Tried and Tested: It's My Beautiful Skin Day

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Sometimes it's funny how something you didn't expect much of turns out to become your all time favorite...
Those of you who read all of my "Tried and Tested" posts (you guys are awesome!) know that I have always had a hard time finding a good face cream for myself. There is this really strange and nasty phenomenon that my skin starts sweating as soon as I apply a face cream. Sometimes the effect is really strong, like with this Nivea cream, and sometimes it's still bearable and I hardly notice it like with this Yves Rocher cream. Anyway I finally wanted to find a face cream my skin only has positive reactions to... and guess what? A few weeks ago I read a Dutch blog and the girl had made a post about this new face care range by Hema called "It's My Beautiful Skin Day". (Unfortunately I don't remember the blog because otherwise I would have linked it as I owe a lot to this girl!) As we do have some Hema stores in Luxembourg I thought to myself "Why not?" and purchased the serum from that range on my next shopping trip. I really didn't expect that much from the serum, I just wanted to try it out of curiosity because I like the brand and I thought the design of the product range was cute... Now I'm sitting here with the serum, the matching night cream I bought a few weeks later and the thought in my mind that I absolutely need the day cream as well!

Hema It's My Beautiful Skin Day hydrating serum all skin types 30ml

This serum comes with hyaluronic acid which makes my skin feel super soft. You know that feeling when you haven't been using a scrub in a while and then you rub all of this old skin off your face and it feels like you just got a new skin? Well I have that feeling every time I use this serum! Awesome right? The hydration is really great and I don't feel the need to use a cream afterwards, which of course you can, and that makes us come to the next advantage... Using a serum makes things so much easier! I have never been using one before as I didn't see the sense of using two face creams in a row but now that I saw the benefits I won't go back! Because when you apply this serum in the morning there is this light care that hydrates your skin but doesn't seal it up! That means using a BB cream or maybe a sunscreen afterwards won't feel like your doing too much but it will feel just right! No more "face cream or sunscreen?" and no more "face cream or BB cream?" but just "serum and whatever you need afterwards!". Maybe just a little weak point which is a strong point nevertheless: this serum contains perfume (which is totally out of place in face creams) but it smells so amazingly fresh and reminds me of such good childhood memories that I can connive...

Hema It's My Beautiful Skin Day hydrating night cream all skin types 75ml

When I noticed how good the serum is I knew I had to try the face creams as well. I decided to start off with the night cream because I still have some BB cream for the day. They were having the face creams in tubes and in pots and as there was no noticeable difference except the ones in the tubes being cheaper (and more hygienic if you ask me) I went for this one. The cream has a really rich texture which is just great for a night cream. In spite of that it doesn't leave my skin looking greasy and also the other day my skin has perfectly absorbed the cream and feels perfectly hydrated. Unfortunately it's rather hard to dispense the cream because the opening is quite large but I guess that's just a matter of practice.

As you can see I'm entirely convinced! No sweating, no spending a fortune, no side effects. Now I'm just missing the face cream for normal/combination skin with SPF 10 and my face care routine will be complete. Gosh that I can finally say this... I really reached the point where I love every single of my face care products! That feels quite good if you've been trying countless brands and products. Would you be interested in an updated version of my face care routine? My old post (here) really isn't up to date anymore. Also have you guys tried any beauty products from Hema so far?


  1. I don't think Hema is available here as yet or perhaps only in specialist stores. Id love to try it after reading your review. I am grateful for your kind comment over at mine.

  2. I've never heard of Hema! It sounds like a dreamy skincare system. So many benefits. I need to try this pronto! HaHaHa So glad you found a product that works for you. That's why I like blogging. One connects to so many great sources and then shares.

  3. Oh well, I never heard of this brand too! What a shame, sounds so great. U definitely have to purchase the day cream to complete the care treatment. Id love to try the serum. Im always searching the best products too for my face routine and still didnt get it! Have a goodnight Carmen! xo

  4. I have never heard of this brand before, but then again I don't wear much make up or have a real face routine xx

  5. lovely! I adore the product review... will try it indeed
    I have a new look on my blog; come visit!
    Kisses from Miami,

  6. They sound amazing! I have problems with the eye creams... they make me sooo sleepy, and my lids feel super heavy :/


  7. I did not know this brand, but sounds great


  8. Thanks for introducing me to this brand - must try it out if I can find it in Switzerland :)

  9. Meine Feuchtigkeitscreme die ich liebe und die einzige ist die ich vertrage wurde vom Markt genommen. Hätte diese Produkte gerne probiert, aber ich glaube die gibt's hier nicht. Schade! Hab online geschaut und muss sagen ist auch noch echt günstig. Ich würde ein Update gut finden :D

    xx Mira



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