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Guys today I need your help! I have a 120€ voucher which I can either redeem at Zalando, Asos or Mango. I don't really shop at Mango and I have been disappointed by the Asos quality a few times. Therefor I mainly checked the Zalando online shop earlier and I found a few cute things. Maybe you are more informed about the three shops' current product line or you know a good brand that is available via Asos or Zalando? Of course I don't need to redeem my voucher immediately but if you can recommend me anything that's really cool I would totally go for it. Anyway what do you think about the following products I put on my shopping shortlist:

Don't you think these Anna Field boots are the cutest?! I think I will buy them but then I still have 80€ left. Lucky me!


Tried and Tested: Allpresan*

It's review time! As I told you guys on Tuesday I got these Allpresan products to try out (read the belonging post here). Now I have tried them for quite a while and I simple can't wait to tell you about them!


Upcoming Designer Collaborations

Designer collaborations are always really exciting undertakings. Besides the legendary H&M ones, there have been many other collaborations between designers and department stores or even between designers and Hollywood stars. Luckily enough we will have both of them during the next months! Let's start off with the designer-star collaboration.

Zooey Deschanel for Tommy Hilfiger

I don't know how about you but if I would have had to guess which brand is teaming up with Zooey Deschanel I would never have opted for Tommy Hilfiger. But maybe that is what makes it all the more interesting. The capsule collection is called "To Tommy, from Zooey" and contains 16 mini dresses (totally Zooey) inspired by the 1960s. The typical Tommy Hilfiger colours red, white and blue make these dresses perfect for a classy summer look and even more appealing to me. This collection will be available at Macy's from April 14th and on tommy.com and in selected flagship stores from April 21st. Prizes range from 70€ to 145€.


New In: Apple, Fossil, Longchamp

The last week was not a good one for my bank account. However I only bought items that had been on my wish list for ages and I also think they were good investments (and even if they weren't, a girl doesn't need to justify her shopping, haha!).

purple longchamp le pliage

LONGCHAMP Le Pliage (bought on sale)
I have been wanting to get a Longchamp Le Pliage for 5 years! I never bought one because I thought I had enough bags and because I have been waiting for a pretty special edition. However the Longchamp special editions became more and more rare or uninteresting and I also got tired of my low quality bags really quickly. So I decided that it was time for a good (and most perfectly sized!) bag and I got this pretty purple one. If you ask me bags which you can't wear on your shoulder aren't worth a single Euro.


Manic(ure) Monday: Daisy

Even though the smell is not worldshaking I really like the design of the Daisy Marc Jacobs perfume bottle. I've seen so many "Daisy" inspired items, from jewellery to cookies, but how could I not think of a Daisy nail art before? With a little inspiration, which I found on Instagram, I just created this manicure:


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Cooking Made Easy: Microwave Mug Cake

chocolate microwave mug cake quick recipe television snack

You know these lazy Friday evenings where you're just lying on the sofa, watching TV and craving something sweet? Obviously if that's the scenery you're too lazy to leave the house and buy something and you're waaaay to lazy to bake something. So yesterday evening that was all the case so the mug cake I had heard of came to my mind. I had never tried one because I'm always sceptical when it comes to microwave food but I decided to give it a try. The best recipe I could find was this one on Running to the Kitchen. For you I converted it into a recipe for 2 because other recipes said that 1 egg is too much for just one mug cake (and it's rather hard to divide an egg in two!).


Tried and Tested: The Body Shop Tea Tree Wash

On my lookout for a new cleanser I came across this Tea Tree wash by The Body Shop. When I went to the shop I asked for a cleanser for blemished skin and the shop assistant immediately gave me this. (All due respect for The Body Shop but I don't like the approach of their shop assistants. They immediately come and ask what you're looking for and when you tell them what you need they give you one product, claim it's the right one for you and abruptly urge you to buy it... Next time I will check out their product range online so I'll be prepared for the shop assistants attack, haha!)


Throwback Travel Thursday: Rhodes

A few days ago I finally managed to get my old computer to work again. That's how I found a lot of pictures from the good old times, for example my final year at high-school. I also found a folder named "Rhodes July 2010" so I decided that it was time for another "Throwback Travel Thursday" post. I really don't remember the names of all the places we visited when we were in Rhodes so this post will be a pure random picture overkill. However I can totally recommend visiting this island as it has so many interesting places to offer and the historic centre of Rhodes city is a dream! If you want to know anything about one of the pictures or about Rhodes don't hesitate to contact me and I will try my best to find out for you.
*Update: My aunt was kind enough to send me the descriptions to every picture. She has been to Rhodes many times so she turned out to be our perfect tour guide. So I can now tell you that we stayed at the Rhodos Princess**** Beach Hotel which is situated in Kiotari. We have visited the acropolis in Lindos and Monte Smith. Lindos is a really cute little town we visited several times because it was near our hotel. I remember that we went shopping there during the day but also went to a really pretty restaurant in the evening. The places that really surprised me were 7 Springs (Epta Piges) and Petaloudes, the valley of butterflies. My favourite places however were the historic city centre and the harbour of Rhodes.


Sephora Wish List

I'm planning on going to Sephora next month when I'm back in Luxembourg so I already checked out a few products online. Don't you think these sound pretty intriguing?

8 Ultra Soothing Fiber Mask

What are your favourite products from Sephora? Can you recommend me any of these products?


Manic(ure) Monday: #ManiMonday Favs

Sometimes Instagram is the better source of inspiration. Especially on Mondays when all nailistas are posting their manicures under the hashtag #ManiMonday. I had a look at the most recent ones and chose my 10 favourites to share with you:

How gorgeous is this mani by @astrowifey? Don't know which nail I should look at first!


Fashion Insights from MBFW Berlin (Part 2)

And now the second part of my Berlin Fashion Week insights. Instead of copying the trends, what can we learn from them for our own style?

#10 All over red.
As I love burgundy a lot I have a burgundy sweater, skirt and tights. Why not wear it all together?! Plus I definitely need something in my closet that has this flashy coral-red!
(Guido Maria Kretschmer / Lala Berlin)


Fashion Insights from MBFW Berlin (Part 1)

Some of you may know what the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Berlin is always a few weeks earlier than those other big and successful fashion weeks in New York, Paris, London and Milan. That's why it will already come to an end tomorrow. As a blogger living in Germany I somehow relate to Berlin Fashion Week a lot as it's probably the only fashion week I could theoretically attend one day. Until that day I will have to content myself with the pics from the shows which I find on the Internet. Normally I choose all the looks I like to make a post that gives an insight to what fashion will be like in the corresponding season but this year I wanted to make a post that is responsive to what us normal people can actually learn from the looks presented during fashion week. It is easy to say that for example geometric cuts will be hot during one season but what does that mean for us? Well it does for example mean that we will be able to wear our beloved Zara skorts for another six months. See what I mean? So here are some of my favourite looks from Berlin Fashion Week related to what I can actually learn from them for my own style for Fall/Winter 2014:

#1 Trench all day all year!
When I see pics like these I'm so glad that I finally bought a trench coat last month! I will probably never wear another jacket ever again. Also can you believe how awesome this cream-beige shade looks with red?! Definitely a reason to switch from my beloved burgundy to a more flashy red.
(Marc Cain / Marcel Ostertag)


Tried and Tested: Benefit Advent Calendar 2013

Call me a spoilt girl but this year I had four Advent calendars without even buying a single one! First I got one with fruit gums at work, then my sister made a DIY one filled with chocolate, then my boyfriend ordered me one with jewellery and another one which was the Benefit "Countdown to Love" Advent calendar. As he was a little late with his online shopping, as usual, the Benefit calendar was already sold out and only available on eBay, so my boyfriend had to spent a little fortune to get it. (That's why I already shared the best beauty Advent calendars in October my dear...) He is so crazy and I told him not to spend so much money on my presents like a hundred times. Anyway, I am a spoilt girl and I got this Benefit Advent calendar and now I'm going to review it, yay! First of all: what was inside?


Inspiration: Chiara Ferragni's Tattoos

I have told you several times that I really want to get a tattoo one day. So far I haven't dared to make a plunge for several reasons. However I have always loved to look at nice tattoos and I have collected many inspirations. Today I want to show you Chiara Ferragni's tattoos because I think that she has some super creative ones, all placed really well.

#1 A bow on her neck (October 2008)


Stylight Fashion Blogger Awards 2014

As you all know fashion blogging has reached a really high level these years. If you are a successful fashion blogger you are just as famous as some Hollywood stars and just as influential as some designers. Therefor it is only natural that there is something such as the Stylight Fashion Blogger Awards to honor the best fashion bloggers. You could vote for your favourite bloggers for 15 days and the top 3 bloggers per category were invited to Berlin for the awards show at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin which took place on Monday. Here are the 4 categories and this year's winners:


New In: Christmas and more...

Thomas Sabo "Eiffel Tower" Charm
Loveliest Christmas present from my sister and perfect addition to my charm bracelet.


Manic(ure) Monday: Nailicious Inspirations

For my weekly manicures I'm always looking for nice inspirations. There are a few nail bloggers out there who do an amazing job! So far I most enjoyed the French nail blog PHSIIIT. Yesterday however I discovered the blog So Nailicious and I had to share some of the featured manicures with you! Here are my 5 favourites which should provide you with enough inspiration for this week:


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P.S.: As you can see I finally managed to upload my best moments of 2013 on Instagram so if you want to see my 5 most hyped pics just head over to my account to watch the video!


Giveaway: Personalized Graphics for your Blog

The new year has only just begun and most of us will probably still stick to our New Year's resolutions. Maybe one of them was to get a new blog design or work on your blog's layout more? If that's the case I have just the right giveaway for you! I have been contacted by Jacky from Do It For The Irony who loves to play around with graphics and prints. She thought it would be a lovely idea to make a giveaway where you can win 5 personalized graphics for your blog. This can be banners, headers, avatars, buttons, business cards and much more. Of course she will work according to your desires but here are a few examples of Jacky's work (find more all over her blog):


Blogger's Secret: Happy Cooperating


When we start blogging we're still quite insecure about our work and we keep waiting for occurrences to prove that our blog is worth reading as well. Maybe we're waiting for our first 100, 500 or even 1000 readers, maybe we want to reach 1.000.000 page views as quickly as possible, or maybe we think that as soon we get a cooperation offer we have made our way. First of all let me say that none of these things make you a good blogger! In all these years were I have been reading blogs I've seen the strangest things. There are bloggers who are famous all over their country, who have made it to their own book and still hardly get any comments on their blog. There are blogs that are super pretty, with a gorgeous blog design, a cute blogger and enviable outfits that hardly have 100 followers. And I've also seen the contrary: blogs with over 1000 or even 2000 followers, that looks super crappy and don't even have good content, just because the blogger kept asking people to do "follow-for-follow". So as you can see the numbers around your blog aren't a prove of how good your blog is. Now what about cooperations? With them it's about the same because only if a blogger has been cooperating with Romwe or Chicwish or ... for years, doesn't mean their blog is any better than yours. There was a time in my blogging career where I thought that the more cooperation requests I would get, the more desirable my blog would be. However 99% of the brands cooperating with bloggers don't care about you as a blogger, your blog or your blog design. They are just interested in how much traffic you can bring to their web page. I don't want to say that it's just Asian wholesale sites who do this, but they are particularly invasive when it comes to cheap advertising on blogs. Kristiana Vasarina only just wrote a really striking post about that phenomenon which for me was the reason to write this very  post. I really recommend reading her post first, so you know how weird the whole wholesale business actually is. I definitely won't hide that I have been cooperating with such brands before as well. However last year I noticed that those people really don't care about you or your blog. They don't even take the time to find out your name but just contact you with the link of your blog. It also happened to me that I told one company that I didn't wanna work with them and a few weeks later they would contact me again as if nothing had happened. That is just impudent and I'm not willing to work with those brands anymore. However not all cooperations are bad and I have worked with a few cute brands as well so with this post I don't want to keep you away from cooperating with brands I just want to tell you what you can do to make cooperating a nice experience for you, your readers and the brand you're working with:


Cooking Made Easy: Pasta with Garlic Prawns

Don't ask me why but I have never cooked with prawns before. I have been eating them a few times and I always thought that recipes including prawns look super delicious but I really never bought or cooked with them. When shopping for the week however I saw them at the supermarket and funnily enough it was at the same supermarket where I saw a garlic prawn pasta instant meal. I thought that it can't be too hard to find a yummy recipe to make my own (way more yummy and healthy) meal so I got the prawns instead of the instant meal (here we go New Year's resolutions!). The following recipe is a mixture of recipes that I found on the Internet plus the way how I proceeded for myself.


OOTD: Classy meets Cosy

Maybe you remember this cardigan from my Primark haul? I wore it a lot since I have bought it but never showed it to you in an outfit post so far. These pics were taken last week before meeting up with a friend to have dinner and play bowling. After choosing all the clothes I wanted to wear together I saw that the outfit turned out to be a nice mixture of classy elements (like the LBD, the earrings and the decent colours) and cosy elements (like the oversize cardigan and the ballet flats).
What do you think about the combination? How do you like to combine cosy cardigans?


Tried and Tested: Garnier BB Cream

Did you know you can get freebies and make product reviews without being a blogger? Several German beauty brands give you the possibility to try their newest products and all you have to do in return is to make a little online evaluation. The drugstore dm regularly informs about new product tests on its Facebook page and Garnier announces recent product tests on its web page. A few weeks ago I discovered the Garnier product tests and applied for a BB Cream testing. After trying it I decided to share my opinions on the product with you as well.


Manic(ure) Monday: Fifty-Fifty

Last Monday I asked you whether you want me to continue the Manic(ure) Monday posts or not and most of you said that they would miss the posts if I abandoned them. I will surely not kick them entirely but for the mentioned reasons I will probably make them a little different or at least less regularly. Probably I will work with manicures from other people a lot so either with pictures you send me or with manicures I see on the Internet and which inspire me. For today I still have my own manicure as I have gotten creative for NYE. Oh and just in case you´re wondering... I found out how to play with glitter in Photoshop, tee-hee...


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OOTD: Green and Gold?!

As I told you in a previous post we had guests on Wednesday. For that occasion I wanted to wear my sequin skirt and in fact I had planned to combine it with my denim shirt but then I noticed I didn't bring it to my parents' house. When thinking about what else I could wear with the skirt, these emerald tights I only bought last week came to my mind. The only green top I had was this tartan skirt so this (maybe a little strange) combination was born. How perfect that I also had golden flats and golden statement jewellery to round the look off. I know that some of you might think that this outfit doesn't match at all but I honestly love it and would wear it again anytime. What do you think guys? Would you wear this outfit?


Monthly Must Haves: January

"The same procedure as last year? The same procedure as every year!"
Whenever December is over I start thinking about summer fashion. It has always been like that and will always be. Maybe it's because of the LaRedoute catalogue, which my mum has been subscribing to for years and which only just appeared in our letter box. (In case you don't know LaRedoute - it's French fashion par excellence!) Anyway I've seen some of the prettiest summer clothes in this catalogue like for example the Isabel Marant inspired sandals you can see in the first picture. I'm definitely thinking about making a huge order at La Redoute...
After checking out all the spring/summer fashion in various shops I noticed one trend which I really enjoy: off-the-shoulder tops! However I don't mean cheap strapless tube tops but I mean nifty puffy blouses which may have sleeves but still show your shoulders (like the H&M one) or cute tops with just really thin spaghetti straps (like the Topshop one). I will have to keep my eyes open and find more examples to show you in a separate post
Have you noticed a similar trend going on? What do you think about off-the-shoulder tops and dresses?
 1 & 2 Topshop 3 LaRedoute


OOTD: Glitter Tights

So this was my NYE outfit and as I already predicted earlier I wore my new Primark rhinestone tights. I wasn't sure about the quality and I even worried that I would lose all of the rhinestones during the evening. However I was pleasantly surprised because even though I needed to be a bit cautious when putting the tights on the gems lasted all night long. Also the quality of the tights themselves is way better than you might guess. For the rest of the outfit I kept it simple because we only went to a small house party. It was really lovely seeing some old friends and meeting new people. What have you been doing on NYE and what have you been wearing?


Happy New Year!

Woohoo, Happy New Year guys! Can you believe it's 2014? I must admit that I haven't realized it yet, which may be because I had quite a short night. Yesterday/this morning we were celebrating with friends and right now it's 11am, I'm wide awake and ready to welcome my whole family who is coming along for lunch. That's why I will leave you with this short post, most of you are probably too tired to read a long text anyway, haha! Just know that I'm wishing you all the best. Feel hugged!

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