The Birkenstock Hype

It started last summer and still hasn't ended: the Birkenstock hype! Fashion bloggers all over the world started wearing the simplistic sandals and made them the must have item of the year. If you would travel back in time and tell your 2010s self that Birkenstock sandals would soon turn out to be the favourite shoes of actors, Hollywood stars and bloggers you would probably get a good laughter as a reaction. It seems like today's trends only become hyped when the first reaction they provoke is "OMG, this is so ugly!" But are Birkenstocks really that ugly or is it just the old image they can't totally get rid off? And how is it possible, that 90% of us thought we would never wear the sandals in public and now think they are pretty cute? These are questions that kept me busy since I saw the first pair of Birkenstocks on a fashion blog and so I decided to contact the PR department of Birkenstock for a little interview:

Clothes and Camera: What has changed about Birkenstock's image during the last years?
Birkenstock: At the moment there is an amazing buzz around our brand, which is reflected by fashion blogs, fashion magazines, Hollywood stars, etc. Partly, the hype around the brand is the result of innumerable factors we cannot control. On the other hand, we have also done our homework by going through a deliberate, comprehensive business transformation process which is accompanied by the largest investment and growth program in the 240 years history of our company.

Clothes and Camera: According to you what is the reason for Birkenstock's success in fashion industry?
Birkenstock: Birkenstock is in many different ways unique. First of all, the brand has a 240 year history. Secondly, the DNA of the brand has never been touched. The reference point for everything we do, is and remains our unique orthopedic footbed. The anatomically shaped footbed, high quality and the clear cuts are rewarded by consumers worldwide. This is why Birkenstock products have become timeless classics. And last but not least, even fashion-orientated female customers are beginning to emancipate themselves from the dictate of fashion-gurus, moving from pure fashion to function. Some years ago the heels could not be high enough. Today they put much more emphasis on comfort, convenience and functionality.
Birkenstock is much more than just a sandal. The brand is understated, high-fashion and lifestyle at the same time and will be always faithful.

Clothes and Camera: Have you pointedly worked with fashion bloggers in order to promote the brand?
Birkenstock: We use a variety of channels to promote the brand Birkenstock. And we also work with different bloggers. For example, we have invited the fashion blogger and street style photographer Phil Oh on our Bread & Butter trade show booth. In addition, we provide bloggers with information and PR samples.

I bought my first pair of Birkenstocks about 4 or 5 years ago and I never hesitated to wear the sandals in public. After all they are really comfy and made-to-last. However I would never have guessed that owning that pair of Birkenstocks would make me belong to the "cool kids", haha! In fact this thing about women "emancipating themselves from the dictate of fashion-gurus" really caught my attention and I really wouldn't mind never wearing high heels again. In fact already now I wear flats and kitten heels 99% of the time! So if you want to join the healthy feet revolution or if you want to be one of the hipsters you should get your pair of Birkenstocks asap, haha!

from top left to down right:

And now it's your turn! What do you think about Birkenstock sandals? Do you own a pair and if yes since when?


  1. I wore my Birkenstocks to death about ten years in high school and loved them. I'm happy they are back because I just got a mint green pair :)

  2. I'm not a big fan of flip-flops in general, because I don't like my feet haha
    But I like yours :-)

    I followed you on bloglovin, instagram and facebook

    I see you live in Luxemburg?
    In the summer I go to Clervaux !


  3. Nun bin ich echt beruhigt, dass Deine Nägel auch nicht immer perfekt sind. Hatte ein Mani Gutschein und nun sind sie doch noch blau geworden ;-) Ich liebe Birkenstocks. Habe die auf dem ersten Bild ohne Lack und in China hab ich mich "gefälschte" gekauft, weil ich da so viel zu Fuß unterwegs war! Ich als High Heel Fan muss sagen, die haben mich echt gerettet!

    Liebste Grüße aus Nürnberg

  4. Just great but still shoes nop flip flop right then not so important !! I'm killing ;))

  5. i need to see their new selection. i know they're great for your feet. i have long feet, so i always felt they would make them look bigger. lol vain, i know. those first sandals are really cute.

  6. Interesting interview! I also wrote about Birkenstocks last year, because I was surprised on how once "ugly" shoes have become a hype. I do like them now :)


  7. I think birkenstocks can look nice paired with the right pieces.
    above are some great ways to wear them
    thanks for sharing

  8. Ich habe jetzt auch Birkenstocks! Und zwar das Modell Milano :)

  9. I would never have considered wearing Birkenstocks in public but since it's fashionable to do so, I might consider getting a pair.


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