The Lip Balm Battle

If there are two beauty products most people can't live without (especially during winter) then they are hand cream and lip balm. Last month I was sponsored to review and compare three hand creams (read my hand cream battle here) and I thought it would be a fun idea to do the same with three lip balms. One of them is the Cosy Lips balm which is free for beauty bloggers to review (simply order your sample over here). The other two lip balms are from Lush and Yves Rocher and I already bought them some time ago. Let's see which lip balm convinced me most:

cosy lips golden girly lip balm

 1. Cosy Lips Golden Girly lip balm, 4,80€/7g
All of the Cosy Lips jars are super pretty and created by designers to make them really special. The lip balm itself smells decently of vanilla which I really like. The texture needs getting used too as it is quite slippery and you only need really little to cover your lips and make them shine. The Cosy Lips balm is thus a winner when it comes to:

* best price (considering the quantity)
* best design
* best shine (on the lips)
* best storage life (36M)

Yves Rocher Noix de Coco lip balm review

2. Yves Rocher Noix de Coco lip balm, 2,90€/4g (but currently it's on sale for 1,95€)
The Yves Rocher lip balm is the only one I have which comes as a stick. I prefer that because I think it 's quite unhygienic to put your fingers in a jar over and over again. The coconut smell is a bit annoying but as this lip balm comes in several flavours you should be able to find one you like (I also have the vanilla one and love the smell!). The texture however is just perfect, greasy but not sticky. The Yves Rocher lip balm is thus a winner when it comes to:

* best packaging
* best texture

Lush Whip Stick lip balm review

3. Lush Whip Stick lip balm 8,50€/8g
Okay let's talk about the smell first: this lip balm smells of chocolate heaven! Apparently there's a vanilla and orange smell inside as well but all I notice is chocolate, haha! Another good thing about this lip balm: it comes without lanoline which apparently some people need to avoid. The negative points about this product: the texture is really hard and thus not so easy to apply and the date of expiry actually makes it impossible to use this one up. The Lush lip balm is thus a winner when it comes to:

* best smell
* best ingredients
* best care

As you can see there is something I liked about all of these and the Cosy Lips one had most advantages to it. However I wouldn't say it is my absolute favourite. In fact I like to use all of them and if it comes to rebuying one of them I'm still most likely to go for the Yves Rocher one. Which is your favourite lip balm? Are you going to try one of these?


  1. I'd love to try one of these for sure since I am a huge lip balms lover, always buy different and new ones. Great reviews Carmen and also adorable Cristmassy pics! xo

  2. i love these christmas pics...the first color is fantastic and the packaging is so nice

  3. I would go for the stick one, I love coconut flavours and like you said, it's more hygienic than putting it on with your fingers!

    Corinne x

  4. I love how you took such "christmas" pics <3 the balms look cute! ;3

  5. Cosy Lips sieht am süßesten und schönsten aus :)
    Echt klasse!!


  6. I agree! Winter without a lip balm and hand cream would be a nightmare. The last one looks sooo good!

  7. Cute Xmass pics and I would like to try that coco. xa


  8. Really nice items! Would you like to follow each other on Bloglovin and GFC? Please let me know if you're interested.

    Louisa Moje

  9. I rarely use lip balm because I wear lipstick daily. On weekends I use sometimes use Labello. Have a great weekend!

  10. Very nice review. Chocolate product is perfect for me ! :)

  11. i love lip balms too! they all have their good and bad points. i could totally go for the chocolate one, but it's hard. :( i think your review was excellent!

  12. Oooh sind die Fotos so süß! Ich liebe ja meinen Burt's Bees Lip Balm.


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