Tried and Tested: Benefit Advent Calendar 2013

Call me a spoilt girl but this year I had four Advent calendars without even buying a single one! First I got one with fruit gums at work, then my sister made a DIY one filled with chocolate, then my boyfriend ordered me one with jewellery and another one which was the Benefit "Countdown to Love" Advent calendar. As he was a little late with his online shopping, as usual, the Benefit calendar was already sold out and only available on eBay, so my boyfriend had to spent a little fortune to get it. (That's why I already shared the best beauty Advent calendars in October my dear...) He is so crazy and I told him not to spend so much money on my presents like a hundred times. Anyway, I am a spoilt girl and I got this Benefit Advent calendar and now I'm going to review it, yay! First of all: what was inside?

3 lip/cheek stains: benetint, chachatint and posietint
3 ultra plush lip glosses: sugarbomb ultra plush, dandelion ultra plush and CORALista ultra plush
3 box o' powders: dandelion, hoola and CORALista
3 primers: the POREfessional, "that gal" and stay don't stray
3 highlighters: girl meets pearl (2x)*, high beam and sun beam
2 moisturizers: total moisture facial cream and it's potent! eye cream
1 ooh la lift
1 BADgal lash mascara
1 BAD gal liner waterproof
3 accessories: bow hairslide, horseshoe bracelet, star necklace

All products are sample size. For the exact content and ingredients read the product description here.
(*apparently there was a mistake with the packaging because the door said "ultra plush on the a-list" but it contained another "girl meets pearl")
And now let's start off with the actual review. I will review the products in the order in which I listed them above:

The Tints:

When it comes to the tints I have rather mixed feelings. On the one hand I find them really hard to apply properly which sucks. On the other hand the colours look so nice and natural, especially the 
benetint! Also on my cheek they stay on for ages! Don't believe me? Well I applied the benetint in the afternoon, then in the evening I went to a hardcore 2 hour dance/fitness lesson and when I came home the blush still looked like it had before!

The Lip Glosses:

You might already know that I'm not a huge fan of lip glosses but what I like about these is that they feel really natural and not sticky. Also the colours are again really pretty (but a bit too glittery for me). However I don't think that they stay on that well because I applied a layer before writing this post and now that I have almost finished it I feel part of the lip gloss has already gone...

The Box O' Powders:

I was really happy about the dandelion blush because I had once tried it in a Benefit store and I think the colour suits me quite well. However it's definitely a day colour because it is so light.
Both the Hoola bronzer and the CORALista blush don't seem to be too highly pigmented which again makes them perfect for a daily use.

 The Primers:

The Benefit primers are some of the products I liked best from the calendar because they had the most visible effects. The POREfessional is just as gorgeous as everybody says because you can indeed see how it minimizes your pores. I will be really glad to continue using it.
The "that gal" brightening face primer really lightened up my face visibly so it's just perfect for the morning grouches among us.
The stay don't stray is a primer for concealers and eyeshadows and even though I couldn't see a clear difference it is always good to use for special events where you want your make-up to be as secure as possible.

The Highlighters:

What I really like about all three highlighters is that you can vary their intensity by adding several layers or just keeping it really natural with just one little stroke. What makes them in some way better than a powder highlighter is that you can place them really exact without covering your whole face in glitter. From all three I prefered the "high beam" because it looked and stayed on best.

The Moisturizers:

 I really like the facial cream when it comes to the texture but I didn't notice any special features.
The eye cream is indeed a bit brightening but doesn't really fade dark circles as it promises.

The Ooh La Lift:

 This "instant under-eye brightening boost" really makes a difference but I would even like it more if it had a matte finish.

The BADgal Products:

The mascara is quite good but the brush is too big for me. I would have prefered to be able to try the "they're real! mascara" but why should they be so different from each other?
As I don't use much eye liner I can't tell you much about that one but I don't really think it stays on better than any similar eye liner.

As a conclusion I can say that the Advent calendar was a nice way to get to know the major Benefit products which I didn't know before. It also brought me some really cool products which I will be glad to keep on using. However I don't think I would buy a similar Advent calendar again because after all it's just samples sizes for a really high price. I think they could have added at least some real size products.
Which beauty Advent calendar did you have this season? Or have you tried any of the Benefit products mentioned above? Can you recommend any others?


  1. but this is amazing...love all benefit's products ^^
    happy week end

  2. How sweet of him!:) I wanted this calendar advent so bad, I agree with the price is too much high for it but it is really cute! To try only once :) Kisses! xo

  3. So great calendar didn't know about it !! Shame on me ;( Have a great w-end Carmen M-C

  4. I think it is nice to be spoilt every now and then! Love this Advent calendar! I honestly have never had one and never even knew you could get a makeup one! That is awesome! Love the bad gal lash mascara!


  5. omgosh, the benefit calendar. i love benefit, sadly i didn't get one :\

  6. aww was ein toller kalender! bei benefit w├╝rde ich mich auch gerne mal durchtesten :)

  7. great review!! ;)
    What about follow each other?
    Let me know :)
    have a great week-end <3

  8. That was a nice gift Carmen! I was going to get it, but I had most of the products. I just purchased the lolli tint today and will be reviewing it next week on my blog. EXCELLENT review!!! I love benefit products. They're soft.

  9. Lovely make-up!!!!!
    Have a nice day!!!
    Angela Donava

  10. I never knew you could get make up calendars until this year!
    Will definitely try and get one next Christmas :L

  11. I would love to have had such an advent calendar instead of the chocolate one I had this year.

  12. Cute calendar sweetie.
    Hope you had a lovely weekend.


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