Photo Exhibition "Closer"

These are just a few impressions from the photo exhibition opening last night. As I had told you it is an exhibition by Emilie Higle from My Little Fashion Diary. "Closer - The Power of Blogging in Fashion Industry" is the title of this exhibition which you can visit until March 16th at the really beautiful Hotel Le Place d'Armes in Luxembourg city. There you will be able to see pics of fashion shows or known bloggers as well as "behind the scenes" shots and many more vicarious scenes of fashion industry. If you want to know more about the exhibition I recommend visiting Emilie's blog and browsing the related posts. There will be other exhibitions in Paris, Milan and London this year just in case you're interested!

After the opening my friend Sarah and I went to have dinner in Luxembourg city near the central station in a restaurant called Bella Napoli. We both had a salad with tuna even though the pizzas looked really yummy as well.
Whenever I'm in Luxembourg city I'm surprised by how cool and diversified this city actually is. I really don't go there often enough and I hope that this will change after my studies in Germany.

Hôtel Le Place d'Armes
18 Place d'Armes
L-1136 Luxembourg

Bella Napoli
4, rue de Strasbourg
L-2560 Luxembourg


  1. Id love to visit the exhibit, must be really beautiful. And the restaurant sounds good, what a shame u didnt chose the pizza instead!:) Kisses Carmen! xo

  2. So glad you ladies had a great time! What a fabulous exhibit! The location was equally as fabulous.

  3. This seems like a wonderful exhibit, surely a place I'd love to visit !

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  4. Nice pics xa

  5. I would love to attend something like this, always interesting to see the perspective of the artist/photographer. Thanks so much for sending me the links, the skirt is so beautifully styled, a spring look would be awesome too!! Wishing you a wonderful weekend hun!

  6. I would enjoy this Exhibition too. Looks so interesting.

  7. Very artistic and stunning, I wish I live near :/


  8. Beautiful post, love the pictures!

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  9. Die Ausstellung hätte ich auch gerne gesehen. Sieht super aus. Auf ihrem Blog hab ich jetzt leider nicht so viel über die Ausstellung gesehen. Muss vielleicht noch mal genauer gucken. Wünsch die ein schönes Wochenende Carmen :)

    xx Mira


  10. Den Hotel ass jo einfach esou chic! :)


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