Maisons Du Monde Wish List

As I told you yesterday I went to Luxembourg city for some shopping but instead of showing you what I got I had to talk about this amazing store first. Maisons du Monde ("homes/houses of the world") is a French furniture chain that has stores in France, Luxembourg, Germany, Belgium, Italy and Spain (to find your nearest store click here). A friend of mine had told me about the store as she bought some really pretty dishes over there. (I mean she got plates with bows on them... How cute is that?!) Anyway when I saw the store yesterday I knew I had to enter and at first I wasn't that convinced but then I checked out the basement of the store and I was in decoration heaven! As you can see in my collages above their range has been inspired by many different countries (thus the name of the store) and eras. I especially fell in love with the vintage American style but also with the Indian and Asian furniture that inspired me to paint my future living room vibrant blue. I will definitely go back to Maisons du Monde, at the latest when it's time to furnish my future home. In order to see what I got check back when it's time for my new haul post...


  1. die haben echt tolle sachen
    *will haben*

  2. OMG!!! I need everything!!! How can u do this to me ???!! :D I would even buy the super silly popcorn containers :D



  3. I've been there once. I better not go back there because I'd buy too much stuff!

  4. A lot dopo fantastic things for our houses!

  5. You've hit a sweet spot here with all these whimsical and adorable homeware pieces. I love shopping for them and I am loving so many on your list. I enjoyed reading your opinion on my last post. Happy Friday Dear!

  6. I want all of this
    Have a great week end!


  7. Ich kenne die Kette gar nicht, die haben aber tolle Sachen!


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