How to Get the Most out of Your Beauty Products!

beauty hacks

If you ask me it's not diamonds but beauty products that are a girl's best friend. I mean honestly, who of us can say that they could completely go without them? Also let's admit that we love our pamper time, you know those lazy saturday afternoons when we're lying in our bubble bath with a chocolate face mask and a thick layer of deep conditioner in our hair. Now what if I told you that your favorite creams and cleansers and all that stuff can even do more for you than you might have thought? Make your beauty routine even more beneficial by following these easy beauty hacks:

1. Use a face brush

You found the perfect cleanser for your skin type? That's great! But now take the next step and go get yourself a face brush. It really doesn't need to be a Clarisonic, I have a really good non-electric face brush from Kiko for under 6€. The brush will help you skin exfoliate, get it even cleaner and if it comes with massage knobs it will also stimulate your blood circulation.

2. Cold shower before shaving

If you take a cold shower or simply pour some cold water over your legs before shaving you will get better results. Why? Because you'll have goose pimples and your hair will raise. Your shaver will thus get closer to the roots of your hair and you'll have a smoother result.

3. Facial steam bath before using nose strips

Those who have blackheads on their nose know how gorgeous nose strips can be. However it's not always easy to remove all of the blackheads when your pores are closed. Therefor I recommend making a facial steam bath at home. It will open up your pores and cleanse your skin in the meantime. Put essential oils or herbs in your steam bath to make it a perfect spa-at-home experience. 

4. Massage your cream in

Instead of just putting on some lotion or cream, why don't you try to massage your cream in? Your skin will be able to absorb the ingredients much better and if it's an anti-cellulite cream you're using the additional massage will again stimulate your blood circulation which is the first step to a naturally cellulite free skin. 

5. Add gloves and socks

You keep using your hand cream but your hands are still dry and chapped all the time? Apply a thick layer or cream overnight and add cotton gloves so the cream stays where it's needed. The same goes for your feet with cotton socks.

6. Overnight face mask

This might end up in a big mess but at least the face mask will have time to work properly. But take care! This shouldn't be done with face masks that dry your skin out (for example face masks against blemished skin).

7. Eye cream in the fridge

If you keep your eye cream in the fridge it will cure swollen eyelids even better.

8. Anti-cellulite wraps

Cellulite is a though enemy therefore I'm really glad that I found a good anti-cellulite cream that isn't too expensive (I'm using the Garnier Body Tonic milk). However if you want to get even better results you should try anti-cellulite wraps! All you need to do is apply a thick layer of your favorite anti-cellulite cream and wrap you legs/butt/belly/arms in plastic wrap. Cuddle up in a warm blanket and stay like this for 40-50 minutes. (I recommend watching Jenna Marbles videos while you're waiting!). If you do this right with a good cream you can lose a few centimeters of girth by doing absolutely nothing! How awesome is that?

I hope I could help you with these advices, maybe you didn't know about the one or the other yet. Which one are you going to try out or which one do you already apply regularly?


  1. Hey beautiful Amazing tips!
    kisses from Miami,

  2. Hi Carmen, I should put my eye cream on fridge now to fight my swollen lids!XD Instead I alread use gloves and socks when I put a thick layer of cream :)

  3. Thanks for the tips! I have a facial steam machine but I've only used it once or twice. I should take it out and use it once in a while. I could even make a post on it. I've tried wearing gloves at night (got them at the Body Shop) but I found them too distracting, so I stopped using them. Never thought about keeping creams in the fridge but it sounds like a good idea. xo

  4. Nice post. xa

  5. I agree Carmen, we couldn't do without our lifesaving beauty products, these are such brilliant tips, love the one about the eye cream, can you recommend a good one by the way?

  6. Great tips - especially find the one about steaming the face before putting on nose strips particularly useful! Makes total sense but I've never really done it before. Gotta remember these next time :]

    xo Deborah
    Coffee, Prose, and Pretty Clothes

  7. i need to try the cold shower/cold water before shaving! it totally makes sense. thanks Carmen. you know i love my beauty products.

  8. Thanks for these great tips Carmen I am taking note of them all :)

  9. i didn't know about the cold water trick when shaving. I will definitely try it out, thank you! :)
    I also need to try the Garnier Body Tonic milk, always looking to fight cellulite, unfortunately :( xx

  10. Great tips!!! Im loving the shaving one, will try them :D


  11. Thanks for sharing these tips. The shaving one is new to me!
    Will have to try it out next time I decide to shave...winter makes me lazy lol


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