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Whenever I have lots of free time my favourite online activity is to browse trough the "popular" posts on Bloglovin and discover new blogs and lots of interesting articles that will either inspire me to blog about a similar matter or that are simply helpful and which I bookmark for myself. Lately that's how I discovered FitSugar, the fitness page of Popsugar. As you may know or not know if you follow me on Instagram I'm currently trying to lose weight and adopt a healthier lifestyle so these posts helped me a lot by answering fitness questions I had or by simply giving me great meal and snack ideas. So if you're interested in fitness or if you're on a weight loss journey right now as well these 5 handpicked posts are just right for you:

When to Eat to Lose Weight
I was so happy when I found this post because I really think that losing weight is not just about counting calories but also about what you eat and when you eat it. I wasn't sure if I'm doing everything right and whether a snack in the afternoon is necessary or counterproductive. The eating intervals given in this post totally match my lifestyle and I try to stick to them as often as possible.

30 Days of Snacks
I really can't go without a snack in the afternoon but I always try to keep it as healthy and low in calories as possible. However eating a plain apple or banana every day just didn't satisfy me anymore so I was really happy to find these yummy and creative 150-calorie snacks.

20-Minute Stationary Bike Workout
A stationary bike is the only gym machine we have at home and if you ask me 20 minutes are a good practise time for any lazy or busy girl.

Benefits of Whole Grain
Carbs or no carbs, that is the question. Well not for me because I was always convinced that a good diet doesn't cut out anything healthy and whole grains are healthy! This post gives you 4 good reasons why to continue eating bread and pasta.

Should You Eat Before a Run?
Something I was always wondering is whether to eat before or after going to the gym and whether to work out as a first thing in the morning or have breakfast top priority. According to this post anything that works for you is just fine. Good news, right?

And now you have no more excuse for not starting that healthy diet this weekend! What are you guys currently doing for your health?


  1. So happy you posted this!
    I have had no motivation to work out lately and this was just the post I needed to read.


  2. Hi Carmen, I do the same in my spare time. I already know FitSugar, Im very passionate of the object so I find good tips there. I try to eat health (sooo hard cause im foodie) and do a regular exercise every day. Good luck with your goal! xo

  3. Hey, thanks for sharing this =) I am also trying to adopt a healthier lifestyle and all sources are welcome to keep the motivation high =)

    Sylvia @ WorldTasting
    WorldTasting on Bloglovin' and Facebook

  4. Ich bin mal zu faul auf Englisch zu kommentieren ;):

    Sehr guter Post und passt perfekt in diese Jahreszeit. Frühlingputz- und -abnehmen steht auch bei mir auf dem Plan!
    Liebe Grüße

  5. Thanks so much for these excellent ideas Carmen, i am always looking to get fitter, just needed some motivation ;)

  6. I will check out these websites to get some new ideas for weight loss and healthy snacks. Thanks for sharing.

  7. it's a really good and useful post honey!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog! Got a new post in BLOG.THE.DREAMS.COM

  8. Ich versuche momentan auch mich gesund zu ernähren, weil mein Immunsystem total angegriffen ist... klappt auch ganz gut :)


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