10 Things About Clothes I Wish I Knew As A Teen

As I had quite a bit of fun writing my "10 Things About Makeup I Wish I Knew As A Teen" yesterday, I thought it would be a nice idea to make the same post for clothing and accessories. We all made our bad taste experiences when we were young and I would love for you to share yours as well.


10 Things About Makeup I Wish I Knew As A Teen

1. Eyelash curlers DO make a difference!
2. It's not about your lashes, it's about the mascara and there's a right one for everybody. You just gotta find it.
3. Mascara around your eyes is a nightmare but it can be removed within the blink of an eye with a dry(!) Q-tip.
4. There is just one thing worse than no makeup: the wrong makeup. The right shade and texture will make a huge difference.
5. Blush is not a luxury and it makes you look so much fresher!
6. Eyeshadow mustn't only be used on special occasions. The more neutral the shade, the more suitable it is for daily use.
7. Highlighting and contouring are tricky little bitches but once you dare to try it and improve you'll able to do anything with your face!
8. Focus on your eyebrows, they're the frame of your face.
9. Kajal is a cool thing, but not in the hands of a 15 year old girl...
10. Leaving the house with no makeup on isn't the end of the world and the people who really love you won't even notice a difference.

What have you guys learnt over the years and what do you wish you had known before you started using makeup?


Manic(ure) Monday: Golden Tips

Another coloured version of my all time favourite nail style: the French manicure. I did the tips without sticky tape this time and it was really easy! The trick is to set the nail polish brush on your nail and then kinda roll your finger as if you were having your fingerprints taken, instead of moving the brush over your nails which will never be as exact. Have fun trying this manicure and a happy week ahead to all of you!


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New In: Thomas Sabo Charm Rose Summer

A new scent has been added to my quite decent perfume collection. It's Thomas Sabo's new summer fragrance called "Charm Rose Summer". I was lucky enough to become one of Thomas Sabo's product testers and if you want to get this perfume for free as well you can still subscribe here (no blog needed)!


Cooking Made Easy: Potato-Spinach-Mozzarella Casserole

potato spinach mozzarella basil casserole low-calorie healthy yummy easy under 500 kcal

As a kid I never ate spinach,... but not what you think! It wasn't me but my mother who had decided that it doesn't taste good so I was already a teen when I first tried spinach for myself. Over the years I really learned to love it (and to buy spinach leaves instead of creamed spinach!) and recently I have been using it a lot in my pasta recipes. Today however I was more in the mood for potatoes and I had some leftover mozzarella so I put everything in a healthy and low-calorie casserole:


Kate Moss x Topshop

Kate Moss is back with a new collection for Topshop. Lots of fringes and ethnic inspired pieces go hand in hand with super chic gowns and plenty of glitter. The icon's style is thus perfectly reflected in many of her creations. The model had worked with Topshop many times before (this is already their 15th collection!) but had ended the long-term collaboration in 2010. This highly anticipated comeback collection will be available from April 30th and is quite likely to be sold out in the blink of an eye. Be prepared to spend between 50€ and 870€ if you want to get your hands on your favourite piece!


Tried and Tested: Nip+Fab

When I ordered these Nip+Fab products a few weeks ago I really couldn't wait to try them as they all sounded really intriguing. I paid them with a voucher I had going spare and I must admit that I wouldn't have ordered them without a voucher as they're quite expensive, especially as I'm not that overly satisfied with them. But see for yourselves:


Manic(ure) Monday: Zoya Nail Polish Exchange

Tomorrow is Earth Day, an annual worldwide event to demonstrate support for environmental protection. Now what if I told you that we can easily contribute to that day but doing nothing more than buying new nail polish? That sounds really weird and contradictory, right? But it is true thanks to Zoya's Nail Polish Exchange. Now what is this exchange about and how does it help Mother Earth?


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Happy Easter peeps!


Favorite Summer Trend: Off-The-Shoulder

In January (in this post) I had remarked that off-the-shoulder tops and dresses will be a huge trend in 2014. As you can see in the pics above the Lookbook ladies already perfectly rock the look with either blouses, jumpers, shirts or dresses. You probably all remember the H&M campaign with Miranda Kerr where she wore this pretty off-the-shoulder Carmen blouse. At least since that campaign fashion stores worldwide started selling off-the-shoulder tops. I still haven't found the perfect one for myself but I would love to find a nice Carmen blouse in white with red and blue details.


5 For The Weekend: Easter DIYs

Easter is just around the corner and as I have always loved painting Easter eggs, I collected a few grown up Eatser DIYs for your guys. Have fun!

Fashionista Easter greetings with sequins and pastels... That's about as gorgeous as Easter can get!


10 Ways to Sleep Better

thisworks deep sleep pillow spray 75ml - 16,00£ via Asos

As you might remember I ordered a pillow spray for better sleep at Asos a few weeks ago. Instead of just writing a review about it I thought I'd make a post about sleeping better and getting to sleep easier. I've had quite a few problems to fall asleep when I was younger and still today it happens to me that I lie awake for hours before finally dozing off. Here are all the advices I collected over the years and what really works for me:


New In: Maastricht Shopping

As I told you in yesterday's post I went shopping in Maastricht on Saturday. Maastricht definitely never lets me down when it comes to finding awesome stuff and surprisingly most of my new stuff is from Mango, a shop that has disappointed me quite often.

Mango - 19,99€


Shopping in Maastricht

Last weekend my aunt and I went to Belgium to visit friends I hadn't seen in two years or so. I have been knowing them almost all my life and to me they're just like family. Our yearly meetings have become one of the nicest traditions in my life and it's always a pleasure catching up on their lives.


Manic(ure) Monday: Easter Inspiration

Easter is just one week ahead so it's time to think about your bunny mani! I really adore the first manicure but for Easter every pastel dotted or speckled mani works just fine. Why not make a 2in1 egg dying & nail art session? I might use my L'Oréal Confettis top coat with a nice pastel color like I already did in this post. What about you?


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Sneakers Love

I fell in love... with a pair of trainers! It was love at first sight and now I can't stop thinking about how good they would look on my feet. And even though they look amazing in all colours I'm craving the purple pair. It's this lilac shade I love on my finger nails (think Essie Lilacism!) and that we will probably see quite often this spring. I could order them for 115€ but I hate spending so much money on shoes and I still have that pair of Reebok Traintones which I can wear to gym...


New In: Beauty and Shoes

University has started again which means I'm back in Germany and I ringed in the new term with some (online) shopping. I still had an Asos voucher which I couldn't wait to redeem and I had also ordered the Valentino lookalike kitten heels from the Deichmann Blogger Collection by Caroline Blomst. Then I also couldn't wait to go to my favorite drugstore dm again as soon as I was back in Germany. Here is my little haul of beauty products and shoes:

Asos Harrow Heels - 30£


The Birkenstock Hype

It started last summer and still hasn't ended: the Birkenstock hype! Fashion bloggers all over the world started wearing the simplistic sandals and made them the must have item of the year. If you would travel back in time and tell your 2010s self that Birkenstock sandals would soon turn out to be the favourite shoes of actors, Hollywood stars and bloggers you would probably get a good laughter as a reaction. It seems like today's trends only become hyped when the first reaction they provoke is "OMG, this is so ugly!" But are Birkenstocks really that ugly or is it just the old image they can't totally get rid off? And how is it possible, that 90% of us thought we would never wear the sandals in public and now think they are pretty cute? These are questions that kept me busy since I saw the first pair of Birkenstocks on a fashion blog and so I decided to contact the PR department of Birkenstock for a little interview:


Cooking Made Easy: Guacamole Toast

If I told you that I used to think avocado is one of the most awful foods ever, would you believe me that this guacamole sandwich is my current favorite dinner?! I first ate avocado about 2 or 3 years ago and initially I had thought that it was a sweet fruit which you eat just like a mango... You can imagine how disappointed I was, right? Since then I didn't even touch an avocado but some weeks ago I found this amazing recipe for chicken wraps with guacamole (I linked it on the blog here) and I decided to give guacamole a try. Obviously I loved it and as I didn't want the leftover guacamole to go to waste I simply put it on a slice of bread which I had for dinner. After a little experimenting I have now figured out my favorite way of using an avocado so if you still haven't experienced the wonders of  avocado toast you should give this recipe a try:


Kendra's Fashion Challenge

One week ago I was contacted by Kendra Thornton, a travel expert who has been featured on news channels and television shows such as "The Tyra Banks Show". She told me about her upcoming trip to "The Animal Kindom", Disney's theme park in Florida. For that occasion she has launched a 'Fashion Challenge' and has asked bloggers to created fashion boards with outfit ideas. Pretty cool project, huh? So here are my three outfit suggestions which might particularly appeal to the animal print fans among you:

#1 Casual Evening Chic

An outfit for eating out at the restaurants of the theme park or for a late night walk. I picked kitten heels as after a long day at the park not everybody might want to slip into high heels.

pants - Fornarina, top - River Island, kitten heels - Högl, sunnies - Ray Ban, earrings - Sweet Deluxe, bag - Camomilla


Manic(ure) Monday: 5 Spring Favorites

Essie "Tart Deco" / Claire's / p2 "Sweet Darling" / Mavala "Blue Mint" / Essie "Navigate Her"

Just as I did for fall and winter season I now also chose my 5 favourite nail polishes for spring. My first choice was the pastel lilac which I remember buying last spring. Then again I don't want to miss out on other pastels like this icy blue and a classic yellow. The green is somewhat more special but for me it's the perfect pistachio shade and as pistachio ice cream is my favourite ice cream ever, this nail polish just had to be added to a spring collection. Last but not least this really versatile orange nail polish from Essie. As you can see in the collage bellow it actually sells as a really light pastel shade but when applied and depending on the light it looks super flashy and almost neon.


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Swimming Pool Fashion Cocktail

As I have told you in yesterday's post I went to a fashion event in a store in Luxembourg city on Thursday. The Smets group is a retailer of luxury brands and has stores in Brussels and Luxembourg and one of them is the store Swimming Pool on Avenue de la Porte Neuve, which was hosting a "fashion cocktail". You would get champagne and canapés and Emilie Higle from My Little Fashion Diary was the hostess of the event. If you haven't known her before you might remember Emilie from my post about her photo exhibition "Closer". Even though I (obviously) didn't buy anything I had fun with Kristiana and Anne Sophie who accompanied me. It was once again really interesting to see how fashionable and brand-conscious some people in Luxembourg are and even though I will never understand how people can wear a Chanel all over outfit, I must admit that I wouldn't have said no to most of the clothes and accessories sold in this shop. If you want to see what Luxembourg's "high society" wears on such occasions I would highly recommend taking a look at Emilie's post about the event! What events have you currently been attending? Do you feel like people are overly brand-conscious in your country?


OOTD: Bow Skirt

Oh where should I start? Yesterday I had such a lovely evening with new people, new impressions and many new pictures to share with you. So what happened? In fact I have to start my story on Saturday when I had a meeting with Anouk from Luxessed. We were talking about connecting all the bloggers living in Luxembourg and so we launched a Facebook group called Blogger_LU. After not even one week the group has 23 members and allowed me to discover some amazing blogs I will now be following regularly.


New In: Kitchen and Beauty

For those of you who read my post about "Maisons Du Monde" and couldn't wait to see what I bought: these must have paper straws every food blogger owns and these cute cupcake cups I will hopefully use very soon for some healthy muffins. Furthermore I also got the Garnier and Hema products I had been talking about earlier.
Last Saturday I also went to Monoprix which is a French supermarket that you can now also find in Luxembourg city. I had been shopping there when I was in Paris last year so when I entered the store last week I felt like I was in France again! What I really loved about the supermarket is that they also sell clothes (among them really cute and pretty bikinis) and cosmetics (quite a large counter of L'Oréal, Rimmel, Mavala and other brands). The supermarket also has it's own range of products, among them a nail polish collection (read more about it here). An additional attraction is the large rack filled with Kusmi Tea! In fact I wanted to buy both some Monop' nail polish and a box of detox Kusmi Tea but I didn't find a nail polish shade I don't already own and when it comes to the Kusmi Tea I think it's a bit too expensive (or do you have the feeling it's worth the money?). I will probably go to Monoprix again so it would be really cool if the French people among you could recommend any products or tell me what they usually buy at this supermarket.
Oh and one last point about shopping: I placed a rather interesting order at Asos this morning and if you want to get a sneak at what I'm expecting just check out my last tweet...

Maisons Du Monde paper straws - 2,90€
Maisons Du Monde cupcake cups - 2,59€


Monthly Must Haves: April

I hope you all had a good start to the month of April (without any nasty April Fools' joke!). For me April is THE month of Spring feelings, even though we had really good weather in March already. I think this is going to be quite an interesting month as I have already planned quite a few things (among them visiting friends in Belgium and shopping in Maastricht, going back to university and meeting German friends, meeting fellow bloggers,...). When it comes to this month's wish list I have once again been inspired by new items from two of my favourite shops H&M and Gina Tricot. My personal must must haves from these collages are the "parlez-vous francais" shirt from H&M, the tennis skirt (even though I don't play tennis, haha) and either the red or the yellow skirt. In fact I prefer the length of the yellow one but I find it easier to wear red... Anyway, enough about me! What are YOUR plans for this lovely month and which clothes would you want to accompany you in spring?


Beauty Empties: March

1 GARNIER Body Tonic Hydrating Lotion 400ml
Rebuy it? Yes, I already did so. Why? I think if you read my previous empties posts I don't need to talk about this lotion anymore. In case you have missed out on them simply check this post.

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