Manic(ure) Monday: Evil Eye

I'm finally back with a self-made nail art! This is my manicure version of the famous evil eye which is still super trendy for summer jewellery. I would say this nail art is on a medium difficulty level but with the right tools and a little description you should all be able to do it:


OOTD: Striped Skirt

This weekend I had a nice occasion to wear my new striped skirt because I had a meeting with lovely Anouk from Luxessed. Being fellow Luxembourgish bloggers we had decided that it was time to get to know each other in real life so we met in Luxembourg city yesterday. I found it a really nice experience to get to know Anouk and talk to another Luxembourgish blogger about experiences and funny moments in our blogging career. Anouk also suggested to take these pics so huge thanks to her! As you can see I chose the "Parisian look" to wear my new skirt but I can't wait to wear it with other tops as well. Oh and being in Luxembourg city I couldn't resist choosing the Ladurée store as the background of these pics... so cliché, right?


Cooking Made Easy: Blueberry Mango Smoothie

I know, I know... how dare I come up with a fruit smoothie while we all know that green detox smoothies are the new big thing? Well to be honest I'm going to make a green smoothie as well these days and share the recipe if it turn out to be good but as yesterday's snack I just wanted to have something fruity. At first I wanted to make a banana smoothie but then I saw this mango lying in our fruit basket and I remembered these frozen blueberries I have never used in my porridge...


5 For The Weekend: Fitness Posts

reebok traintones

Whenever I have lots of free time my favourite online activity is to browse trough the "popular" posts on Bloglovin and discover new blogs and lots of interesting articles that will either inspire me to blog about a similar matter or that are simply helpful and which I bookmark for myself. Lately that's how I discovered FitSugar, the fitness page of Popsugar. As you may know or not know if you follow me on Instagram I'm currently trying to lose weight and adopt a healthier lifestyle so these posts helped me a lot by answering fitness questions I had or by simply giving me great meal and snack ideas. So if you're interested in fitness or if you're on a weight loss journey right now as well these 5 handpicked posts are just right for you:


Maisons Du Monde Wish List

As I told you yesterday I went to Luxembourg city for some shopping but instead of showing you what I got I had to talk about this amazing store first. Maisons du Monde ("homes/houses of the world") is a French furniture chain that has stores in France, Luxembourg, Germany, Belgium, Italy and Spain (to find your nearest store click here). A friend of mine had told me about the store as she bought some really pretty dishes over there. (I mean she got plates with bows on them... How cute is that?!) Anyway when I saw the store yesterday I knew I had to enter and at first I wasn't that convinced but then I checked out the basement of the store and I was in decoration heaven! As you can see in my collages above their range has been inspired by many different countries (thus the name of the store) and eras. I especially fell in love with the vintage American style but also with the Indian and Asian furniture that inspired me to paint my future living room vibrant blue. I will definitely go back to Maisons du Monde, at the latest when it's time to furnish my future home. In order to see what I got check back when it's time for my new haul post...


OOTD: Prebel

trench coat glitter jumper blouse pants boots outfit

I've wanted to wear this blouse and sweater together for quite a while as I think they make a super combo. Adding the trench I got quite a preppy look which I relativized with these chunky boots by not doing up the shoelaces. (Thus the name of this post "prebel" = prep + rebel.) The weather has been really variable these days and today we even had some snow(!) which is the reason why I returned to knits and boots.


H&M Conscious Exclusive

H&M is launching yet another Conscious collection and recently released the look book. The collection will be available in selected stores and online April 10th. For you I resumed my favorite looks from the collection (all pics here) which is yet again a really elegant and luxurious one. Especially the embroideries and large rhinestones fascinated me and I think that the white pants are just one of the many must have items of this collection. Which pieces will you go for on the launch date?


Manic(ure) Monday: Aquarium

barry m aquarium nail polish collection
1 Pacific 2 Arabian 3 Mermaid 4 Treasure Chest 5 Mediterranean 6 Caspian

about 4,80€ each

When I first heard of Barry M I totally fell in love with their nail polishes because they had super creative colours for a reasonable price. I remember ordering my first shade (Mint Green) online and then buying another shade (Lime Green) at Topshop when I went to London. Meanwhile I haven't been buying many nail polishes in general because the shades tend to always look the same. However when I saw this new collection by Barry M called "Aquarium" my manicure heart skipped a beat! Just look at these pretty colours with this magical glimmer and then these super cute closing caps! Can I please have number 1 and 5 immediately?! I'm pondering whether to order them or not though because I will be going to London in June so I might grab my favourites then when they're still available... What do you think? Does anybody know how long such collections are being sold at Barry M? Which of these shades would you go for?


My Week on Instagram

instagram pictures collage recap insta week

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3 Ways To Wear A Striped Skirt

As I told you I went shopping with my mum yesterday and I was really happy to find this beautiful striped skirt which has been on my wish list for ages. You can currently find it at H&M for just 24,95€ and I think it looks super precious. I really like its versatility as it can make you look elegant, fashion-conscious, girly,... whatever you like. That's also the reason why I can totally recommend to all of you getting a similar skirt, you really won't regret it! In order to show you that it's a wardrobe classic I thought about my three favorite ways of combining it and I really can't wait to actually wear all three looks.


OOTD: Sporty Chic

As you can see we had another super sunny and also quite warm day in Luxembourg. I would have loved to spend it outside but my mum had asked me to go to a shopping center and I simply couldn't resist. These fluttery pants gave me the perfect summer feeling nevertheless and as you can see we used the last sunrays to take these pics. What have you guys been up to today?


My Favorite Apps

a beautiful mess app on iphone

At first I wanted to do this post under my "Blogger's Secret" category but then again I have quite a few favorite apps that haven't necessarily got to do with blogging so I just make it a regular post. The following apps are in no special order and they're either apps I use on a daily basis or think are super helpful:


Tried and Tested: It's My Beautiful Skin Day

hema face care range

Sometimes it's funny how something you didn't expect much of turns out to become your all time favorite...
Those of you who read all of my "Tried and Tested" posts (you guys are awesome!) know that I have always had a hard time finding a good face cream for myself. There is this really strange and nasty phenomenon that my skin starts sweating as soon as I apply a face cream. Sometimes the effect is really strong, like with this Nivea cream, and sometimes it's still bearable and I hardly notice it like with this Yves Rocher cream. Anyway I finally wanted to find a face cream my skin only has positive reactions to... and guess what? A few weeks ago I read a Dutch blog and the girl had made a post about this new face care range by Hema called "It's My Beautiful Skin Day". (Unfortunately I don't remember the blog because otherwise I would have linked it as I owe a lot to this girl!) As we do have some Hema stores in Luxembourg I thought to myself "Why not?" and purchased the serum from that range on my next shopping trip. I really didn't expect that much from the serum, I just wanted to try it out of curiosity because I like the brand and I thought the design of the product range was cute... Now I'm sitting here with the serum, the matching night cream I bought a few weeks later and the thought in my mind that I absolutely need the day cream as well!


Manic(ure) Monday: Emerald Love

emerald green nail polish

If you remember this post then you know that I have quite a large nail polish collection featuring almost every color you could think of. Well... almost. Because there is one shade missing on my nails namely a good old dark green, also known as Emerald green. When doing a little research for this post I finally took a closer look at the brand Zoya and I'm obsessed with their color choice! Which of the shades of my collage do you think comes closest to what we call Emerald green? Do you know other nail polish brands that featured a pretty and shiny dark green?
P.S.: In case you haven't noticed: today it's St. Patrick's Day so if there is one day to talk about green nail polish then it's today!


My Week on Instagram

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5 For The Weekend: Must Try Recipes

Weekend time is creative cooking time. You don't have to eat in a hurry and you have plenty of time to make a huge foodie breakfast. I don't know how about you but I love to try new recipes, especially for lunch or dinner as in my family we eat about the same things all the time. Lately I've been particularly intrigued to healthy but yet delicious looking recipes which I found on various food blogs and I thought it should immediately share them with you as I won't have time to try all of them and share the results:

Yum, yum, yum! I love chicken wraps a lot and the only reason I haven't been eating them lately is that they quickly have lots of calories, depending on what you put inside. However I think I will give this recipe a try next week because I have never eaten guacamole and I really want to try it.

Looks so easy and quick to make and of course you can use about any dough you like.

A perfect alternative to meat dishes for the veggies among you and they surely look just as tasty as a burger.

Broccoli is one of my favorite vegetables and I really can't say no to healthy cheese recipes! And I like that it's actually made with milk instead of cream because it allows you to save needless calories (and maybe save even more by using another cheese?).

The idea of baking healthy cookies with bananas and oatmeal in order to avoid flour isn't new to me as I tried a simplified version before (take a look at the recipe here). However the addition of lemon juice and blackberries makes this recipe even more intriguing and should be perfect for those of you who live vegan or gluten-free.

Have you found a must try recipe for yourself? What are your go to healthy recipes?


Photo Exhibition "Closer"

These are just a few impressions from the photo exhibition opening last night. As I had told you it is an exhibition by Emilie Higle from My Little Fashion Diary. "Closer - The Power of Blogging in Fashion Industry" is the title of this exhibition which you can visit until March 16th at the really beautiful Hotel Le Place d'Armes in Luxembourg city. There you will be able to see pics of fashion shows or known bloggers as well as "behind the scenes" shots and many more vicarious scenes of fashion industry. If you want to know more about the exhibition I recommend visiting Emilie's blog and browsing the related posts. There will be other exhibitions in Paris, Milan and London this year just in case you're interested!


OOTD: Feels Like Summer

Tonight my fellow blogger Sarah and I are going to attend the opening of Emilie's photo exhibition "Closer" which is about "The Power of Blogging in Fashion Industry". Emilie is a blogger based in France and Luxembourg and I really like her style and her blog My Little Fashion Diary. She already did the exhibition in NY some time ago and now it's time for Luxembourg to see her work. If I manage to take some good pics tonight I will do another post on the exhibition and tell you more.


Tried and Tested: Garnier Ultra Doux Le Masque Merveilleux

garnier ultra doux masque sublime

As you might know from my latest beauty haul I got some new products I really couldn't wait to try and write a review about. I'll start off with the Garnier deep conditioner because it made me see gorgeous results immediately. However before I start off I want to talk a bit about the availability of this product because I know that you guys come from many different countries and so I made a little research for you. First of all it seems like unfortunately this deep conditioner isn't available in the US, Germany, the Netherlands or the UK. Therefor you can buy it in France, Italy and Luxembourg. For all other countries check Garnier.com!


Tea Time

tea box kusmi tea style

What about some tea talk? My family and I drink a lot of tea. At first it was just my mum but then my sister and I started having tea with dinner and breakfast as well and finally a few years ago my dad switched from coffee to chamomile tea, too. No wonder that we've been collecting quite a few tea accessories and essentials over the years. The Kusmi Tea inspired boxes you can see above are among our newest purchases and I got them at Blokker. The tea strainer is from Ikea.


Manic(ure) Monday: DIY Nail Spa

home spa lemon juice and olive oil

We all know that there are like a million products out there to maintain pretty nails: nail hardeners, nail scrubs, nail brighteners and so on and so on. Besides some of them being way too expensive there is also the possibility to use a wrong one and do more damage than good. However you can't go wrong with the good old household remedies! So get yourself a lemon and some olive oil, grab two small bowls and enjoy some home nail spa time:


FOTD: 50s Inspired

Makeup: foundation - Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector All-In-One BB Cream light, concealer - Manhattan Wake Up concealer, powder - Maybelline FITme! 120 classic ivory, blush - Sleek Face Form fair, eyeshadow - Catrice Absolute Nude eyeshadow palette, eyebrow powder - p2 I Feel Pretty eyebrow kit 010 handsome, mascara - Benefit BADgal lash, lipstick - Maybelline Color Sensational 910 Shocking Coral, eyeliner - Bourjois Liner Pinceau liquid eyeliner 32 noir beaux-arts

In Luxembourg there is a tradition called "Buergbrennen" which takes place this weekend. It's about making a huge bonfire to symbolically burn winter. The youth club of my hometown thus goes from door to door to sing and get money. As it is the weekend after carnival we all dress up in order to do so. In the evening when the bonfire is being lit all the people from our hometown can come, enjoy a meal and have fun together.
Right now we're about to start our tour through town and I decided to not really dress up but therefore create a 50s inspired makeup. The scarf belonged to my grandma and is just perfect for this purpose. I fixed it with bobby pins and made a fun side pigtail. What do you think? How are you spending your weekend?


New In: Beauty

When I moved to Germany I was so fascinated by the drugstore dm that I didn't want to buy my beauty products anywhere else anymore. However from time to time I like to check out new shops or take a closer look at the beauty range in supermarkets as well. At the moment I'm in Luxembourg so when I did some grocery shopping for my mum I couldn't pass by the beauty section and I must admit that I found some pretty interesting products I can't wait to try!


Chanel Shopping Center

What?! There is going to be a Chanel shopping center? Well... no. But once again Chanel surprised us with a super creative setting for its fashion show in Paris. Yesterday the Grand Palais has been transformed into a huge grocery store with everyday goods like soda, toast or salt. On the one hand I don't think the scenery matched the looks and for me it would have been hard to concentrate on the fashion if I would have been there, but on the other hand there is something about huge supermarkets that has always fascinated me and the front row guest had visible fun playing around with "Coco Carbone" cans and "So Chic" brooms. Here are some impressions from the show:


Leighton Meester for Nelly

leighton meester for nelly.com

It's Nelly.com's 10th birthday and for its spring/summer campaign the retailer chose to team up with Gossip Girl start Leighton Meester. The shots were taken in LA and definitely cause a serious summer craving! To shop the fun and beautiful outfits from the shoot simply click here.


OOTD + FOTD: Carnival

Today I just want to show you a few pics of what I wore to a carnival party last night. My boyfriend and I disguised as Romans and I found this really pretty costume at a local shop. I was lucky enough to have these matching bracelets which I got as souvenirs from Portugal and Greece. I also took the opportunity to wear my fake lashes from p2.


Monthly Must Haves: March

H&M clothes

Have you already heard about the Deichmann Blogger Collection by blogger Carolin Blomst? The shoes will be available online by Monday and I really hope to be able to get my hands on the Valentino inspired kitten heels! Furthermore I think I need to check my local H&M again as I totally adore the ballet flats, wrap skirt and "J'aime les mauvais garcons" ("I love bad boys") shirt. What's on your wish list this month?

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