Tried and Tested: The Body Shop Tea Tree Wash

On my lookout for a new cleanser I came across this Tea Tree wash by The Body Shop. When I went to the shop I asked for a cleanser for blemished skin and the shop assistant immediately gave me this. (All due respect for The Body Shop but I don't like the approach of their shop assistants. They immediately come and ask what you're looking for and when you tell them what you need they give you one product, claim it's the right one for you and abruptly urge you to buy it... Next time I will check out their product range online so I'll be prepared for the shop assistants attack, haha!)

About the product:
The Body Shop Tea Tree Cool & Creamy Wash
suitable for blemished skin
with Community Fair Trade organic tea tree oil
100 ml / 8,00€
"Gets skin spotlessly clean without over-drying."

The tea tree oil makes this cleanser super spicy. Thats why you really need to avoid the eye area and why you should not use more than a blueberry sized amount of it. After using it you will understand why it says "cool" wash because your skin will feel really refreshed (like after using a strong mint toothpaste). I also felt it cleaned up my pores which is the first step to a spotlessly clean skin. Furthermore I had a few pimples which started to decline after I had used the cleanser in the evening. When it comes to the "over-drying" part you should be careful because my skin really felt drier than after the use of other cleansers. Therefor I would only recommend it to people with oily or combination blemished skin. I will keep on using the cleanser but at his point I couldn't say whether it's the perfect product for me or not. Look out for another review in one of my empties posts as soon as I have used it up!

Have you been able to try this new The Body Shop cleanser? Which cleanser do you use and what skin type are you? Check out the whole tea tree skincare range here!


  1. Oh, I really hate when the shop assistants are in that way!:S Btw, never tried it but I scare if it makes the skin dryer, I suffer of it so maybe isnt much good for me. Waiting your final thought! xo

  2. I need to try.


  3. I should visit the body shop more often... there are so many great products to try!


  4. Carmen, so glad you did this review. I tried the green, liquid one and it worked but after a month of using it my skin felt dry. I'll post a review in February and link your results. I was going to try this one, but it seems to give the same effect. Thanks and Have a great weekend doll.

  5. great review!♥ love tea tree in cosmetics!:) it makes my skin feel so fresh!


  6. I would love to try this product as my skin lately has gotten very oily ( I blame the weather changes!) Thank you for the review, it was very helpful!


  7. Hi Carmen, you've actually reminded of this wash, I used to use it a few years ago but somehow stopped, I found it really great and well balanced for my skin type. Have an enjoyable weekend dear

  8. I used to always buy body shop tea tree products when I was in my teens, I've not used any in ages though!

    Corinne x

  9. I suggest to try the Shu Uemura Anti Oxi Skin Refining Cleansing Oil which has green tea and moringa but maybe not as strong as in this Body Shop Tea Tree Cleanser. Your review is very good. Thanks for sharing.

  10. It sounds like a good product for me to try. Currently I'm using Clinique and Nivea cleansers.

  11. sounds good,but what about the eye area?
    I put mine on my eyes all the time and I feel ok.
    I use the garnier cleanser and Im really satisfied!


  12. I hate it when shop assistants do that! I much rather just browse around on my own and then, if I need help, ask for it. I always think it's very fishy when they just shove stuff at you.:)

    You already saw a V day post too?!?! What's with people, it's 3 WEEKS till Valentine's Day, come on!! This would is going downhill fast.:)

  13. it sounds great!


  14. Hi! Great and good cosmetics!
    Love this!
    Angela Donava


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