10 Things About Food I Wish I Knew As A Teen

Food is a huge part of my life and so I thought it would be fun to share this post. I learnt a lot about healthy diets over the years and I also think I have a better relation to food than I used to have as a teen. If you want more posts like this you should check my "10 Things About Clothes I Wish I Knew As A Teen" and my "10 Things About Makeup I Wish I Knew As A Teen" posts.

1. Pasta doesn't automatically make a dish unhealthy. It's all about choosing whole wheat pasta and the right sauce.

2. Stuffing your body with unhealthy food doesn't only have an impact on your actual weight but on your lifelong health.

3. If you think you don't like this or that food you should always give it a second try - you might be surprised by how yummy it actually is! This happened to me with zucchini and avocado which now are among my favourite veggies!

4. Being on a diet doesn't mean you can't have yummy dishes!

5. Eating a single piece of chocolate will neither ruin your diet nor should it make you feel guilty... eating the whole packing however will.

6. Never go grocery shopping when you're hungry!

7. There is no need to starve in order to save calories. All you have to do is make the right choices. Instead of a small plate of rice salad you can have a huge bowl of tabbouleh salad for the same amount of calories!

8. There are times to say no to calorie bombs but you should never cancel a dinner date with friends because of your diet.

9. There are so many foods to discover so why should we eat the same things ever day, over and over again?

10. Food is fuel and you are what you eat!

What have you guys learnt about a healthy diet and which food "mistakes" do you still commit nowadays?


  1. Lovely list indeed. I wish I had known that pasta isn't always a bad thing. I would have eaten it a lot more, like i do now. (in the most healthy way indeed)


  2. I definitely agree with everything you said, especially with the last one that we are what we eat! :)


  3. Your "ten things..." posts are always a great read. I wish I could tell my teen self not to give up on my vegetarian ways so easily!
    L A
    . RAVISHING on Bloglovin’ here.

  4. nummer 6 kann ich nur zustimmen :D :D :D!

  5. wirklichs chöner post und auch originell


  6. As i'm still a teen i'm still learning, but I do enjoy indulging in one too many treats but I'm sure that will all change soon!

    Hannas’ UK Beauty | Lifestyle blog @ hannatalks

  7. I agree, I would never ever cancel a dinner because of a diet. I would just skip lunch instead :)

  8. That is so true! You are what you eat! :-)
    Keep up the healthy food!


  9. I loved this post Carmen, so many valid and important points you have made. Agreed, pasta with loads of veggies can be healthy and having dark chocolate with less sugar can be good for you. Fully agree on 3 and 6 too. I enjoyed reading your views on my last post. Have a Fantastic Friday!

  10. Sehr gute Tipps, vor allem 9 und 10!

  11. I agree, never to go on diet when having dinner with friends. That is just not right to go on a diet when hanging out with friends. Thank you for sharing these information.

  12. This is so true & we have to keep all these advices in mind M-C

  13. I wish my teenage self knew all this too!


  14. Hi Carmen ich habe zurückgeantwortet :D. Ja ich sollte mich auch gesünder ernähren. Ich weiß ja was gesund ist, aber meistend schmeckt es mir nicht, oder ich vertrage es nicht (Laktose, Fructose, Histamin, Weizen Intolerant). Ich bin wahrscheinlich ein Spezialfall!

    xx Mira


  15. Cool post!


  16. These posts have been amazing Carmen! I'm so inspired I'm planning to do one myself soon! I totally see eye to eye on most of your points, another thing about pasta is not just the type but the portion and what we add to it! Most of us have more than 2 or 3 portions when it comes to pasta and don't have enough veg or protein with it! And yes, we should able to have a chocolate or crisp or two without feeling guilty because it is natural for weight to flux.

  17. I'm still trying to get "never go grocery shopping while you're hungry". I always am. HAHAHA And then I buy more. Oh help! Great post!

  18. Sehr tolle Fakten!
    Ich persönlich liebe ja Spaghetti nur vertrage ich sie sooo schwer. Immer wenn ich sie esse liege ich dann in der Embryo Position auf der Couch :D
    Aber ich finde man kann sihc ruhig jeden Tag etwas kleines gönnen ;)

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