New In: Thomas Sabo Charm Rose Summer

A new scent has been added to my quite decent perfume collection. It's Thomas Sabo's new summer fragrance called "Charm Rose Summer". I was lucky enough to become one of Thomas Sabo's product testers and if you want to get this perfume for free as well you can still subscribe here (no blog needed)!
I first tried the perfume yesterday and I really liked it, even though it's not a scent that would normally catch my attention. It's an "eau de parfum" and thus quite strong but not too overpowering. As I'm really bad at describing scents I used this cute collage which you can find on the Thomas Sabo web page, along with a detailed description of the perfume:

The scent is indeed really fresh and the first thing you notice is the citrus blend. It somehow smells like a really good tea which would explain the mint and tangy green tea which form the heart of the perfume. Last but not least the perfume has indeed something warm about it that makes it a more grown up scent. 

Thomas Sabo Charm Club Charm Rose Summer Eau de Parfum 50ml

Besides from the good scent I must also praise the super cute and luxurious packaging that comes with the flacon. I am so in love with these striped boxes that I simply can't get enough of them and the satin lining in the box interior is another eye catcher! The perfume bottle itself is quite simple and cute and the only disadvantage is the cap which seems to be a poorer quality.


  1. This is beautiful! I am not a huge fan of perfumes because I get very allergic with smells, but I wish I could own more because they're just so beautiful!

    Come visit me soon! I miss you!



  2. I love the packaging, so I can imagine the scent is delightful. I knew he did jewelry. I wrote a post for them last year, but I wasn't aware he did fragrance. Thanks!

  3. ich finde die verpackung so mega toll *.*

  4. wow beautiful packaging and bottle, great photos too! <3

  5. Looks really good. Have a great weekend.

  6. I didn't know that TS were making their own scent. I immediately recognised the brand by seeing the bottle. One day, Internet will hopefully be able to render smells too!

  7. That's actually such a cute little perfume bottle! And I love the description. It's too bad you can't show us how the perfume actually smells;p
    xo Olivia

  8. Good review Carmen, I really like the packaging and I agree the bottle is so cute!

  9. I think it look gorgeous! I've got to say the bottle is so elegant and sweet, such a lovely little thing:) Lovely snapshots as well! Thank You for sharing such a nice post, dear:) Hope you will really enjoy this perfume:)
    Wish you a blessed day ahead!

  10. Adorable packaging, the bottle is very pretty.
    I must try this perfume <3

  11. The packaging is uber cute! Love it. The fruity fragrant sounds really appealing x

    Hannas’ UK Beauty | Lifestyle blog @ hannatalks

  12. Ich werde mir das Parfüm bestimmt einmal näher anschauen! Finde aber die Verpackung echt süss :)


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