Clavicut - My Next Hairdo?

kerry washington clavicut

The claivcut has been and still is the trend haircut of fall/winter season. In fact it's a long bob where you hair goes just to your clavicles (thus the name). Ideally the hair is a bit shorter on the back of your head and gets longer up front. What I really like about it is that it looks good for almost every face shape and that you can totally wear it with both straight and wavy hair. I must admit that I have always felt more comfortable with shorter hair but as you might know I let my hair grow for over 2 years in order to be able to wear the ombré trend. Now that I have long hair I enjoy the benefits of a pigtail so the clavicut would be ideal for me: Rather short hair and yet the possibility to make a pigtail. Nevertheless I think I will wait some more months before I cut my hair because I want to experiment a bit with my long hair during summer. Until then let's just enjoy these inspirations:

emma watson clavicut

My perfect clavicut has to be Emma Watsons but with Kerry Washingtons bangs! That's exactly what I will be going for. What do you think about this hairdo? Do you already wear something similar or are you going to try it out?


  1. I love it, they all look so awesome with this haircut! You should try it :)

  2. Its a very lovely haircut and I had it too for so long when I was younger. Now I just love the long lenght, dont cut yours, keep it grow!:)

  3. If you have enough volume and natural texture then a half long bob like this looks soooooo gorgeous! I wish I could pull of a style like this. My hair is too thin and falls too flat for a do like this.

  4. Oh yes, this is a very popular hairstyle indeed! But I personally prefer long hair. My mum recently made me chop my hair by a couple of inches and I cant wait for it to grow back! Keep in touch!

  5. Just noticed that you changed your blog header! It looks fab!! :)

  6. I like this length too (and I badly need an haircut soon!)… i will probably give it a go myself :) xx

  7. Who's on the second photo? Her eyebrows are perfect. Btw I love your new hair. Ombre is <3

    Hope you'll visit my blog and maybe we could follow each other on bloglovin and gfc. :)


  8. Carmen, that would be a really cute style for you! I hope you get it. I think it would be very becoming.

  9. First hairdo is perfect, I want to see it on you, it must be beautiful.

  10. I love, love that length and I actually think it would suit you quite well!


  11. Ich finde diese Haarlänge richtig schön!


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