10 Things About Makeup I Wish I Knew As A Teen

1. Eyelash curlers DO make a difference!
2. It's not about your lashes, it's about the mascara and there's a right one for everybody. You just gotta find it.
3. Mascara around your eyes is a nightmare but it can be removed within the blink of an eye with a dry(!) Q-tip.
4. There is just one thing worse than no makeup: the wrong makeup. The right shade and texture will make a huge difference.
5. Blush is not a luxury and it makes you look so much fresher!
6. Eyeshadow mustn't only be used on special occasions. The more neutral the shade, the more suitable it is for daily use.
7. Highlighting and contouring are tricky little bitches but once you dare to try it and improve you'll able to do anything with your face!
8. Focus on your eyebrows, they're the frame of your face.
9. Kajal is a cool thing, but not in the hands of a 15 year old girl...
10. Leaving the house with no makeup on isn't the end of the world and the people who really love you won't even notice a difference.

What have you guys learnt over the years and what do you wish you had known before you started using makeup?


  1. wish I knew all those things back then!

  2. I totally agree with so many of your points! Blush makes a day and night difference and in a look and takes no time at all! And it's not your eyelashes, it truly is the mascara and the formula you choose to pair them with! I used to line my eyes with liquid black eyeliner and it would sting my waterline but I didn't care because I wanted some 'cool' photos! I can't believe the things I did or didn't do before! I wished I knew that starting with a good base on the skin is more important that the perfect eye or lip make up! As a foundation can and will make or break a look even if you've got barely anything on!

  3. I agree with a lot of points you stated! I remember the first times I applied makeup, gosh it was a train wreck! :D


  4. great blog do you have girl love the pink lettertype! lots of love x

  5. Punkt Nr. 10 find ich besonders wichtig :)

  6. These are great! For me, DON"T PLUCK YOUR EYEBROWS! HAHAHA Get them professionally done.

  7. It's so true about focusing on the eyebrows as they frame our face. It really makes a huge difference. Great tips Carmen.

  8. These are so true, I wish more teens can read them!

  9. I wish I had started using foundation earlier on. Nowadays I wouldn't leave the house without it. And blush is a must too. If I don't use any, I look sick...

  10. Hahah, liebe Carmen, die sind wirklich gut! Das mit den trockenen Q-Tips wusste ich bisher noch nicht und ist ein richtig wertvoller Tipp (habe ihn die letzten Tage getestet und bin sehr angetan!)
    Viele liebe Grüße


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