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p2 eye makeup

1 p2 Intensive Khol eyeliner 1,95€
2 p2 Perfect Look waterproof kajal 1,75€
3 p2 Perfect Look waterproof kajal 1,75€
4 p2 Long-Wear Eye Shadow Artist (avaiable in 010 just a little beige, 020 pretty in purple, 030 lilac in the air, 040 blue underwater love, 050 maybe green, 060 mint to be, 070 blush of the rose and 080 silver poems) 2,95€
5 p2 Smokey Eye Q Pen Waterproof (available in 010 let the music play!, 020 let's party!, 030 into the night!, 040 dance the night away!, 050 put your hands up! and 060 turn the speakers up!) 2,45€
6 p2 Fantastic Chrome kajal 025 2,75€
7 p2 Fantastic Chrome kajal 050 2,75€
8 p2 Flushing Beauty color mascara 3,25€ (available from March 1st)

p2 perfect

1 p2 Perfect Lips Gloss + Balm SPF 15 3,45€
2 p2 Perfect Face Refine + Prime 5in1 Protection + Care Base 5,95€
3 p2 Perfect Lips Care + Shine Lip Oil 3,45€

p2 nail care

1 p2 Nail Foundation + total repair (available in 010 nude, 020 silk, 030 skin and 040 touch) 2,25€
2 p2 All Light UV top coat 3,95€
3 p2 Ultra Rich nail care oil 3,45€
4 p2 Ceramic Cuticle Pusher 3,75€
5 p2 Silk nail serum pen 2,95€
6 p2 Silk nail peeling pen 2,95€
7 p2 Diamond Strength nail hardener 2,25€
8 p2 4in1 Complete Care 2,45€
9 p2 Health Glow coat 2,45€
10 p2 Nail Polish Glow top coat 2,45€

balea long shampoo conditioner

1 Essence Cookies&Cream hand balm 1,99€ (available from April)
2 Balea Beautiful Long 1-Minute deep conditioner 0,95€
3 Balea Beautiful Long Shampoo 1,45€
4 Balea Beautiful Long conditioner 1,45€
5 Balea soap with oil pearls 0,95€

p2 so gold nail care

1 p2 So Gold 5in1 nail hardener 2,95€
2 p2 So Gold Shake Up top coat 2,95€
3 p2 So Gold Nail Spa 2,95€
4 p2 So Gold SOS Anti Brittle 2,95€
5 p2 So Gold Lift-Up Concentrate 4,95€
6 p2 So Gold illuminating hand cream 3,95€
7 p2 So Gold hand scrub 3,95€
8 p2 So Gold cuticle ccrub 2,45€

essence how to make makeup box

1 Essence How to make smokey eyes make-up box 5,99€
2 Essence How to make nude eyes make-up box 5,99€
3 Essence How to make face wow make-up box 5,99€
4 Essence How to make brows wow make-up box 5,99€

Okay, okay... This is a LOT of stuff! Lately I have been getting so many newsletters regarding dm and Essence products and especially p2 has been adding lots of stuff to their range. They also threw out or replaced some products but basically there is lots of new stuff I would love to try it. As you can see in the first set I'm crazily into blue and silver eye makeup. Also I can't wait to try some of the p2 and especially p2 "So Gold" products for my nails, which look horrible at the moment. Last but not least I simply had to add the Essence "How to make" makeup boxes. Doesn't their packaging remind you of Benefit products? Anyway I'm really much into the "face wow" kit because all of the shades look just perfect for my skin tone! I know these are a lot of products but maybe you spotted a personal favorite nevertheless? I really wish p2 would be more internationally avaible so you could all try this amazing stuff!


  1. beautiful my dear!!:)


  2. Wow I would really like to try p2 products as they look so good! I mean how cute is that 4th brows make up box with those tiny dog paws all over it? :)


  3. I really LOVE your post! It shows quality of companies which ain't that expensive and what is the most important aspect: they're free of animal testing. I take lots of attention to that fact and only buy products which are cruelty free.


    ♥ www.sugarpopfashion.com ♥

  4. This post is great! Thanks for sharing all this info:D
    Discover my Stylish Confessions♥

  5. Id love to try the Essence palette for face, it inspires me! Have a goodnight! xo

  6. You've made me want to buy blue eye liner now, looks great, i want very single palette, they all seem really versatile and easy to wear. It was great hearing your thoughts, Happy Friday dear!

  7. That Essence Cookies & Cream sounds heavenly. Nice product line!

  8. I've never tried any of Essence products but they look so wonderful!

  9. Alles sieht so toll aus! Die Türkisreihe sieht grandios aus für den Frühling und ich will unbedingt die Paletten von Essence testen! Ja die sehe aus wie die von benefit aus! Bin gespannt ob sie auch so gut sind!

    Liebste Grüße aus Nürnberg

  10. So many interesting products! I'm very reluctant about trying eyeliners and khols other than black but I should be more daring and give it a go sometime.

  11. Palettes are adorable, I want the number 4 !


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