Blogger's Secret: Create a Header with this App!

Yes you heard right, you can now create a gorgeous header for your blog with the help of an app! Since I started thinking about blog design I always wanted to have a header that features some illustrations or anything self-painted. The problem: I totally suck at painting and drawing! You can of course buy some amazing (fashion) illustrations online but honestly I didn't want to pay 50€ or more for just a picture. So I was really lucky to discover Cecilia's Tumblr "Shit Bloggers Wear" last year. She was kind enough to allow me to use her illustrations for my previous blog header which finally got me closer to what I wanted my blog design to be like. Even though I still liked my old header I totally freaked out when I discovered the "Waterlogue" app yesterday! I have been obsessing over watercolor paintings lately so this app seemed to be the fulfillment of my dreams. The app costs 2,69€ and even though I normally don't use charged apps I bought it without pondering. So here is the super easy tutorial on how to create a blog header or anything similar with Waterlogue:

waterlogue app example

1. Download the app here.
2. Put the pictures you want to work with on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.
3. Open one picture in Waterlogue and choose the filter you like best.
4. Save the image in high quality and put it back on your laptop.

waterlogue watercolor effect

5. Use any photo editing program to arrange your pics and add your blog name. (I used both Photoscape and Photoshop for Windows but just Photoshop or any other program that features fonts should work as well).
6. Upload to your blog and enjoy!

clothes and camera blog header
(old header)

clothes and camera blog header
(new header)

Easy, isn't it? Of course this app is only useful for people who actually like the watercolor style but what I really like about it is that it allows you to use your own pictures in your header without them looking unprofessional or out of place.

Now do you prefer my old or my new header? How have you created yours and will you try this app for anything blog related (or for a little Instagram fun)?


  1. das ist ja der hammer! super tipp... kann ich zwar selbst nicht nutzen, weil ich kein smartphone besitze aber trotzdem toll, dass du deine entdeckung mit der bloggerwelt teilst :)
    dein header sieht noch schöner aus so!
    liebste grüße,

  2. perfect idea dear...I want to try that
    happy week end

  3. Hi Carmen, you did so well! I didnt know this app and I should check it out (though I dont use charged app either). You, I think this one is cuter and represent you more. Well done!:) Kisses! xo

  4. Genial! Ech hätt nët geduet dat et dat get. Wärt des App ausprobéieren a mäin Header verbesseren. Merci!

  5. Die App ist ja genial!!
    So einen toller Header!


  6. This looks so awesome! Great find!

  7. hi carmen...i don't know this app but i think it's fantastic..i want to check it out
    kisses and have a nice week end

  8. Carmen, that is so cool!!! Omg'sh, they are making everything! HaHaHa Because I know I'm artistically challenged. HaHaHa I may use that app for some pictures I take for blog posts. Thanks for telling us. Hope you're having a great weekend.

  9. Witzige App, aber für mich jetzt nicht so interessant :)

  10. This app is so cool! I will check it out. I see it a lot on Instagram too.

  11. Your new header looks amazing!

  12. I think your header is beyond beautiful!


  13. OMG! Im totally getting this app! Your header looks beautiful!


  14. Wow that is mind blowing, what will they think of next!

    Allie of ALLIE NYC

  15. This looks so good - I would never have guessed your new header wasn't hand-painted :)


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