Beauty Empties: February

empties of february

empties Manhattan base line and Le Volume de Chanel

Manhattan Base Line mascara base & eyebrow gel 6ml
Rebuy it? Maybe. Why? I must admit that I never really used this as a mascara base but only just as an eyebrow gel. For that purpose it works really well but as it isn't colored I still need an additional eyebrow pencil or eyebrow powder. Therefor I might go for a colored eyebrow gel next time. Do you know a good one? I think Benefit has them but they're a bit too expensive for me.


p2, Essence and Balea News

p2 eye makeup

1 p2 Intensive Khol eyeliner 1,95€
2 p2 Perfect Look waterproof kajal 1,75€
3 p2 Perfect Look waterproof kajal 1,75€
4 p2 Long-Wear Eye Shadow Artist (avaiable in 010 just a little beige, 020 pretty in purple, 030 lilac in the air, 040 blue underwater love, 050 maybe green, 060 mint to be, 070 blush of the rose and 080 silver poems) 2,95€
5 p2 Smokey Eye Q Pen Waterproof (available in 010 let the music play!, 020 let's party!, 030 into the night!, 040 dance the night away!, 050 put your hands up! and 060 turn the speakers up!) 2,45€
6 p2 Fantastic Chrome kajal 025 2,75€
7 p2 Fantastic Chrome kajal 050 2,75€
8 p2 Flushing Beauty color mascara 3,25€ (available from March 1st)


How to Get the Most out of Your Beauty Products!

beauty hacks

If you ask me it's not diamonds but beauty products that are a girl's best friend. I mean honestly, who of us can say that they could completely go without them? Also let's admit that we love our pamper time, you know those lazy saturday afternoons when we're lying in our bubble bath with a chocolate face mask and a thick layer of deep conditioner in our hair. Now what if I told you that your favorite creams and cleansers and all that stuff can even do more for you than you might have thought? Make your beauty routine even more beneficial by following these easy beauty hacks:


Manic(ure) Monday: Nailspirations from NYFW

Just as last season Essie has collected some gorgeous nailspirations from New York Fashion Week which you can all recreate with your favorite Essie nail polishes. I really like the nail styles at Emerson and at DKNY and have tried both of them at an earlier date (the frame manicure herehere and here). Have you spotted other nail trends at any Fashion Week this season? What nail polish color do you currently like to wear?


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Clavicut - My Next Hairdo?

kerry washington clavicut

The claivcut has been and still is the trend haircut of fall/winter season. In fact it's a long bob where you hair goes just to your clavicles (thus the name). Ideally the hair is a bit shorter on the back of your head and gets longer up front. What I really like about it is that it looks good for almost every face shape and that you can totally wear it with both straight and wavy hair. I must admit that I have always felt more comfortable with shorter hair but as you might know I let my hair grow for over 2 years in order to be able to wear the ombré trend. Now that I have long hair I enjoy the benefits of a pigtail so the clavicut would be ideal for me: Rather short hair and yet the possibility to make a pigtail. Nevertheless I think I will wait some more months before I cut my hair because I want to experiment a bit with my long hair during summer. Until then let's just enjoy these inspirations:


DIY: Lip Balm

Today I have a really easy DIY which I wanted to try for ages but I never had a lipstick I wanted to sacrifice. Only recently when I was organizing my makeup collection I found this very old lipstick and I wanted to have a look at it but then the lipstick holder broke and I couldn't close it anymore. Perfect occasion to make my own lip balm as I really liked the color and didn't want it to go to waste. The problem was that the lipstick was indeed really old and I also mixed it with a bit too much coconut oil so the result is rather unusable but if you use a lipstick that is still okay and rather mix it with petroleum jelly or a uncolored lip balm this DIY should be foolproof:


New In: Shopping in Luxembourg

On Tuesday I went to Luxembourg city with Sarah, a Luxembourgish friend I got to know in Bonn. She also has a blog as of late which you should check out if you like to get good beauty and fitness advices! Anyway I had mainly planned to go to Sephora but in the end didn't buy anything from there. Therefore I fell in love with some Hema stuff and also finally found a spaghetti strap top at H&M (I had been looking for a nice one since last summer!). The beautiful laptop bag which you can see in the last pics was a generous Valentine's Day present from my boyfriend and I can't wait to use it to carry my MacBook (and lots of other stuff!) around.

Hema serum and face masks

HEMA Peel Off Mask - 1,75€
HEMA Dead Sea Mask - 1,75€
HEMA It's My Beautiful Skin Day hydrating serum - 4,50€


Beauty Wish List*

1 L'Oréal Souffle d'Or Shampoo
2 Burberry Body Eau de Parfum
3 Comodynes Micellar Cleanser
4 KOH Manicure Bowl
5 Burt's Bees Sugar Scrub

Yesterday I went shopping in Luxembourg city and got a few beauty products. However there is still more interesting stuff to discover and my beauty wish list gets longer and longer. As I wrote about my perfume collection last week I decided to add the Burberry Body Eau de Parfum to my wish list as it's one of my favorite perfumes even though I still haven't bought it. Maybe I will do so as soon as I empty one of my many other perfumes. Furthermore I discovered a few new products on Parfumdreams (which is a German online beauty shop). The sparkling shampoo sounds so intriguing and so does the the manicure bowl look. Also I have never seen a Burt's Bees scrub so I would love to try it. And last but not least Micellar make-up remover tissues. You might already have heard about the many Micellar waters that are up and coming right now. I haven't tried any of them but these tissues might be perfect on the go! Have you tried any of these products? What is on your beauty wish list right now?


OOTD: Colours of the Forest

On Sunday my boyfriend and I were invited for dinner at my best friend's place so I wore a rather casual outfit. I had a good mind to wear this skirt again and as I had already paired it with this olive jacket I decided to also add green tights. The hardest part about this outfit was to take good pictures of it! It was so windy that day and my boyfriend and I had to stop at three places. In the end I decided to take the pics from our second spot as the light was really good there and I'm sure you don't mind my unkempt hair. What do you guys think? Aren't the colours too autumnal?


Manic(ure) Monday: Mature Minnie Mouse

p2 luxury miss manicure

Okay let's take a few seconds and think about the title of this post. An accidental alliteration at its best (and I can stop making more of them...). But now back to why we're actually here: a Minnie Mouse manicure. And it's a mature one because I didn't use a classic red but a metallic purple. Also I only put dots on two of my fingers for a catchy effect. What do you think?


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Blogger's Secret: Create a Header with this App!

Yes you heard right, you can now create a gorgeous header for your blog with the help of an app! Since I started thinking about blog design I always wanted to have a header that features some illustrations or anything self-painted. The problem: I totally suck at painting and drawing! You can of course buy some amazing (fashion) illustrations online but honestly I didn't want to pay 50€ or more for just a picture. So I was really lucky to discover Cecilia's Tumblr "Shit Bloggers Wear" last year. She was kind enough to allow me to use her illustrations for my previous blog header which finally got me closer to what I wanted my blog design to be like. Even though I still liked my old header I totally freaked out when I discovered the "Waterlogue" app yesterday! I have been obsessing over watercolor paintings lately so this app seemed to be the fulfillment of my dreams. The app costs 2,69€ and even though I normally don't use charged apps I bought it without pondering. So here is the super easy tutorial on how to create a blog header or anything similar with Waterlogue:

waterlogue app example


Cooking Made Easy: Quiche Lorraine

quiche lorraine

Living in Luxembourg has many advantages but one of them is that our cuisine is made up of the best recipes from Germany and France. One of those yummy French recipes I grew up with is Quiche Lorraine (for those who don't know it, it's an open pie with a filling of custard with smoked bacon and cheese). If you ask me it's the perfect recipe for so many occasions! It's easy to prepare, handy to eat and while the ingredients make it a perfect winter comfort food, it also tastes really yummy and fresh with a side salad in summer. The recipe my family has been using for years and which I will now share has been taken from a traditional Luxembourgish cookbook by Ketty Thull. The book has already been published in the mid 20th century but is still so popular that the publisher Editions Schortgen has recently given it a makeover.


Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual Review

Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual

From all the beauty manuals out there the Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual is definitely one of the most famous ones. I was lucky enough to get it as a birthday gift more than one year ago and finally read through all of it last summer. In fact I really don't know why I didn't talk about it over here earlier but as it has become quite a famous book there is probably also the one or the other among you who'd like to know more about it.


My Perfume Collection

Honestly guys, is there a better occasion to talk about perfume than Valentine's Day? I don't know the statistics but I'm pretty sure that this week the perfume shops all over the world are making big money! And I can totally understand why because for me Valentine's Day is a definitely one of those days where it's totally okay to get back to the traditional gifts like flowers, jewellery and perfume. I mean I love creative gifts but Valentine's Day can be all traditional and simple. If you think the same or if you're simply looking for an excuse to buy a new perfume then this post is just for you. I took all the perfumes I own and decided to make a little review about each of them (and also tell you my personal story behind it). Enjoy!


Blogger Meet-Up at Sahneweiß

As you might remember from this post I am lucky enough to be part of the blogging community in Bonn. Last Sunday we already had our fifth meet-up and I was so happy to meet some old blogging friends but also quite a few new faces at the lovely café Sahneweiß in Bonn.


Manic(ure) Monday: Faux Finger Tattoos

Manicures have been a huge part of fashion shows for years. No wonder that every fashion shows also brings new nail style trends. Another leading force in creative manicure management is of course Ciaté. Whoever was the real trend-setter when it comes to this curiosity... I just thought it was worth sharing! Apparently a good manicure isn't enough nowadays. It's of course hard to find new creative ways to make your fingers an eye-catcher because we've literally seen everything! Therefore the modern manicure comes with a fake finger or cuticle tattoo. Yes you heard right. Fake tattoos are on the march! The above inspirations are 1. Ciaté 2. Ghetto Nailz 3. mpnails and 4. Tattoonie. If you want to jump on the manicure bandwagon you can get your own fake finger tattoos here or here.
What do you guys think? Yay or nay? Definitely something nobody needs but that might look cute for a party or so.


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The Blonde Salad x Steve Madden

The Blonde Salad x Steve Madden Shoe Collection

Besides like a thousand other things, Chiara Ferragni has recently also teamed up with Steve Madden to create a limited edition shoe collection. The shoes are available in Steve Madden stores and online via stevemadden.com and will also be sold in other online stores from February 10th. Unfortunately the Steve Madden online store doesn't work properly but according to this source the prices are between $129 and $179. Eventhough I think that all of the fats from the collection are pretty ugly, I totally adore the heels:


Valentine's Cravings

Valentine's Day gifts from Asos

Whenever I want to make a Valentine's Day inspired wish list I check Asos because they always have the cutest gifts. I mean how awesome are these makeup bags? I wouldn't mind getting the shoes or the Kate Spade watch either... What have you guys planned for Valentine's? What present will you give to your boyfriend?


Beauty Empties: January

1 Nivea Visage Clean Deeper daily wash scrub
Rebuy it? No. Why? I've been having this daily scrub for ages and never really managed to use it up. I don't even know if they still sell it like that. In fact I really liked the idea of a daily scrub. The bad point about it was that the cleanser itself was a bit aggressive. For example in summer when my skin was lightly sunburned this cleanser painfully pricked on my skin. I wouldn't say that it's a bad product in general but I found better cleansers since I bought this one years ago.


Manic(ure) Monday: I'm a Barbie Girl ♫♪

Whenever I do a manicure I don't have a clue how the final result will look. This manicure was supposed to be an inspiration for Valentine's Day but it ended up screaming "BARBIE DOLL!".


Essence "Bloom Me Up!"

Essence is one of those make-up brands that makes tons of limited and special editions according to the season, holiday,... I often thought that the design and the whole schmear were more interesting than the products themselves but they just released a new trend edition called "bloom me up!" which actually contains some really interesting makeup tools. Probably a makeup pro won't be impressed by these brushes and tools but if you are a beginner trying to equip with the basic essentials for little money this edition should be just right for you.


Monthly Must Haves: February

Yesterday's post was only about the shops I have a voucher for but of course I have more fashion cravings in February. On the one hand there is the Peter Pilotto for Target collection which will be available in 8 days! I especially adore the blazer and the bikini and I will definitely try to get my hands on them. Furthermore I am so in love with the Chiara Ferragni matilda loafers and I wish I had a voucher to buy them! What is on your wish list this month?

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