Swimming Pool Fashion Cocktail

As I have told you in yesterday's post I went to a fashion event in a store in Luxembourg city on Thursday. The Smets group is a retailer of luxury brands and has stores in Brussels and Luxembourg and one of them is the store Swimming Pool on Avenue de la Porte Neuve, which was hosting a "fashion cocktail". You would get champagne and canapés and Emilie Higle from My Little Fashion Diary was the hostess of the event. If you haven't known her before you might remember Emilie from my post about her photo exhibition "Closer". Even though I (obviously) didn't buy anything I had fun with Kristiana and Anne Sophie who accompanied me. It was once again really interesting to see how fashionable and brand-conscious some people in Luxembourg are and even though I will never understand how people can wear a Chanel all over outfit, I must admit that I wouldn't have said no to most of the clothes and accessories sold in this shop. If you want to see what Luxembourg's "high society" wears on such occasions I would highly recommend taking a look at Emilie's post about the event! What events have you currently been attending? Do you feel like people are overly brand-conscious in your country?

(outfit details here)

As you can see in the last pics we couldn't resist shooting at the super fancy pink stairs and Kristiana made me go up and down a few times to get these pretty cool last three shots.


  1. Hi Carmen, you look so beautiful, love your sophisticated outfit, the skirt is amazing on you. The only way Id leave this place is bankrupt, lol. Wishing you a splendid weekend.

  2. Tolle Bilder, diese rosa Treppe ist ja eine schöne Kulisse!

  3. da sind ja wirklich tolle schätze dabei!! vorallem die saint laurent
    taschen finde ich wunderbar :)
    hab einen tollen sonntag!
    Maren Anita

    FASHION-MEETS-ART by Maren Anita

  4. The last pictures are beautiful! Love the pink stairs :D
    And what a beautiful event!!! The givenchy pink bag is soooo cute !!



  5. What a cool store! loving all the labels and designer stuff in there. haha i cant afford anything anyway

  6. Too bad I missed this event. Would have been great to catch up with you! You look great on these photos. Definitely need to stop by this shop one day.

  7. Carmen, you look so pretty! I love that skirt on you. Such a pretty color. What a fabulous luxury shop. I love those Givenchy bags!

  8. Haha an all over Chanel outfit would be a bit much. This event looked great and that little pink bag oh la la.

    Allie of ALLIE NYC

  9. Lovely outfit , but it would have looked way much better with heels !!


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  10. Looks very stylish and nicely organised!
    And your hair color and style is great ;)


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