Tried and Tested: Nip+Fab

When I ordered these Nip+Fab products a few weeks ago I really couldn't wait to try them as they all sounded really intriguing. I paid them with a voucher I had going spare and I must admit that I wouldn't have ordered them without a voucher as they're quite expensive, especially as I'm not that overly satisfied with them. But see for yourselves:

Nip+Fab Body Slim Fix 2-in-1 body moisturiser + toning gel 200ml - 21,00€

Right from the beginning I knew that this body lotion would be nothing like my beloved Garnier Body Tonic but I was eager to try it nevertheless. The texture is extremely pleasant as it is rich and moisturising but also light and easy to handle. It smells a bit like bubble gum but quite decently. I applied it on my arms and belly but didn't notice any changes so far. Maybe when I'll use it more regularly? I will keep you updated on that so keep an eye on my upcoming empties posts

Nip+Fab Post Workout Fix topical muscle cooling gel 50ml - 13,98€

I was hoping that this product would help keep me motivated to go to the gym and so far I still am. It is indeed really cooling and refreshing but I'm not sure if it prevents sore muscles or rather causes them because wherever I applied the gel, that was the spot that was aching most the other day. I will keep on using it but as I couldn't see any positive effect I won't rebuy it.

Nip+Fab Detox Blend bath soak 217ml - 12,63€

I basically bought this bath supplement because it said 'detox' (and I'm currently obsessed with everything detox) and because I ran out of bath bombs. However if you're looking for something fun and bubbly this isn't the right product. It does make a little foam but that's about it. What it does is to smell nice and fresh (but not really intensely) and to allow you to relax. After taking a bath with this supplement I didn't notice any change on my skin so in fact I wouldn't repurchase the product.

What do you think after reading the reviews? Would you wanna try any of the products or have you already made own experiences with Nip+Fab products?


  1. I didnt see that brand before.

  2. Never heard of these products before but it seems they're not worth the try for me! thanks for the review :)

  3. Haven't heard of these products before. so thanks for sharing.

  4. Will have to try it! I am pro-detox!
    Kat | www.poshbykat.com

  5. Hey girl, thanks for the review :D

    Bisou bisou*

  6. I like detox products too. I would like to try it but these may not be available here in Canada.

  7. I'm always leery about products like this. The last one I tried was by Bliss and it didn't do anything either. And this stuff is pricey! Oh well. Great review.

  8. I haven't heard of this brand before but after reading your review I guess I will pass on these products especially because they are a bit pricey.

  9. I don't know, to my personal opinion such products never give positive effect, you are right, it's really useful to go to gym or jogging while using such products. If I personally want to have such 'detox' effect I would better organize a fasting day with apples & salad for myself;)))
    Thank You for sharing such a nice post!
    Wish you a blessed day ahead!

  10. love the clean packaging of these products. need to try the roll on and detox soak and maybe I will also keep motivated for the gym ;) x

  11. Yeah, I would perhaps try them too if I had a voucher. The packaging looks good for sure!


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