10 Ways to Sleep Better

thisworks deep sleep pillow spray 75ml - 16,00£ via Asos

As you might remember I ordered a pillow spray for better sleep at Asos a few weeks ago. Instead of just writing a review about it I thought I'd make a post about sleeping better and getting to sleep easier. I've had quite a few problems to fall asleep when I was younger and still today it happens to me that I lie awake for hours before finally dozing off. Here are all the advices I collected over the years and what really works for me:

#1 Pillow spray
I have never used a pillow spray before but the idea sounded pretty intriguing so I ordered this one at Asos. It contains lavender, vetivert and wild camomile oil and thus smells quite good but also slightly medicinal. You simply spray it on your pillow or bedclothes and "gently inhale for a good night's sleep". Even though it doesn't work miracles the scent helps to relax which is the first step to a good sleep.

#2 Write a list
Often the reason why I couldn't get to sleep was that there were so many things on my mind which simply wouldn't allow me to come down. If you often make plans for the other day while lying in bed simply write them down or consider writing a diary. This has especially helped me when I had a busy day ahead or when I was constantly thinking about packing my luggage or next day's grocery shopping.

#3 Air your room out
The right temperature and oxygen content make a huge difference in your bedroom. This has especially helped me on hot days in summer but also in winter fresh air may help you to calm down.

#4 Your bed is just for sleeping
Whenever I'm home alone I find it hard to leave my bed. Instead of doing so in the kitchen or living room I eat, blog, learn, watch tv,... in my bed. Sometimes it can be the best thing to cuddle up in your bed with a cup of tea and watch old tv shows but if this happens too often your brain may think your bed isn't for sleeping anymore but rather for working or eating...

#5 No screen light before sleep
You probably already heard that you shouldn't end your day with the laptop or smartphone in your bed because the screen light will keep you awake. However I must say that I'm so addicted to Instagram, that checking out the new pics on there is the last thing I do before getting to sleep. It kinda calms me down and makes me feel like I did all the things that were to do that day. Strange right?

#6 No late night snacks
A lot of people find it hard to fall asleep with a full stomach and it is true that an active digestion may keep you from sleeping. However I find it easier to fall asleep when I'm entirely filled up than when I'm slightly hungry (because all I can think about then is the next day's breakfast!). Try to find the golden mean instead.

#7 Earplugs and sleep mask
If you live in a noisy neighborhood or if you don't have good blinds in your bedroom you should think about getting earplugs or a sleep mask. While a sleep mask tends to confuse me I should definitely get some earplugs soon as my neighbors tend to be a bit too nocturnal.

#8 Relaxing music
I know people who can only fall asleep while listening to music but I would be too concerned about my radio being on all night long. That's why I really like the app AmbiScience. It comes with relaxing sounds and has a timer to spare your smartphone's battery.

#9 Read a book
When I was younger I used to read every evening before going to sleep and it really helped me. However make sure you don't read a super exciting book you can't put down.

#10 Get up early
This advice may be the most obvious one but it's also the one that works best. In order to get to sleep easily you need to be tired so you either have to get up early or have an exhausting workout in the evening. 

How about you? Has any of you experienced problems falling asleep? What do you do to get the much needed ZzzZzz's?


  1. Well this post is perfect for me, I always had such troubles though recently have improved. I should avoid #5 and 6, while Ive got a pillow spray too and it doesnt work for me!:/ Kisses! xo

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  3. Yes, I have difficulties falling asleep... and getting up the next day! It's like a vicious cycle. This week, whilst on holidays, I'd only get up at around 10-11. I'm guilty of Internet browsing before sleep... every night! I should give the pillow spray a try. Sounds like an interesting option. Good night!

  4. Super Tipps! Das mit dem Spray finde ich interessant, das kannte ich noch gar nicht. Ich habe so ein Kissen, das beim Einschlafen helfen soll, mit Lavendel gefüllt. Ich habe es nur noch nie ausprobiert, könnte mir aber vorstellen dass es angenehm ist!

  5. Great tips Carmen! I am a light sleeper and have trouble settling down too. Mostly because my mind is way too active. I wanted to try that pillow spray too but didn't buy it because of the lavender. I hate lavender.


  6. These are really helpful tips for people who have difficulty sleeping. The best advice is to clear your mind and relax.

  7. great post!

  8. Never heard of a spray like that before, I'm curious about it

  9. This post is one of my favorites from you Carmen! You are spot on for almost all the reasons why I can't fall asleep and I am taking notes on how to change this ;)


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