Tried and Tested: Allpresan*

It's review time! As I told you guys on Tuesday I got these Allpresan products to try out (read the belonging post here). Now I have tried them for quite a while and I simple can't wait to tell you about them!
Before we start the review I should tell you that my feet looked reeeaaaly bad before I started using the products because I hadn't been looking after them all winter long (ooops!). So that means that I had a lot of hard skin and also really dry feet. So as you can see I will start off talking about the foot cremes:

Allpresan Fuss Spezial Schaum-Creme Hornaut und Schrunden 4
Allpresan Fuß Spezial +plus Intense Repair Schaum-Creme Sehr trockene bis rissige Haut 3

So those of you who speak German already understood, that these are foam creams, which I love because foam is the best! I mean shaving foam, whipping cream,... Foam is my big love! Furthermore one cream contains urea, aloe vera and evening primrose oil. The other cream is for really dry and cracked skin. In order to be able to try both at once I applied one on my right and one on my left foot. I felt they work equally well. The foam makes that the cream soaks in really well and you can perfectly dose it. After the first application I already noticed that it makes my skin really soft. Also my hard skin started to fade bit by bit and after one week it had almost disappeared without me using a peeling, pumice or anything similar. So that means these creams alone made my feet ready for summer! I feel even my cuticles became softer! Honestly I can only recommend these foam creams!

Allpresan Skin Cair Schaum-Creme Milk&Honey Hand Intense

You already guessed it, this is the equivalent for your hands. Hand creams are something that really fascinate me and I've tried so many of them. This one is the first one where I had the feeling that it doesn't just moisturize my hands short-term but that it would make my skin more moisturized and less sensitive for a longer while. It was also the first cream that worked great on my cuticles as well, which had always been left out by other hand creams.

So in case you haven't understood: I love these products and would be glad to be able to repurchase at least one of the foot creams. In case you want to know more about the products you can read a little bit on Allpresans English web page. The only bad point is that you don't get the products so easily. Those who live in Germany can simple find their nearest retailer here. The products are also available online, for example here or here.
I hope you liked this review. Again thanks to Allpresan and to MyStyleHit for providing me these lovely products.
What do you guys use to look after your hands and feet? What is your secret weapon against hard skin?


  1. Thanks for presenting these products as I had never heard of this brand before. Funny that you post about this today; I got a pedicure this morning. That's how I get rid of dead skin. If at home, I use a pumice or a file to remove dry skin, then I apply moisturizer.

  2. I love it my dear!!! wow!!!


  3. I enjoyed the review, you seem very satiesfied with all the products. What makes me curious most is the hand cream, sounds very worth. Have a good evening! xo

  4. I would love to try out these products, especially the hand cream as I work at a retail shop and I mostly work with my hands! Even carrying the delivery boxes is really damaging to my hands! :/


  5. nice review, i would like to try that foam cream! Thanks for stopping by my blog! Got a new post in BLOG.THE.DREAMS.COM Hope you like it! You can still join my giveaway with 2 winners!

  6. Fantastic products

  7. Soft feet and hands are a must! I have to give mine a little extra care too. Excellent review Carmen.

  8. I hope that this range is imported into SA soon, sounds really moisturizing! I really appreciate your feedback on my last post...Happy Friday!

  9. Ich mag die Produkte auch super gerne :)


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