Fashion Insights from MBFW Berlin (Part 1)

Some of you may know what the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Berlin is always a few weeks earlier than those other big and successful fashion weeks in New York, Paris, London and Milan. That's why it will already come to an end tomorrow. As a blogger living in Germany I somehow relate to Berlin Fashion Week a lot as it's probably the only fashion week I could theoretically attend one day. Until that day I will have to content myself with the pics from the shows which I find on the Internet. Normally I choose all the looks I like to make a post that gives an insight to what fashion will be like in the corresponding season but this year I wanted to make a post that is responsive to what us normal people can actually learn from the looks presented during fashion week. It is easy to say that for example geometric cuts will be hot during one season but what does that mean for us? Well it does for example mean that we will be able to wear our beloved Zara skorts for another six months. See what I mean? So here are some of my favourite looks from Berlin Fashion Week related to what I can actually learn from them for my own style for Fall/Winter 2014:

#1 Trench all day all year!
When I see pics like these I'm so glad that I finally bought a trench coat last month! I will probably never wear another jacket ever again. Also can you believe how awesome this cream-beige shade looks with red?! Definitely a reason to switch from my beloved burgundy to a more flashy red.
(Marc Cain / Marcel Ostertag)

#2 Embellished tights for the world!
Everybody remember my rhinestone tights I wore on NYE? They rule and will still do so next year. Strike! Plus how amazing is this elaborated knit dress?!
(Augustin Teboul / Marc Cain)

#3 From midi to maxi!
I have a maxi skirt for summer and a midi skirt for winter. Why not switch things up? As you can see maxi skirts look good both with a blouse and a bold sweater so there is no excuse for not wearing them!
(Barre Noire)
I need a fluffy sweater or jacket in my life! How could I not buy one until now?
(Kaviar Gauche / Marcel Ostertag)

#5 Patterns are not just for summer!
I fell in love with patterns last summer! Now I am totally gonna buy this dress and wear it all year long.
(Malaikaraiss / Lala Berlin)

#6 Lace it up!
Do I need to say more? Totally regret not having bought this dress!
(Marc Cain / Lena Hoschek)

#7 Black and white are the better colours!
My second favourite "colour" combination (my favourite has to be royal blue and white). Glad I will be able to see more of it this year.
(Marcel Ostertag / Laurèl)

#8 Everything looks sexier with a belt!
Back to the belt ladies...
(Riani / Lena Hoschek)
Next to trench coats, capes are my favourite jackets ever. Can you believe I didn't buy a super gorgeous H&M one last year? Why oh why...?
(Laurèl / Perret Schaad)

What do you guys think? Do you like these examples of German fashion? And have you ever used runway looks to learn something for your own style?
For more fashion insights from Berlin Fashion Week check back tomorrow when I'm gonna talk about my love for pants and other trends I adore.

Don't just copy the trends, learn from them!


  1. Ein wirklich toller Post. Vor allem liebe ich diesen beigen Mantel !
    Viele liebe Grüsse!

  2. Marcel Ostertag sticht so richtig raus finde ich! Sieht toll aus.

  3. I literally can't choose my favourite trend. They're all amazing!

  4. I like how you organize the post, very useful. I like to learn or inspire from the runway looks too. I need a trench coat and a midi skirt now!:) B&W is one of my fav colors combo at the mo, as well as the fuzzy sweaters. Kisses dear! xo

  5. WOW! Love the leather and nude trend!



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  6. OMG, ich liebe die langen Röcke :)


  7. Great post Carmen! I love embellished tights and recently ordered a cape for myself online~!

  8. Really so nice and inspiring. Have a great weekend.


  9. einige sachen sehen ja wirklich toll aus :-) ich wurde auch zu verschiedenen shows/events eingeladen, hab aber nicht frei bekommen :-(

  10. Absolutely gorgeous collections, thanks for sharing some from Berlin! xx

  11. I like the looks as I find them very easy to relate to. And I will invest in a cape this year; for sure! ;)

  12. Spitze, Schwarz-Weiss Kombinationen, Lange Röcke und Trenchcoats, das sind einfach Klassiker die man immer anziehen kann! Cooler Post, mag ich total da man die Kolektionen sieht, aber auch, wie man das im alltag anziehen könnte :)

  13. I adore embellished tights, I should try to find ones and actually buy them for myself! :)
    This was a great post, I liked the idea of explaining the upcoming trends! You did a great job there! :)


  14. All these styles are wonderful and very elegant :)

  15. I love black & white styles. They will always be classic. Yaaaay that maxi lengths are IN. Love them.


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