Event: Fashion Flash

Yesterday I had a really great but also super busy day. With two other bloggers I had planned to go to the Fashion Flash in Bonn. I had never heard about this event before but it promised to be quite interesting. Basically it's an outlet event which means that the promoters travel from city to city and choose a location where they sell hundreds of pairs of shoes at up to 70% off. The manager of the event had furthermore called on all bloggers to get in contact with him to get an additional discount. So when Sara, Carla and I went there yesterday we were really curious how the event would be like. In fact the huge hall was quite empty which was of course good for us as we didn't have to grind out our favourite pair of shoes. The shoes where arranged by sizes so it was quite easy to see your choice.  In fact it was really funny trying on all these shoes (some of them really crazy ones!) and looking for the ultimate bargain. After about one hour we had all found our favourite pair(s) and went to the cash point. There the manager told us that we would get a 20% off blogger discount which of course made us really happy as it's super generous! So in the end I paid 15,92€ for some lovely summer boots that would normally have cost 34,95€. Nice, huh? In fact I was quite sad that I didn't find more shoes but then again I really don't need more shoes, haha! Sara and Carla found some really amazing pairs, too so if you want to see them you should keep an eye on their blogs these next days: Sara blogs at Schokoholic and Carla blogs at La Fripette. So here are a few impressions of the event, I only took pics with my phone as I wasn't sure if the event would be worth blogging about. But now that I found these cute boots I would definitely go back there when the event next takes place in Bonn.

And now a huge contrast: the high quality pics of my new babies:

What do you think? Aren't they just super lovely for summer? I just hope I won't have problems combining them with all those colours, haha!
Anyway I really wanted to thank Sara and Carla for this lovely day we spent together! It's always super nice to have a chitchat about blogging with like-minded girls and I can't wait to see the two of them plus some other blogger girls from Bonn on Monday when we'll have our next blogger meet-up!

P.S.: If you live in Germany and want to find out if there will be a Fashion Flash in your city as well you should check out the Fashion Flash Facebook page


  1. hi Carmen,nice event..i like these boots

  2. Carmeeeeen, ich feier dich so sehr für das Schuh+Smartphonebild :D!!! Der Tag gestern war so toll und ich freue mich schon sehr auf Montag. gut nochmal ab, dass du diesen langen Text auf Englisch geschrieben hast. Liebsten Gruß

    1. Danke du Süße! Ich freu mich auch sehr :)

  3. They're very cute! And I think they can go with a lot of outfits :)


  4. Such a cool event! I'm sure that I wouldn't have left empty-handed either. Can never resist bags and shoes...

  5. Hört sich gut an, cooles E vent! Die Schuhe find ich auch sehr schön.

  6. Really awesome event! So much eye candy! HAHAHA


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