided to make a Blogger Closet Sale, a bit like the Blogger Bazaar in Germany. We planned everything ourselves, from the location to the advertisement and now we're super excited for our closet sale which will take place tomorrow from 2pm to 6pm in a super cool cocktail bar called The Lab. For us it's not only an occasion to get rid of our stuff, but also to meet some of our followers and friends. So all of you are warmly welcome!


New In: Beauty Stuff

beauty haul p2 dress code happy blush

Mary Kay Foundation Primer Sunscreen SPF 15
p2 Dress Code Happy look of love blush 010 sweetheart - 3,65€
L'Oréal Volume Million Lashes black mascara - 7,31€

The primer was the present I got at the Mary Kay party I held some time ago, the blush was recommended by Julia and the Volume Million Lashes is my favourite mascara which I repurchased at Rossmann as they were offering a discount on all mascaras.


Off To London

While you guys are reading this I have hopefully already arrived in London and I have probably already spent half of my holiday allowance in Oxford Street. The above collage is a little summary of what we planned on doing in London and as you can see it will be a shopping-heavy trip. It will be my 5th time in London so no need to trudge round all the sights again. Therefor I will visit my all time favourite spots but also hopefully discover some new places. The three areas I visit at every London visit are Covent Garden (my huge love!), Camden Town (creativity overflow) and Piccadilly Circus where we'll be heading for the M&M's World and Cool Britannia (the best souvenir shop ever). When it comes to shopping I can't wait to go to Topshop, Boots and Sefridges, where I'll be leaving all of my money. Harrods is of course also worth a visit if we have some time left. And after an exhausting shopping trip we will of course also need some yummy food to keep us alive. Therefore we have booked a table at Jamie's Italian in Covent Garden but I'm also looking forward to Lola's cupcakes at Topshop and my all time favourite fast food chain Pret A Manger (we have a restaurant right in the street where our hotel is located!). An entirely new experience will be the manicure we have booked at Cheeky. If we really manage to go there I will tell you everything about it in the next "Manic(ure) Monday" post! Can't wait to share all of my impressions with you next week!


OOTD: Bows and Ruffles

OOTD beige orange trenchcoat skirt look

The last month I've been to the restaurant about once a week and I must admit that I really enjoy this culinary get-together. When I was younger my family didn't eat out really often so it's always something special for me, especially when I can discover new restaurants and new dishes. On Sunday I had lunch with my family and here is the outfit I have been wearing. (For food pics check my Instagram account.) Tomorrow I'll be off to London which means even more eating out, yay! (We have already reserved a table at Jamie's Italian in Covent Garden - "warm fudgy brownie with amaretto ice cream & caramelised amaretti popcorn" you'll soon be mine!)
What do you guys think about my outfit? Black tights with this bright skirt, yay or nay?


Monthly Must Haves: June

Shopping, shopping, shopping! Ah somebody send me to rehab! But spring/summer clothes are just so pretty, don't you think? I will definitely try to get my hands on the cute bow top from H&M. I had a really similar one when I was younger so this one makes me a bit nostalgic. Then I also utterly love the dark blue skirt from Gina Tricot, the white stripes make it look so sophisticated. Already ordered: the Hema stripes top coat. I'm sure it will look super fancy on my nails!
What are you lusting after in June? Where do you currently like to shop?

 1 - 3 H&M 4 Zara 5 Thomas Sabo 6 & 7 H&M


Manic(ure) Monday: My Ideal Nail Colour

When I got to know Carla a few weeks ago she told me that she starting blogging because she felt that her studies didn't challenge her creativity enough. In fact that made me think about how creative I am with my posts and I felt like sometimes I could come up with somewhat more individual ideas than I tend to do. When you've been doing something for a few years in a row it kinda becomes a routine even though it shouldn't. That's why a. I decided to rethink my posts and make them more imaginative and b. I have a super creative post for you today. It definitely isn't like any Manic(ure) Monday post so far but it sill is about nail polish. Curious? Read on...
Last week I was contacted by Julep which is a US brand selling beauty products and makeup. I have already been aware of their nail polishes as they have super pretty bottles and really amazing shades. Now Julep is looking for new colour inspiration and they contacted some bloggers to think about what their custom nail colour would be like. I knew mine would be some shade of blue but with a nice twist. At the end I took the Pantone colour of 2008 "Iris Blue" as the base colour of my custom nail polish. To me it's the perfect combination of light blue, purple and grey. To make it even more special I decided to add a metallic look. Here is a collage that represents my ideal nail polish colour which I would call "Carma-n", a mixture of my name and the word karma, haha!

(In this collage: H&M pillow as background, H&M silver vase, Thomas Sabo plane charm, Pantone colour of the year 2008 "Iris Blue", Nike Free 5.0 TR Fit 4, Iris flowers, China Glaze "Fade Into Hue" swatch, H&M bow top)


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