Fashion Insights from MBFW Berlin (Part 2)

And now the second part of my Berlin Fashion Week insights. Instead of copying the trends, what can we learn from them for our own style?

#10 All over red.
As I love burgundy a lot I have a burgundy sweater, skirt and tights. Why not wear it all together?! Plus I definitely need something in my closet that has this flashy coral-red!
(Guido Maria Kretschmer / Lala Berlin)

#11 LBD, sexier than ever!
How awesome is this first little black dress? I can't get over how pretty the tulle detail is! Definitely need a dress like one of these as any women should have a LBD anyway.
(Augustin Teboul / Irene Luft)

 #12 Tartan on!
Good news, we will be able to wear our beloved tartan shirts, coats and skirts again next winter.
(Anja Gockel / Guido Maria Kretschmer)

 #13 Floor-length will be enough.
This first coat/cape is just super cool. The XXL length adds a special effect to every outfit.
(Guido Maria Kretschmer / Malaikaraiss)

 #14 Knee-high replaces overknee.
I would have loved to get a pair of overknees this season but I didn't find a pair that fitted me. Now that I see these pics I notice that it's way sexier when you see a little knee anyway...
(Laurèl / Isabell de Hillerin)

 #15 Jeans will be jeans.
Jeans have always been popular and will always be. I couldn't imagine living without them and I'm glad that both boyfriend jeans and my favourite jeans combination (skinny jeans, blazer and pointed heels) have been represented on the runway.
(Marc Cain)

 #16 1001 way to wear a foulard.
I have many foulards but never wear them as I don't like the conventional ways of tying them. These two methods are classy and chic so I will give them a try as soon as possible.
(Vonschwanenflugelpupke / Marc Cain)

 #17 Big, bigger, scarf.
XXL scarfs have always been a passion of mine. Again two cool ways on how to wear them!
(Vladimir Karaleev / Lala Berlin)

 #18 Statement pants, please!
Besides jeans I love statement pants and I definitely need a pair like the first one for summer and winter!
(Lala Berlin / Barre Noire)

So that was it for my favourite trends from Berlin Fashion Week. You can read the first part here. Do you want me to make similar posts for the other fashion weeks as well? How did you get inspired by runway looks?


  1. Great insights! Is as if you would have been there.... :D


  2. great selection..I had not seen anything of the berlin fashion week

  3. Fabulous selection, very inspiring. Love first burgundy outfit, it is so chic !

  4. Love it <3


  5. I think Im going to love them all; tartan, high knee, jeans and all over red are definitely my favs!:) Happy Sunday Carmen! xo

  6. Glad to know that BF jeans will still be in trend.. I love them too much!

    MRS JACK OF ALL TRADES (a fashion and life-style blog)

  7. Really great inspiration.


  8. These are very nice clothes and colours coming from the Berlin Fashion Week. it is interesting to learn about other fashion designers and see their work in the runways.

  9. Very inspiring post dear! Thanks so much for visiting me! I just followed you on BLOGLOVIN and would love if you followed back :)

  10. Einen richtig fetten, langen Schal muss ich mir auch noch besorgen :D

  11. so many wonderful looks - is it wrong to be excited about next AW already?!

    thanks so much for your sweet comment on my post.x

  12. Ooh I just look a pair of statement pants - I so want!

    Fashion, Well Done

  13. Dein blog ist wunderschön! :) Ich würd mich freuen wenn du auf meinem mal vorbei schauen würdest <3 Hab auch einen neuen Post über mein Alltag Make up :)

  14. Great job! I love statement pants. The prints are so gorgeous. HAHAHA Jeans will always be in. I love the blazer she is wearing with hers. I really liked this kind of post. You should definitely do more.

  15. I like some of the coats and the huge scarf!


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