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a beautiful mess app on iphone

At first I wanted to do this post under my "Blogger's Secret" category but then again I have quite a few favorite apps that haven't necessarily got to do with blogging so I just make it a regular post. The following apps are in no special order and they're either apps I use on a daily basis or think are super helpful:
Let's start off with this app which may not be interesting for all of you but which for me has been essential for many years. I think it was among the first apps I downloaded back when I got my first iPhone in 2010 or 2011. Basically it's a calorie counter and while I use it right now during my diet, I also drop in during non-diet periods simply to learn a bit more about the food I take in. This app really has everything a good food journal needs. You can either search for food in the data base or from what other people added to the app or you can add your own food, dishes and recipes. If for example you have this yogurt in your fridge you can search for the name or simply scan the barcode and if nobody has registered it yet you can do so by filling in calories, carbs, fat, proteins and custom servings of how much you normally eat of that product.
Besides collecting all of your favorite food in one place you can of course also add personal data about your weight, age, height,... and by choosing one of the proposed diets you will get a number of calories you may eat per day. Whenever you eat something or whenever you work out (there are also workouts to chose among) you may add it to your food journal and you'll immediately see how many calories you have left for that day.
While the app itself is free you have the possibility to upgrade your membership and get even more cool features. However as my diet is never based on bare calorie counting I didn't feel the need to do so and you really get a lot of awesome features for free already.

I have already been introducing this app a few weeks ago in a "Blogger's Secret" post because I had been using it to create my new header. Since then I have also used it to make a portrait for my sister which she adored. If you want to know more about the app simply read my other post here.

While both the name and the design of this app are quite childish, you can't deny that it's super handy and also the best of its kind. What you can do with this app is to take pictures of every single item in your wardrobe and thus have an overview of your many clothes and easily combine your outfit for the next day on the go. So far I have never managed to take pics of everything I own but it would be the perfect thing to do with a closet clear out. Also this app is free.

Since I started blogging I have this addiction to fonts and cute doodles (most arrows though). So when I heard of the Beautiful Mess app and saw how much cuteness it added to other people's Instagram pics I knew I needed to have it. It costs 0,89€ and was the first app I actually paid for. Now that the blogger ladies behind the project have been adding many colors, fonts, borders and doodles, it's even more fun to use!

A must have app for the foodies among you! This app features hundreds of really yummy and creative recipes, sorted by occasion and course, for example Easter desserts, spring dinners, quick breakfasts,... The features 'recipe box' and 'shopping list' allow you to save your favorite recipes and immediately add the ingredients you don't have at home to a shopping list. No more post-it notes when doing the grocery shopping and no more forgetting about actually writing down the quantities of a product you need! This app is free, too.

Oh and of course we can't end this post without a little note on Instagram. I love Instagram, you love Instagram, we all love Instagram so no need to add it to another "favorite app" list, right?
What do you think which apps make it worth having a smart phone? Which of these apps did you know/use before?


  1. I need to start downloading these asap, sounds great! Hope you're having a good week so far.

  2. Thanks for the list so many good apps that I will be downloading asap!

  3. I agree regarding Instagram, I think we all are addicted to it. I remember waterlogue from u but I need to download epicurious being a huge foodie :P Kisses! xo

  4. Thank you for this discovery of apps, the watercolor app looks really cool!!!


  5. i'm totally addicted to apps! love trying new ones!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog! Got a new post in BLOG.THE.DREAMS.COM

  6. I only have Waterlogue which I downloaded following your post on it. Other than that I spent most of my time on the popular social media apps. I try not to overcrowd my mobile with too much stuff and I need to do app clean-ups once in a while.

  7. I love Instagram. It is so much fun. Waterlogged is getting popular now.

  8. I love A Beautiful Mess. I'm gonna definitely have to try out these other apps!


  9. Instagram is so much fun, love it too!

    Keep in touch on BLOGLOVIN


  10. Ja ich lebe noch in der Steinzeit, ich habe nicht eine einzige App bis jetzt!! Die von A Beautiful Mess sieht super aus. Dank dir für die Info Carmen. Ich habe nämlich nur den anderen (holländischen?) Shop gefunden. Die Produkte machen mir einen guten Eindruck, auch von den Inhaltsstoffen :)

    xx Mira


  11. Loved these! Waterlogue is sooooo good! Im super glad u recommended it :)


  12. I need the first 3 apps in my life! HaHaHa I started using another app to decipher my closet but it just didn't work. Anything to help me with my diet is wonderful. LOL Waterlogue is just dreamy.

  13. Hey beauty woww you have a really nice blog :) :) I am your new follower ,so check out my blog I hope you can follow back =)
    Regards from Bosnia ♥

  14. a beautiful mess hab ich auch! :)


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