Spottster: Your Online Shopping Buddy

Online shopping is boon and bane of all fashionistas and shopaholics. Often we add an item to our virtual cart as soon as we spot it and totally forget about online shopping's biggest advantage: every item can be purchased for less, you just need to find the right time or the right shop. Now it may happen that we save an item for later, hoping that the price will soon be reduced, but then totally forget about it. If that has happened to you before but you still want to save money Spottster may become your new partner in online shopping. This web page allows you to save products and contacts you as soon as your dream piece has reached the price you actually want to pay for it or as soon as the price drops. At the same time you can arrange your favourite products in different lists so you have a nice overview of outfit ideas or season must haves. So far Spottster is collaborating with more than 1300 shops which aren't only fashion and beauty orientated but cover all spheres of life. Also Spottster is trying to bring in even more shops (you can submit your favourite ones). Now I quite like this whole concept and I was super flattered when I was contacted by Spottster and asked to become a fashion and beauty trendsetter on their web page and create a list of my personal must haves. At the moment my list is still quite humble but I can totally imagine using it for my "Monthly Must Haves" posts so I'll have all the products and links in one place and of course I will use Spottster before making a more expensive purchase.

spottster online shopping

Being one of their "trendsetters" I didn't just create a list for Spottster, but they also featured me in a super lovely article and I totally appreciated seeing that they really dealt with my blog and understood what's the idea behind my work. If you want to shop my must haves list you can do so here and the article about my blog can be found here. So far Spottster is available for Germany, France and Great Britain. Thus the question: has anybody of you been able to make the Spottster experience? What do you think about the concept?


  1. i didn't know, thanks for the information!

  2. hi carmen..i didn't know this site..i like this skort...it looks very cheap

  3. Die Seite kannte ich noch gar nicht, hört sich aber auf jeden Fall super an. Da spart man sich ja das ständige in den Shop schauen, ob der Preis endlich gefallen ist. Sehr praktisch :)

  4. Sounds great....sadly, it is not in Austria, right? :/


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  5. wow, das kannte ich noch gar nicht! Toller Post und dein Blog gefällt mir sehr gut(:

  6. I did not know that, thanks for sharing


  7. Sounds like a really good service. First, I'm hearing about it. Thanks!


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