Mary Kay Party

You surely all know these Tupperware parties where a saleslady comes to your house, shows you their newest products and urges you to buy some of them, right? Well such parties also exist for candles, jewellery and most importantly makeup and beauty products. On Thursday I was the host of a Mary Kay beauty party and I had invited three friends of mine (among them Julia and Carla, two fellow bloggers). In case you don't know the brand you should read my first post about Mary Kay, where I explained their sales strategy and where I reviewed some of their makeup products. So back to the party: on Thursday evening my friends and Heike, our consultant, came to my house and we started off with some personal chatting. Julia, Carla and I introduced Heike to the world of blogging, so she wouldn't be too overwhelmed by our constant photographing (she admitted that she never gave a party where the guests would take pictures of every single detail...). In the course of the evening Heike introduced us to various facial care products and had individual creams and cleansers for each of us (she had informed herself about our skin situation in advance so she would be able to give each of us the right consulting). We were all quite impressed by the one or the other product even though we all had some creams or scrubs we didn't like that much. Personally I really liked the texture of their face cream and the perfectly matching shade of their foundation. Mary Kay also sells a face brush which we all really enjoyed trying. In the end we all decided to reconsider the products so none of us has bought anything yet. Being the host however, I got two really lovely presents. For a start I got an invitation to a makeup workshop which I will definitely be attending and secondly I got a foundation primer, a product which quite impressed me at first use and which had never tried before. If you want a review about it just tell me in the comments. All in all it was a super funny and also insightful evening as Heike didn't only talk about the Mary Kay products but also about facial care in general. She was also super kind which is the reason why I will probably book another party with her these months. If you're interested in Mary Kay products or if you want to host your own beauty or makeup party you can find your nearest consultant here. And now enjoy the pics which are largely courtesy of Carla:

What do you guys think? Have you been the host of a similar party or have you been in contact with Mary Kay products before?


  1. Such a cool event! I have never been to such a party and unfortunately never tried MK products.

  2. What a fun event. Learning about the products and also bonding with friends.

  3. Sehr schön! Leider reagiere ich bei Mary Kay immer negativ, weil ich mal total gedrängt wurde zu so einer Party zu gehen, das war furchtbar. Die hat immer wieder nachgefragt und war total aufdringlich.

  4. Mary Kay was my very first makeup experience! They have excellent products. I've used them on and off throughout the years.


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