5 For The Weekend: Must Try Recipes

Weekend time is creative cooking time. You don't have to eat in a hurry and you have plenty of time to make a huge foodie breakfast. I don't know how about you but I love to try new recipes, especially for lunch or dinner as in my family we eat about the same things all the time. Lately I've been particularly intrigued to healthy but yet delicious looking recipes which I found on various food blogs and I thought it should immediately share them with you as I won't have time to try all of them and share the results:

Yum, yum, yum! I love chicken wraps a lot and the only reason I haven't been eating them lately is that they quickly have lots of calories, depending on what you put inside. However I think I will give this recipe a try next week because I have never eaten guacamole and I really want to try it.

Looks so easy and quick to make and of course you can use about any dough you like.

A perfect alternative to meat dishes for the veggies among you and they surely look just as tasty as a burger.

Broccoli is one of my favorite vegetables and I really can't say no to healthy cheese recipes! And I like that it's actually made with milk instead of cream because it allows you to save needless calories (and maybe save even more by using another cheese?).

The idea of baking healthy cookies with bananas and oatmeal in order to avoid flour isn't new to me as I tried a simplified version before (take a look at the recipe here). However the addition of lemon juice and blackberries makes this recipe even more intriguing and should be perfect for those of you who live vegan or gluten-free.

Have you found a must try recipe for yourself? What are your go to healthy recipes?


  1. o mniom mniom:D Jadłabym wszystko!:D

  2. great culinary picks for the weekend! I need to pin down the recipes for the guacamole wrap and casserole for future reference. thanks babe :) xx

  3. nom nom♥ the zucchini tomato tarte looks so delicious!


  4. Great post!!


  5. Delicious healthy stuff! OMG, I sooo need to make a fritata sorta thing soon and those cookies look sooo yummy!

  6. Everything sounds so delicious and healthy! I really would love to try out those chicken wraps with guacamole! I love guacamole! That broccoli and cheddar casserole sounds amazing too! I need to get cooking!


  7. Yammie the breakfast cookies are a must make!!!


  8. Your pictures are delicious. I really love Fajitas with chicken, so yummy :)

  9. I think I love almost any kind of wraps. Those chicken wraps look so delish. My mom would love those cookies! Yummmm!


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